Saturday, January 31, 2009


My daughter settling Bug down for the night

Bug surprises us with his daily antics and his progress. He now flutters from my finger to my shoulder. I've never been one to wander around with a bird on my shoulder so I have no idea where he got the idea from. He's also learned to open the flaps from the inside of his box and jump out.
We've been leaving a few worms to wriggle at his feet whilst he feeds just to get him used to the idea that his food can be found on the ground. Up until now he has totally ignored them but today he's been pecking at the worms, not quite managing to pick one up yet but it will happen soon. He is so dear, I can't help snapping away with the camera.

feeding time ....

...trilling... and squawking

...contemplating a leap onto the desk....

..... at peace with the world.


  1. I am so happy that bug is progressing well! we here have enjoyed his story. and I am taken with your carving. oh, that we were closer and I could come see! thanks for sharing with us in u,s.

  2. great to see that bug is doing so well,loved your previous post too,walking in the rain.
    i have posted the sixth photo tag in my blog.

  3. What a cutie! Isn't it amazing just how wide they can open their mouths *hehe*

  4. Awwww...! I'm really liking these bug reports. He's as cute as a kitten, and my, that's one BIG yellow mouth he has.

  5. Oh Bug! You are so cute and look how beautiful those legs are in the 2nd to the last picture. Thanks Robyn for the Bug Report.

  6. Hee, hee! He looks so cocky and self assured. I love that confidence.

  7. The Bug report just makes my day. Smile. Thanks!

  8. oh my gosh, I can't believe his feathers are so quickly out! and that pic of him on your window sill contemplating a hop to the desk?, looks like the owl ceramic has him a little tight jawed! so funny! -loved your morning walk after the rain...

  9. Those pictures are so amusing. You must just be having the time of your life.

  10. look at all that feathery fluffiness! Bug is looking better than well.

    thanks for the recent visit. the shrine, especially - I'm not one that easily works with lots of color (way out of the comfort zone), so the appreciation of the invested time is more than well received. thank you.

  11. How cute! Bug thinks you're his mommy, and he wants to get closer - at least that's why I think he's on your shoulder! I love the one where he's contemplating a hop on to the desk - and all the rest of the pictures too. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  12. Robyn, I love the one of bug standing on the window sill. He so looks like he is standing his ground!!!
    And of course "at peace with the world" l can see his smile.

  13. Hi Robyn!

    Oh my goodness is he ever adorable - I love the last picture the most - he looks like a puff ball of feathers - just too cute!

    It's great to hear that he is flying and starting to get his own food :)

  14. What a character Bug is! Love the picture diary of his little life.

    I keep coming back to your blog because you always surprise me with your love of everything in life and your big talent. Thanks!

  15. Aw he is a real cutie...pleased that he's progressing...they can be so thinks he's moved in for good...

  16. Fantastic shot.. thanks for sharing and thanks for helping bug..

  17. I love the pic of Bug and your delightful bird pitcher! I spoke often of you today to my friends in Colorado, whom I'm visiting currently. One was a fellow artistic blogger and then my other friends took me out for Ethopian food and I remembered the fabulous churches you posted. They had some silver Ethopian hand-held crosses for sale, but I talked myself out of buying one - guess I just must get to Africa again sooner than expected - is it a long flight from Durban to Ethopia? :)

  18. I just adore "Bug" (thank you so much for sharing these photos with us). I once cared for a Tawny Frogmouth who had injured himself. What a priviledge to be able to be so close to them.
    Bug is just too precious...especially love that last photo.

  19. Bug reminds me of a Robin I returned to the wild with the help of my parents and the whole town of Kingville Missouri, USA.

    Thanks for sharing as this is bringing back good memories.

  20. Robyn, I am so enjoying your blog...the art you share; the beautiful art you create in those doors; the walk that took me away from the 4 feet of snow outside my doors; and what can be said about the life of Bug...It's like seeing a little miracle! Thank you for all these things and thanks also for your comments on my blog.

  21. Thanks Lyle. Glad you are sharing the journey.

    Megha, yes Bug is thriving which is so wonderful.

    Diane, as cute as a button!

    Priya, a mouth like a trap door

    Leanne, those legs make me giggle every time I look at that photo.

    Shayla, his confidence is rather amazing isn't it.

    Leslie, glad you are enjoying him.

    Jeane, we've been in stitches today watching him follow a mossie with eyes and beak. He didn't catch it however.

    Chris, great fun.....but I have to admit I'm quite exhausted.

    Michelle, you're welcome!

    Bindu, yes I'm sure you are right and am honoured.

    Jo, a thrill a minute!

    Evita, he does something new every day.

    Stevie, thank you so much for your sweet words!

    Chrisy, it's the "touchy" that niggles at the back of my mind. You just never know with these little things. Up one day and down the next....but so far so good.

    Stacey, I've enjoyed sharing. A quick peep at your blog....beautiful photographs.

    Heather......I still would have bought that cross.

    Jacky, a privelege indeed.

    Robert, it is amazing how many people cheer one on.

  22. He's looking *quite* content in that last photo!

  23. I love this little Bug.. Do you really feel you will be able to send him on to live at the Rehabilitation Centre? I know I would have an awfully hard job of it!!!

  24. Cynjon, like a little smiling buddha...

    Gwen, I really would rather keep him here but my daughter's foxy will kill him. She is so fast and all we need is for Bug to come flying down to me and Bella will have her before you can blink. I am feeling rather upset about him going. You won't believe it but he is actually flying now.

  25. Oh I understand Robyn.. the
    worst thing that could happen would be if one of your other pets did the evil deed.. I always worry about the same thing, with Max's Rats and the dogs... nothing has happened yet.. but ya never know...

  26. Oh wow, look what you have there. so pleased with Bugs progress I hope all goes well.

    I have tagged you if you want to show us a picture. If too busy no worries. Best wishes Blu xx

  27. He's adorable!! Almost looks like the baby robins we have here!!! That last shot could be a greeting card!!!

  28. Hi Robyn,
    These are so great.. photos of Bug, I am enjoying these days! Thanks for visiting me! HAve a great and inspiring week.

  29. I'm really loving the adventures of cute and chubby Bug! His little character shines out of him.

  30. Hi,

    I can't see him moving....
    Ah! It's a photo !

    Kind regards,

    José :-)

    The last word of the captcha is a v or a u ?

  31. Oh gosh, Bug is just cuter than a bug! And getting so fat! You must be a really good bird mama. I'm so happy he's doing so well. Often, wild birds don't live in captivity, I know. But judging by your previous photos I can see why he would want to get out into the wilds again.

  32. Bug seems to be making huge progress thanks to his Mom. Nice images as well

  33. Just look at that pudgy little fellow! Absolutely darling!

  34. I just caught up on your posts. So sweet, the story of Bug. He is a gem . . . and looks to be filling out in that last photo.

    Lovely, lovely pictures of your walk. Lucky girl, Robyn.

    Love the hearts post, too. I really enjoy the art strolls you share with us.

  35. Thanks for the daily bug update. Bug sure has a lot of fans!

  36. Great little fellow - I hope he's doing good.

  37. oh, perfect name, little BUG!!
    i want to put the wreath/nest back out there..a little bug might need a home.
    happy and round and healthy and at "peace with the world"....that LUCKY BUG to have found you!