Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Story Door and Niche carving by Robyn Gordon. Website here

THANK YOU to all my faithful followers who have supported me here over the years and for all the inquiring emails and messages wondering if all is well. All is well! Life has got busier however and I've tried to find an easier way to blog that doesn't take up quite so much of time. For that reason,  I've decided to reinvent Art Propelled on Face Book (here). I will post my art compilations as well as my own work there if you are interested.  Some people don't like Face Book but for the time being it is all I can manage. I do hope I will meet up with you there because I do miss you all.

Art Compilation including work by Alexey Terenin, Paul Balmer, Cathy Brennon, Deborah Bell and Annie Coe