Sunday, January 4, 2009


Roliquery by Amy Brier

It always amazes me just how creative and talented people are. Amy Brier created a series of Roliqueries. Sculpture that creates sculpture. A Roliquery is a hand carved limestone ball which when rolled in sand leaves the most wonderful patterns...a new work of art.

Spaghetti Bench by Pablo Reinoso

I love the benches that Pablo Reinoso is exhibiting at the Carpenter Workshop Gallery.

Spaghetti Wall by Pablo Reinoso

Figurative sculpture by Alastair Heseltine

Filigree Spades by Cal Lane

You won't believe the beautiful sculpture Cal Lane creates out of old wheelbarrows, spades, oil drums and car parts. This site is a must!

"5 Benevolent Cans" , Plasma cut oil cans by Cal Lane

Photomontage by Tim Hawkinson

Tim Hawkinson switches from one medium to another with relative ease. He imagined a teddy bear made out of boulders. He then sourced 8 granite boulders and constructed this 180 ton teddy bear. Read the article here.

Teddy Bear by Tim Hawkinson

Vicissitudes, depth 4.5m, Underwater Sculpture Garden by Jason Taylor


  1. Robyn, You are always finding the most amazing and inspiring works of art. Thanks for all the beauty you share. Chris

  2. Robyn, thanks. Your inspiring selection of great art works is fantastic.

  3. Wow. Just wow. I'm always inclined to want to choose a favourite(s) but I can't here.

    Thank YOU for bringing these to me!

  4. Wow! These are all so cool! I do especially love those sculpture made by Cal Lane! Wonder how in the world he does that? The underwater sculpture is neat too. And good photography. Wonderful stuff!

  5. Thank you dear Robyn. I love to follow along with your explorations.

  6. every one of these works of art is so unique and amazing. thank you!
    i will also be telling my students about roliqueries. how lovely they are.

  7. Okay, I NEED a spaghetti bench...seriously!

    Love the idea of the roliqueries...and the underwater sculpture is just...kind of haunting. In a good way.

  8. Amazing and inspiring, as always!
    Have a great week.

  9. Chris, at school I loved doing research for projects....and still do.

    Thanks B&W.

    Kendalee, my pleasure.

    Katie, Cal Lane is a woman and she uses a blowtorch to create these intricate designs in metal. I keep going back to her site to have another look.

    Leslie, thanks for joining me on my expeditions :-)

    Priya, I think I had palpitations the first time I saw one. You know me and carving...

    Cynjon, I know how you feel! I've even found the perfect place for one.

  10. Robyn, you have weird and wonderful down to an art, the way you can find these treasure for us again and again! It's just fabulous!!!
    I would love to make a huge fine sand area in my garden (if it weren't for neighbor cats!) and have a couple of Amy Brier's pieces in it and just spend meditative hours gently rolling them around! And in the snow this time of year?!
    Thank you - I think there's a book in all your art/artist research collecting here... !
    xox K

  11. Wierd and wonderful, very well named, Robyn. The "Roliquerie" is sooo beautiful. I love it. I'm dying to push it around on the beach...

  12. I can just imagine scuba diving along and then coming across that one under water sculpture. That would stop you in your tracks.

    I love those benches and that sand one too. Wow. People are so creative! I wonder how long it took to make those too? Thanks for sharing.

  13. Robyn...outstanding stuff here...Figurative sculpture is just beautiful...
    ...that ball is amazing! and "5 Benevolent Cans" and those spades!!!
    One of each thanks :)

  14. Wow! I especially love that woven piece!!! And wouldn't it be fun to have one of those Roliquery balls at the beach? I could get lost, playing with it for hours.

  15. I actually said, "oh, Wow", out loud when that first photo popped up! Thanks for all the visual inspiration!! You never disappoint!

  16. Your posts are always so informative and inspiring. Thank you. The roliquaries are fantastic..and I just love the filigree spades.What imagination some people have.

  17. oh, my gosh! when I went to bed last night, I had just finished reading your post before this one and when I open my computer later this morning, there was another one! - I'm too slow! okay, so on the 'waistline' post?, it's hard isn't it!? - my doctor got all over my case about three years ago and I had to dump the rest of the weight I had put off working on!, so over a period of about 5 years, I dropped 50 some pounds! and I work everyday to keep it off and he still wants me to lose at least another 10! - ugh! I really have to get serious about it this year! I really really like the underwater sculpture - it just thrills me!

  18. oh, the limestone ball has my heart... i'm with karin -- to have your own sand garden and then just roll, roll, roll...

  19. I love the steel that looks like fabric. Amazing stuff out there in the world, isn't there?

  20. What an amazing collection of weird and wonderful. The Cal Lane metal works are breathtaking. You are a fantastic "curator", Robyn. Can't wait to see where your new pieces go this year.
    Kudos to the iron chef.

  21. Karin, I hadn't thought of snow patterns!

    Shayla, it could become quite addictive ...rolling roliqueries.

    Mmm, the underwater garden must be something to see!Like some ancient discovery.

    Jo, now one of each would be rather nice!

    Willow, one could forget to look at the sea if one had a roliquery at the beach.

    Pamela....I also said oh wow!

    Jackie, that is what is so astounding....the imagination of artists.

    Jeane...5o pounds! You must have amazing willpower. Well done!

    Lynne, as I was reading your comment the picture in my mind was sooo vivid. Roll, roll, roll.

    Theresa, imagine a whole car in filigree. Check out Cal Lane's site.

  22. Those plasma cut oil cans are marvellous! It's so inspiring to see stuff like this, beautiful objects made from what is essentially garbage. Aside from my environmental feelings, I love when people can use something that would otherwise be waste- it's the ultimate form of survival I think.

  23. I love visiting your blog... I never know what I will find.

    Another amazing post. Those Roliqueries are beautiful, how I would love one of those (perhaps you could carve one out of wood for 2009?) and the art of Cal Lane...those filigree spades are just the best!

    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful artists with us.

  24. It is so inspiring to visit a blog where someone has done all the hard work and found wonderful artworks for us all to gaze at. I love the Figurative Sculpture by Alastair Heseltine. So simple but beautiful.

  25. I love what you find. Wonderful, beautiful stuff!!!

  26. Oooh what an inspirational entry, so much creativity.
    I love Cal Lane's work, the intricate designs are beautiful.

    ...and those spaghetti fabulous!

  27. Such an incredible collection of unique works of art. How do you go about finding all your discoveries?

  28. What a gem your post is. If I had to choose one as my fave, maybe the bench since I cannot stnad uo for very long at the moment.

  29. Such interesting pieces of art! The spaghetti bench is my favorite. It's like the ordinary bench melts into imagination. So neat and fun!


  30. Thanks Thinker.

    Shelly, if only I could get started.....

    Little Brown Sparrow, yes it is thrilling isn't it? Finding a new use for the discarded.

    Jacky, what realy amazes me is how beautifully spherical the roliqueries are.

    Cathy, I could say the same about your blog.

    Thanks Karine.

    HHMN, I know what you feel!

    Azirca, one wonders where people get there ideas. A spaghetti bench....what next?

    Seth, I'm a googler of note! Whenever I see something I like I save it for a later date and when a theme develops it's easy.

    Blu, I hope you are feeling better by the minute.

    Thanks Pam.

    Queeny..."the ordinary bench melts into imagination"....I really like your way with words.

  31. I can't even begin to say how amazing these images are.... every one of them. More Robyn-ness!!!
    Thanks so much & Happy New Year:)
    Mary Ann xx

  32. I love the Roliquery... I just love it... as well you past post on Angels.. I wanted to stay a while there...

    and to your thoughts on getting back to work .. the directions are endless.. I am feeling the same..

    I enjoyed this ... You have so much to share.. Thank you, my dear...

  33. Visiting your blog saves me so much web surfing. I love Cal Cane's sculpture out of old tools. I love repurposing. And I want a roliquery for the beach (although not an original - a little steep for my budget!!!)

  34. i love your blog,its full of surprises.i adore that bench.they are super.

  35. I'm sorry, I'm late.... don't know how that happened. As I've said before(and as everyone else has said) your posts are wonderful. Jason Taylor, the filigree spades, Roliliquies, all absolutely fab. Just where do you get all this info from,how do you know what to look for, how long does it take????I hate missing your posts.

  36. Mary Ann, Amazing aren't they?

    Gwen, yes there does seem to be a general sluggishness in the bloggersphere regarding getting back to work.

    Kerri, repurposing gives one such a good feeling... whether we are making a big difference or a miniscule one..

    Thanks Megha, the bench is quite a surprise isn't it?

    Jude, this post is going nowhere, LOL. It can be quite time consuming but as I said to Seth, when I see something I like I save it and later a theme might develop. Sometimes it will be quick and other times it's a lot of work but I love research.

  37. Robyn : Its astonishing how you locate these incredible wonders online. Your surely is the Indiana Jones blog on my blogroll