Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It hasn't taken long for Bug to become part of the family and he is already developing into a very endearing little character.

The strangest thing about him is that he is not too partial to nests. At the first opportunity he bails out which is probably what got him in trouble in the first place. He likes to sit on my desk while I work. When he gets tired I create a secure nest for him but it lasts five minutes and then he's off across the desk like a drunken sailor. A common idiosyncrasy of the thrush is to dash for cover, almost parallel to the ground with neck thrust foreward like an arrow. Little Bug instinctively does this though he loses balance along the way.

Eventually he finds a spot to his liking (usually on a pile of scrap metal) where he will settle for a while squawking for food whether he's hungry or not.

At 5.00 pm almost to the second he switches off for the night. Last night he learned to put his head under his wing. I was so proud of him! My daughter hates to think what I'm going to be like with grandchildren. As it is I already have a Picasa file full of photographs..

Ringing telephones, alarm clocks, doorbells and stove timers provoke shrill calls from within the cardboard box. He knows my voice and will call when he hears me but not a peep when hubby and daughter speak.

One can't help loving him . He's a brave little clown who is keeping me on the hop all day long but I feel so privileged spending this short while with him. He's growing fast and it won't be long before we'll have to make decisions about the next leg of his journey.


  1. What a kick you must be getting out of being a mama bird. He is so cute! Enjoy

  2. Robyn, I laugh out loud as I read your description of your little Bug!! I am so enjoying this window into your little clown's life. Thank you so much for sharing this nurturing bit of life and joy!

  3. Chris, actually I am getting a kick out of it. Can you tell? :-)

    Karin, I've been giggling at him all day!

  4. I'm back! And it's fun to read about Bug. Let's see, other comments to catch up - I loved the quote about embroidery - it so encompasses the world of hand work - it takes so long, but the joy is often in the time it takes. And the quirky post was delightful!

  5. Hallo Bug.

    R. great images. He was fortunate you have taken up early morning walking.

  6. How adorable!! I can't get enough of Bug-stories, so I hope you have lots of updates. I just saw your previous post too - the pictures of his wide open mouth are too cute. Looking forward to more!

  7. wow, your little assistant! So sweet!

  8. Hello Robyn!

    I have just read this story about Bug and the previous one as I was so excited to hear how you got this precious little guy.

    Wow you must feel so many amazing emotions caring for this little bird. He is so adorable. I hope that his release back into the wild goes well for you and him when the time is right - but until then enjoy him to the fullest - precious gifts like this don't come everyday.

  9. Well, this is just the best story! I could read a Bug progress post everyday! It's just too funny to imagine him adopting you and becoming part of your family. Some of his distant cousins live here at our place, but they are not nearly so much fun. What a cute little squawker he is!

  10. you really are quite good at being the subsitute mama & I greatly appreciate that you are keeping us up to date with Bugs progress - I think we're having almost as much fun as you! :)

  11. Robyn, he is just adorable, even in these pictures, so I can only imagine how endearing he is in person. I think you'll have a tough time sending him out into to world. Perhaps he'll stay around your house and be your outside pet bird.

  12. These photos are such a treasure....viva la Bug...I'm so happy that Karin sent me over for a visit. I have a love affair with birds of all kinds but a real soft spot for this babe since my last name is interpreted as 'stone thrush'... an image I attempt to conjure from time to time.

  13. Wow, there's art and then there's Bug! Absolute perfection!Thank you so much for sharing all the photos...A star is born.

    Love & Chirping....

  15. Heather! I've missed you. Glad you're back.

    HHMN, it was meant to be.

    Bindu, that bright orange gaping mouth is very appealing isn't it?

    Black and White, he's good company :-)

    Evita, you're right about the amazing emotions. I feel so sorry for the little guy when I hear the birds singing outdoors. Aah well all in good time.

    Leslie, he's started following me when I put him on the floor to stretch his legs and wings. Amazing how quickly baby creatures will adopt humans.

    Michelle, glad you are enjoying updates. I feel so inadequate as substitute mama half the time, believe you me.

    Katie, it's the fluff on the top of his head that does it for me.

    Merci33, our names must have something to do with our affinity with birds. My name is Robyn :-)

    Curio, a star indeed!

    DJ, love and chirps back at ya.

  16. I have returned a robin to the wild.
    A very hard thing to do. Sometimes you just save the baby bird.

  17. What a precious gift you have been given! So glad you're sharing and documenting this experience. The parting will be bittersweet but look at all the enjoyment and satisfaction you're getting being a Mama Bird:) I hope he doesn't grow toooo fast - I will miss these fun posts of Bug!!

  18. He is too cute! I'm laughing and feeling all fluffy inside.

  19. Good luck little Bug. I think your new Mum has her work cut out feed you!!!......Best wishes Blu xx
    I would send a hug but you are too small.

  20. bug is just too, too cute!!! what a fun adventure for the two of you to share! and, thanks for letting us be a part of the journey.

  21. I had a pet frog that lived in a drain pipe. Couldn't find enough worms for him. Had to go BUY worms and bugs from the funky pet store. But it sure was cool to watch him eat them. Then he grew up and ran away from home. Your Bug is way more cool.

  22. Robert, it's the worrying whether they are adjusting and fitting in that really gets to me.

    Painted Lady, it's going to be great looking back at these posts. Though I have reared many tiny creatures, I took few photographs and these were of bad quality. Now I have the digital camera and Picasa it's making a world of difference.

    Don, "all fluffy inside"....I like that!

    Mansutude, they are rather!

    Blu, actually he loves to cuddle.

    Julie, it's a treat being able to share.

    Don M, I take it he wasn't a noisy fog?

  23. Wow, that is amazing Robyn. Whenever we have rescued baby birds they have refused to feed but yours is feeding like mad. You must have the magic touch. I hope Bug makes it to adulthood. You will have to teach him to fly of course...lol.

    Love those ceramic head lice. Too quirky to be true.

  24. Robyn,
    I found your very interesting blog through Karin's BEYOND WORDS. I noticed we like a lot of the same books, so I checked you out. Now you've got me wanting to investigate some of the other artists you've featured here.
    But most of all, I'm totally in love with Bug! I have kind of a thing for birds anyway; they show up often in my work. Honestly, I think Bug is developing his own fan club- I'll definitely be back to check on him!

  25. Well, Robyn, have you sprouted feathers yet, you mama bird, you??? Ha ha ha
    So cute. I am glad you are having so much fun with your little BUG.

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  27. Cathy, flying lessons in progress...

    Sharmon, Taurean, books, birds and art....pleased to meet you.

    Karine, all in good time... :-)

  28. I couldn't resist when I came across your post from another blog!

    Adorable! I am fortunate to do wildlife rehabilitation also, so I know the joys (and stresses) you must be experiencing. I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog!

    You have now been tagged for 6 Picture Meme... check out the details at my blog:

    Have fun!


  29. I am loving this follow up Robyn...Bug fits the picture so beautifully...and how sweet that he knows your voice!

  30. Robyn, Bug is the cutest little thing... & he recognizes you... this is so endearing... I love this!!!

  31. What an amazing experience,Robyn. It's thrilling just to read. This little guy's got such character. Love the shot of him scrambling over your sketch books :D

  32. this is REALLY making me smile, robyn... what a dear he is... and how adaptable!