Sunday, January 11, 2009


Silence Spoken by Lewis Knauss (USA). Woven, knotted, linen, feathers, handmade paper, wire.

A gallery I've recently discovered on the net has my heart doing backflips.With a focus on Art Textiles and Fiber Sculpture, Browngrotta Arts showcases contemporary art from around the globe.
Its a small world isn't it? by Judy Mulford (United States). Gourd, waxed linen, fine silver, antique buttons, Japanese coins, beads, pearls, photo transfers, pounded tin can lids, Peruvian beads, paper, dye, paint; knotting and looping.
Complex Hexagonal Plaiting Spiral by Norie Hatakeyama (Japan). Plaited paper, string.
King of the Hill by Norma Minkowitz (United States)
Women Sketch 1, by Ceca Georgieva (Bulgaria). Burrdoch burrs.
Felt piece by Gali Cnaani-Sherman

Even If...., by Ase Ljones (Norway). Stitched drawing.
"Embroidering takes time, it's a slow process that gives room for silence. I seek silence. In the quietness I can bring back memories and find new ways to go. I often work with series, where small changes create a rhythm, tranquility or excitement in my works." - Ase Ljones
White Pine Dendroglyph, by Dorothy Gill Barnes (United States). Pine
"My intent is to construct a vessel or related object using materials respectfully harvested from nature. The unique properties I find in bark, branches, roots, seaweed and stone suggest a work process to me. I want this problem solving to be evident in the finished piece. Some of these structures are basket like." - Dorethy Gill Barnes
Surf Play, by Pat Campbell (United States). Reed, Paper and wood.
From Chaos to Reality, by Aleksandra Stoyanov (Israel and Ukraine)
"Israel has two sides, from one it is a land, a country we are living with its contradictions, war, problems, beauty...From the other it is the Holy Land, promised and given by God. The work reflects the Holy Land, shining in the golden light. When I keep threads in my hands I feel that they are ground, the grass, that there is a life in them. The feeling of thread in my hands is the first appeal for me to begin working on a new piece.." - Aleksandra Stoyanov
Sabi Tea Jar II, by Nancy Moore Bess (United States)

Discourse by Caroline Bartlett 
"My recent work has focused on the act of collecting and archiving, and on the overwriting of histories. As a result, processes of erasing and reworking, folding and unfolding, have become central to both ideas and working methods, permeating responses to other stimuli - such as recent visits to Japan and Australia. A preoccupation with the tactile and its connections with memory continue to be an ongoing concern while the use of print as a means of marking cloth, and a continuing involvement in stitch and manipulation techniques provide me with a working vocabulary and the means by which I process and articulate ideas." - Caroline Bartlett


  1. Robyn...this post has absolutely captivated me! Hard to comment when every piece is sensational! I have my preferences, but who cares...I'll just keep looking at the work!

  2. Amazing post again! Fantastic artworks! Thank you, Robyn!

  3. The King is really spooky...and the woman is very clever. As ever an interesting post.

  4. What a fabulous collection, thanks for showing and sharing the link

  5. i am amazed at how you make these discoveries.well i am sure glad you do.i loved that stitched drawing.
    thx for sharing.

  6. King of the hill is so sensual, and the Sabi tea jar, which doesn't seem very wabi sabi, but very controlled... but i love the old wood feeling, and the idea of a box, its secrets... etc...

    hope you are cool as a cucumber, do they say that there?

  7. Amazing finds! I really liked the hexagonal plaiting spiral.

  8. burdock burrs? okay, that's it. that's THE most innovative material i've seen in a long line of posts about artists using unlikely materials to create fantastic pieces. i barely looked at the images after burdock burrs... i'll have to go look again. xo

  9. Another great collection. Nice post.

  10. I love the top picture of silence spoken. Very clever adn engaging. Great find. thanks for posting! Enjoyed Bartlett's words too.

  11. Oh, I probably shouldn't have looked at these right before bed. My brain is ablaze with shapes and ideas! I do understand what Aleksandra means when she speaks of the appeal of "the feeling of thread in my hands".

  12. Bliss !!!!! Wonderful bliss !! What is it about fiber arts that is so hypnotic ?!
    The Stoyanov piece is magical.
    You have uncovered some real treasures in this post.
    Thanks again, Robyn.

  13. Surf Play, Sabi Tea Jar II, and Complex Hexagonal Plaiting Spiral are my favorites. It is so interesting to see the way each individual combines natural elements to create something new.

  14. Jo, there are hundreds more at the
    browngrotta arts site. I spent almost the whole of Sunday glued to the screen. Stunning art!

    Thanks B&W.

    Blu, I found the King rather intriguing. I love all the ruffly layers.

    Ro, it's a pleasure!

    Megha, when I do stumble upon a website like this it feels like I've struck gold.

    Mansuetude, exactly! Secrets within a mysterious old box. Love it!Yes cool as a cucumber today. We do say it here. Better than being as hot as hell.

    Bindu, Isn't it wonderful?? So simple but very effective. I'll pop over to your blog to read about your holiday.

    Lynne, burdock burrs...can you believe it? At the site you can see a close up of it.

    Thanks Don.

    Mmm, it makes you stop and think doesn't it.

    Pamela, some of the artists statements are very inspiring.

    Shelly, bliss for me too!Glad you like them.

    Stevie, it's wonderful to see just how many different elements are used too. Burdock burrs...I ask you!

  15. Looking at fiber is far better than eating it. Thanks for the great eye candy.
    -- Susan

  16. I'm a bit awestruck by the artwork you've shared today. thanks for the continuous inspiration. :)

  17. So much texture and richness in all these works. I think my favorite is the last one.

  18. Wow!
    I love all of these wonderful works but the simplicity of the braided spiral just makes me so happy. It brings all kinds of images to my brain....beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing all of these amazing pieces.

  19. What a terrific collection... I am always thrilled to see what textile artists create. Thank you for posting these wonderful pieces. I was trying to pick just one that I liked most but they're all uniquely terrific.

  20. Love the imagery. I'm new at blogging and in trying to find inspiration, I fell upon your blog...and Inspirational it is! I guess the only thing I can't relate to is when you speak of the heat because in Canada it is winter and it is freezing cold...That is what generally paralyzes my creativity. Although I stay in where it is warm, the cold still finds its way to my bones.

    Anyway, hope you won't mind if I follow your blog. It certainly got my creative juices flowing. Thanks!

  21. Robyn, I so love the inspiring images you post here. Thanks for hunting and gathering this creative caffeine. I agree with Paintergirl and Pamela Terry... my mind is buzzing with the energy.

  22. I need to spend more time with this post, but right now I don't have it. That's what I get for thinking I can just "bop by"! Burdock burrs!!! Unreal. I'll be back...

  23. What wonders you have found Robyn. They are all amazing but that complex plaited spiral just blows me away. Fabulous texture - reminds me of the curled horns of some species of sheep. How on earth did she ever create it?

  24. Outstanding! I love them all but will just comment on one. The burdocks as medium. Reminds me of when we were kids we'd make burdock vases for flowers. Some of them have purple flowers so they looked especially weird and wonderful.

    This artist has done something so original in making a 'sketch' with them. Love the way the burdocks look like gold.

  25. life without art is nothing, zero, cero, null, niente, niets, rien, nichts, nada!

    Happy 2009!

  26. ditto - to everything and all the above :) What more can be said?! When I first visited this post there were no comments yet, and like a delicious buffet, i've come back again and again for many servings.

    Seems that each time, a different artist stands out for me! This time it's Ase Ljones stitched drawing, because of the quote you included, which resonates with what I recently have focused on with my own work, though it manifests differently. Thank you once again fro your thoughtfully, artfully collected presentation of fabulous works that inspire! Thanks Robyn,

  27. Thank you for sharing these lovely pieces. I enjoyed them but I hope you will forgive me, at the same time felt rather irked by the art speak that the maker feels has to accompany a lot of textile work these days. I love embroidery for the combination of textures surfaces and threads and for the process itself. Thats all I can say, and in saying that have probably opted out of the world of ART.

  28. weird! I've left two comments here but poof! they are gone - the test seem to work - alas - just wanted to say AGAIN this post is just gorgeous! and a bunch of other stuff that I have typed, but alas.....poof! gone!

  29. Susan...indeed! LOL

    Michelle, it's always a pleasure!

    Seth, I like Caroline Bartlett's h method of folding, unfolding, marking and stitching layers.

    Leanne, glad you enjoyed them.

    Elsa, I had quite a job deciding which ones to post here. There are so many wonderful creations over at Bowngrotta arts.

    Hi Curio, welcome to the blog-o-sphere. So glad you found me and I'm delighted for you to follow my blog.

    Idrawpix, you're right, there is a buzz about these amazing images.

    Karine, believe me I know the feeling.

    Cathy, the spiral is so simple and yet complex at the same time. It's not a plait I've ever seen.

    Shayla, the artist has also created burdock burr sculptures.

    Javier, I agree!

    Karin, I'm finding the same thing.... every time I look at the images I cjoose a new favourite.

    Jackie, I'm wondering if the galleries ask for artist statements for catalogues or websites. I must say I do like to read a little about an artist or work that I admire though I don't read all of them.

    Jeane, sorry you are having trouble with the comments...LOL It can be infuriating especially if you write a masterpiece and it disappears.

  30. Again, treasures galore! I LOVE the plaited spiral and the tea jar - so simple and beautiful - but they're all amazing.

  31. oh, that makes me feel better - thought I was going down the rabbit hole - home late every night after rehearsal and my mind is a little fried so I started thinking maybe I didn't and only dreamed I did - oh, my god, I'm rambling - need to go to sleep!

  32. Robyn, just me again...the website these images came from is amazing...I have sent the link to my art group, they are all textile art lovers!!! Thank you so much, again. This was a brilliant post! Jo

  33. Incredible stuff here. Just incredible. Great post and blog. I'll be back.

  34. I love so many of these for so many different reasons...thanks for sharing the link, I have been back to it a couple of time now (and before I know it I have forgotten to post my comment!).

  35. These are wonderful works. Thank you for sharing all this work. I will chek out the link as well. Dorothy Gill Barnes is a treasure. She sometimes marks plants years before she harvests them. Talk about long term planning! And coolaboration with nature.

  36. Amazing, Its an education of sorts when I visit your site...always.

  37. Robyn, I have to echo Karine when I say that I need to spend more time here. This post calls for some serious contemplation...

  38. Robyn I have to say that the plaited ram's horn draws me in... spirals always do that and this having all this texture ... I love it...

  39. Kendalee, treasures indeed!

    Jeane, sleep well :-)

    Jo, you must know how difficult it was choosing which pieces to post!

    KGT, when I found the website nobody could get any sense out of me all day. There are about 1000 incredible images to look at.

    Jacky, glad you are enjoying the link!

    Leslie, Dorothy Gill Barnes sounds like an extraordinary woman. Thanks for the link.

    T and S, it's an education for me too. I love discovering new artists.

    Priya, if you follow the link you will be contemplating all weekend

    Gwen, I love spirals too and this one is particularly intriguing.

  40. ooh.. now fibre arts are always my bag.. I think the discourse books are my fave.

    Love how your palette is always teh same, in your pown work ando f those you love...

  41. These are very unique works of art. I loved what they did to the tea jar:D

  42. Not that it hasn't been said but thank you for sharing these works of great beauty. I come back to a few I just love but they are all wonderful!

  43. Grrl, you are way ahead! It takes courage to do the guerilla art that you do....and with such panache.

    Sharon, that tea jar is wonderful isn't it!

    Mary Ann, actually the tea jar immediately reminded me of you.

  44. You're showcasing such beautiful work, it's humbling. I esp. love the 'Spaghetti Bench' and the 'Complex Hexagonal Plaiting Spiral', deceptively simple, so evocative. Thank you! And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog a little while ago.

  45. i accidently discovered this blog and I am delighted. I live in a small town with no access to such wonderful art. Thankyou

  46. This is a fabulous collection of works from fabulous artists.

  47. What a great blog you have !
    Nice to See One of Our best Sacha here.
    I will come again and look at the beautiful Art you show and comment about