Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Wooden box with alarm bell and Kusu Knives. Under Construction Exhibition at the Hamill Gallery

I find it quite thrilling to see found objects transformed into objets d'art and the two pieces I found at the Hamill Gallery are no exception. Just look at that weathered wood! If anyone who loves me would like to tuck them into my christmas stocking, feel free to do so :-)

Dogon trough with spool of twine. Under Construction Exhibition at the Hamill Gallery

Its time to visit Lost Found Art again. The vintage collections displayed here make me extremely happy.

Carved articulated "limberjacks". Lost Found Art.

Mark Indursky, the owner of Lost Found Art, channels his artistic energy into creating assemblages and installations from the eyecatching pieces he finds in dumpsters or at flea markets and antique shows etc.

"When I see a dumpster, I'm right in there. A suit and tie don't faze me."

Antique caste iron road sign marker.

Mark started out displaying his collections at home for his own pleasure but when visitors asked him to help them find similar collections he and his wife Joy had the bright idea of creating a business out of finding and grouping vintage objects to sell and install in homes. Thus, Lost Found Art was born. Imagine making a living out of scrounging and assembling collections of your favourite objects!

Antique wire coat hanger collection.

" A lot of people don't have the time or instincts to search for this stuff and often they are not quite sure what to do with it when they get it." Mark says "I have a knack for doing both."

He has gathered old radio microphones for musicians, antique gavels for attorneys, a vintage abacus collection for an accounting firm, as well as installing an antique hypodermic syringe collection for a doctor.

Steel food chopper collection. Lost Found Art

Antique and vintage Abacus collection. Lost Found Art

Ruler by James Michael Starr

Wood type by Slowprint at Flickr, here.

Feral by Keith Long

Caged by John Outterbridge


  1. As usual, your post is fun, informative, and inspiring! These pieces remind me of how much I'd like to start doing assemblages again. I just love them all- thanks again for sharing these wonderful images!

  2. I enjoyed this selection of artists who use found objects to create their work. Thanks for putting it together.

    These creations take common objects and elevate them by giving them a new purpose/life. They are no longer neglected remnants of our everyday lives; we are forced to think about them in new ways and consider their beauty. There is something so appealing about seeing similar objects massed together. There is strength in numbers and we are truly led to consider the "objectness" of what lies before us and to notice things that would probably have been ignored in other circumstances.

    I continue to enjoy your blog and look forward to each new post which is always a learning experience.

  3. Flying coathanger birds and "limberjacks", wonderful.

    Looking forward to your secret.


  4. Love that food chopper collection -- looks like some kind of ancient text.

    This post makes me want to look at all of my "stuff" with a different eye.

  5. What a superb collection of objets d'art you have shown us, my mind is racing wondering where I can start collecting this sort of material

  6. oh, you've done it again!! i need to find you a publisher!...such a book you'd create. seriously. a wealth you give to us, and it should be shared. those hangers are sooooooo whimsical, and i imagine the stories the articles of clothing that hung on them could tell...thanks robyn, and yes, another reason to look forward to sunday. gbg

  7. didn't know coat hangers and rulers could look so good...

    wonder what your secret is going to be. i'm guessing chocolate :-)

  8. I love the shot of the rulers. And wish I had kept my old school ones. And the coat hangers!!! Great post, Robyn. Will look out on Sunday.

  9. Wow! Another great collection to love! Thanks Robyn. I look forward to your secret too!

  10. I so want those hangers and food choppers!

    Lovely stuff....

  11. I think every city in the world should adopt those road sign markers. Wouldn't that be fun?!

  12. another amazing post Robyn and I am really looking forward to your secret on the pulse :)

  13. Any one of those found object pictures would be a joy to receive Robyn - I suppose the knack is how to arrange them beautifully.

  14. I'm just starting sketchbook work for my next body of work....going to Africa this the Hamill gallery will be extremely useful to me (as I can't get to Africa personally!)

    Looking forward to this one....

    (..but then I look forward to ALL of them!...)

  15. ah, the play on words with the Limberjacks; i love their postures. What imagination play with the hangers...


  16. Great images Robyn, and another fabulous collection of things that just seem to belong together! I'll be looking forward to finding out your secret this Sunday!

  17. Sunday will be a great one...looking forward to reading revealing secrets!
    This post is so interesting and I'm amazed at all the different combinations of things that produce a collection. I would love to see the abacus collection.

  18. All lovely as always!
    A question: how do you manage getting all this pics? Doesn't it take much time to get all the blog permissions from the owners?
    I sometimes have to wait for weeks and that's not too funny.

  19. Sharmon, Let me know when you make assemblages again. I would love to see them.

    Thanks Margaret, I think that is the beauty of this sort of art. Elevating the sometimes mundane common objects to a new level.

    Corrine, flying coathanger birds .... now you are making my imagination leap!

    Kim, you do begin to look at everyday objects with new eyes.

    Ian, I know the feeling!

    Neva, hmmmm imagine if we could find out the stories..... where those coathangers have been.

    Priya, if it was chocolate, too many people would know the secret :-)

    Annie, I've saved that ruler pic for months because it really caught my attention.

    Theresa, I was wowing my way around the Lost Found Art site too.

    T, Me too!!!

    Pamela, the road side marker is fantastic isn't it?

    Jeane, you might even have discovered my secret for yourself.

    Weaver, it's a matter of moving them around until the arrangement pleases your eye.

    Chris, the Hamill is one of my favourite sites. Looking forward to seeing your next series!!!

    Mansuetude, the limberjack collection is actually huge. I just focused on a few.

    Leslie, you know my secret ;-)

    Mary Ann, I decided to post the Abacus collection just for you..... and me.

    Lawendula, the wait can be a problem (and sometimes no replies) so i usually email to say I've posted but will remove them if its a problem otherwise the post would never get done. To date, all artists have been pleased that attention is drawn to their art.

  20. I enjoyed the pictures very much!

  21. oh how very wonderful!
    I especially like the food-choppers...would like to wear one as a pendant ;))))

  22. ohhh i love Ushi's idea; a sort of breastplate protection shape and also power to cut (sign of discernment) !

  23. That's a cool abacus collection! I'm impressed when found objects turn into art - makes me think of re-birth and eternal life!

  24. Robyn, You are too kind...thank you! My first husband (I became a widow)was a brilliant accountant and he had a funny habit of going to a Chinese restaurant and dueling with the owners using the abacus...he always felt he could catch a mistake on the bill...alas he never did! ha

  25. anything can be art! I love to collect old type blocks too and we surely have to wrestle over that driftwood. When we travel to Maine I always bring home bags of the stuff to use in my art!

  26. I just love collections of "things". I'm a bit of a hoarder at heart.
    What I would give to go to Lost Found Art. So interesting. That couple have a huge talent!

    Take care and thanks for another wonderful post.

    Jacky xox

  27. This post goes to show that while one of anything can be wonderful, a group of the very same thing is even better. Great choices of images here, as always! And thanks for the Secret Sunday shout out!!

  28. Treasures, treasures!
    Am off to follow the secret sunday link now.
    Thankyou R.

  29. Looked but didnt comment days ago, but had to come back for another look. The coatangers! I remember throwing out some like that, wish I hadnt.

  30. Ooooo.. now this "Feral" work grabs me.. and reusing every little tidbit of something into something else is a full time activity.. so glad to see these...

    ... and I'll be looking for you on Seth's page!!

  31. Thanks for your kind comment over at Seth's secret sunday today!
    I have enjoyed your rich posts for quite some time, on my google reader.
    Finally getting around to saying hallo, and thanks for all your good work!

  32. collections are so powerful and this post was just inspiring in terms of texture and things that I have not seen or found out collecting! thanks!

  33. Oh... I love the rulers too and the figure inside the wheel has me captivated... roxanne

  34. Its amazing how people can take a lot of nothing and turn that into art.

    Going over to check your secret sunday now :)

  35. Amazing collections. I do love old rulers and work tools. There is something wonderful about redundant tools of industry...

  36. love the coathangers. i once had a splendid one found at the dump..and foolishly put it in an exhibition as part of an installation.
    it sold.

  37. Amazing as always. We are so lucky to have you putting together these little exhibitions for us!

  38. A wonderful collection of lost and found Robyn. You have an amazing knack in discovering these incredible artists. My favourite has to be the antique road marker sign.

  39. A gorgeous post as usual. Love all the displayes pieces, but especially "Caged".
    Looking forward to your secret.

  40. I really enjoyed stumbling across your site. Particularly like the coathangers.. many thanks.. Sam
    PS: here is my site (which I am still working on)