Friday, November 27, 2009


Wonderful box of paper treasures by Sarah Mitchell. See more of her experiments here.

These are a few of my favourite things. Parcels and books, boxes and bundles, sticks and stones, or stacks and piles of anything for that matter .... all tied up with string. Or tied up with ribbon ....or wire .... or whatever will serve the purpose.

Wraps by Mary Ellen Long. See Flickr photostream here. Blog, here.

Winter Pressings by Mary Ellen Long. These wrapped scroll forms hold gatherings found at the "burial" site.

"Each year before the first snowfall, I lay paper of various sizes and forms on the earth. This paper becomes buried under the winter snows to then be harvested in the spring. This ritual documents the passage of time and the amount of snowfall that particular winter. This method is a little like printmaking with nature - the earth being the plate and the snow being the press." - Mary Ellen Long

Language Bound by Mary Ellen Long
Whilst trying to decide which images to post I asked myself why I was attracted to each piece. What was it about each piece that spoke to me? And then I remembered a poem I had read on Paper and Word by Chris Gray.
What can I know of these things?
Many things appear to me strange and wondrous
Remnants of times past
Yet speaking to my soul
In an unknown language
That I seem to understand.
Chris Gray 2006

Rapt Rocks by Nancy Neva Gagliano. See Neva's blog, here

I was thrilled to find these amazing wrapped rocks by Nancy Neva Gagliano. 

Neva writes, "I began WRAPPING some of the many rocks together that I'd long stacked around our house. I called them RAPT, from enraptured."

" .... some are wrapped with their own sort of fossils, and silk/waxed linen threads, silver or copper wire, various papers. the latest rocks also are wrapped and then waxed." - Nancy Neva Gagliano

Rapt Rocks by Nancy Neva Gagliano

Small sculpture by Jade Pegler. See Jade's photostream on Flickr, here.

Beautiful images of aged papers, stacked, collaged or painted on Linda's blog, here.

Qirky little clay parcel made by Don Madden. Visit Don's blog, here.See post about the parcel inside Peevay's head, here.

Textile art by Chris Gray. See Flickr photostream, here and textile art blog, here.

Package 2 by Jeane Myers. See photostream here. Website, here.

Jeane Myers is a warm and generous artist who shares her process and progressions on her blog. A progression can involve anything from hacking and ripping an old painting in two .... or three, scratching, scraping and wiping off layers of paint, adding this, adding that, stomping on it, throwing it out into the rain, rescueing it after a few days, turning it upside down, reworking it and ..... quite frankly my heart can't  take it, but Jeane has taught me to loosen up and have fun while making art. Go and see for yourself!


  1. Once again, another wonderful posting of some fabulous artists and their works-- this time 'wrapped' works-- I was already familiar with some of the artists here-- and happy to find some new ones-- I had become interested in wrapped and tied works in Kyoto.

  2. Every one of those pictures is a joy to behold Robyn. I just love all those neutral colours and all those shapes and forms - brilliant.

  3. great set of images and links. Thanks Robyn. I particularly like Jade's piece with the ruffled edges a bit like filo pastry and Jeanne's with the shadows from the wires.

  4. i've never seen anything quite like these pics before. pretty incredible!

  5. I don't know how you do it,
    but you find the most amazing
    things to see.


  6. I'll second that FANTASTIC! WOW!
    Jade is a flickr friend , whose unique vision has long been an inspiration. I must now go check out your other "wrappers."


  7. wow, wow, wow... wonderful...

    i love don's wrapped rocks...

    everything, though. there's some thing about wrapping. and wrapping and writing together...


  8. Wonderful. Just wonderful. It's simple and it's not.

  9. I am familiar with Neva's blog and her rocks - we "met" when I posted some of my river rock cairns on my blog. Thanks for the links on all - I am going to check out the others - you always come up with some fabulous links!!!

  10. An object that is bound in wire or twine is instantly intriguing to me.

    What a fabulous array of artists in this post, I especially enjoyed Don Madden's clay parcels and Jeane Meyers work.

  11. As usul a wnderful collection of 'visuals', love those neutral colors, and suddenly realised that wrap too, nothing I had really thought about before.

  12. I have also seen Nancy's wrapped stones, so beautiful.
    And all the other things too.
    Paper is so wonderful, that's why I started the paper swap.

  13. thanks, rapt rocks are happy to be featured with these other incredible all-tied-up creations.
    the bundles from the burial sites, hmmm, my heart sings. all of the pieces together well described by you and in the comments above.
    in the art spirit! neva

  14. What an amazing theme and set of images. Thank you.

  15. Pure pleasure, Robyn. I was pleased to see artists I already visit and some new ones as well. Boy you are good at this posting!!!

  16. Oh wow...I love the winter pressings and the first and bottom images...such wonderful works that I will have to follow the links!
    Just the other day I learnt that Nancy wrapped rocks and I was soooo excited! They are wonderful and the first thing I thought off when I saw you blog title. I am so happy they feature here too!

  17. Annie, they are exciting aren't they?

    Priya, glad you are enjoying them.

    Weaver, they have that effect on me too. A joy to behold!

    Donna, I'm wondering if you photographed the wrapped works in Kyota and whether we can expect a post about them.

    Black & White :-) Exactly!

    Thanks Corrine. I enjoy discovering them.

    Jackie, my pleasure :-)

    Neva, I'm just so happy you decided to show us your art!

    Thanks Mary Ann.

    Penny, the internet is a portal to amazing art and I find I'm broadening my view daily.

    Lawendula, your paper swap is an excellent idea.

    Azirca, I wonder what it is about bound objects.

    the black purl, yes... it's simple and it's not .... a bit like a haiku.

    Lynne, hmmmm... wrapping and writing .... devine!

    Oogleboops, I must revisit your cairn post.

    Lucky Dip Lisa, Nancy's rock sculptures were a wonderful surprise.

  18. beautiful post robyn.
    i love things tied up with strings.thank you for all the links.

  19. such a visually nutritious post! love don and nancy's rocks...all of it is great but those two attracted my attention the most.
    your blog is better than most galleries you know :)

  20. oh Bridgette - these make my heart beat faster and artist fingers itch to create!! The are gorgeous!!

  21. Another inspiring post..such beautiful art found in simple things. Love the pieces by Mary Ellen Long...I'd add them to my shelf of curiosities in a minute. Package 2 by Jeane Myers leaves me speechless...what an amazing work of art.

  22. love those wrapped rocks too; they remind of Lynne's rock wrapped in linen she gave me.

    and Jeane's wrapped painting...
    how do u do it?

    that first line reminds me of The Barbara Streisand Christmas song; These are a few of my favorite things; its so etched into me from dancing around with my brother...


    Thanda up and to you.

  23. Ah, the beauty to be found in simplicity. Lovely things!

  24. These are just beautiful, You inspire me with your images of things you love. I used to have so many images I liked, then I moved around so much and I stopped collecting. I MUST start again, its good for you. Thank you for inspiring me to do so!

  25. This just makes me want to bundle everything up! Beautiful!

  26. good morning Robyn - my house just emptied of family here for our Thanksgiving holiday and as I begin the catch up in blogland, what an honor to see my work posted on your fab blog - thank you and I love the work by Mary Ellen Long :)

  27. Wow there are some really inspiring art-works and artists here - lots of exploring for me to do. I too, feel a pull toward similar things and am not sure why, but the poem you quote sums it up beautifully. I feel the urge to go and 'harvest' some paper . . . .what a lovely concept.

    Feeling very inspired and curious! thank you.

    I also permanently think about, art making it, looking at, how it would be, writing about it - I know what you mean!


  28. Robyn, when I saw the first picture I thought I could dive into those folded pieces and happily live there..

    and the lettered clay parcel by Madden, very much makes a special place with me...

  29. Hi Robyn.. I'm back to Congratulate you on being in Seth's Inspiration Station.. yeah!!

  30. this is another fabulous post! thanks so much! nice to see Neva's work here!

  31. What a wonderful roundup Robyn - your posts would make a great book - always such a visual treat!

  32. Oh, oh, oh! Paperandstringandrocks.
    Thankyou for posting all of this. What glories!

  33. What a fabulous theme, Robyn. This photos are very inspiring and they make me want to bundle everything up :-)
    Love especially the unique pieces by Mary Ellen Long.

  34. I love your favourite thinks! Beautiful creative art! Greetings from Italy.

  35. Wrapped parcels are delightful. You knew this post was musical, of course.
    Mary Ellen Long's pieces and Neva's wrapped rocks have me transfixed.

  36. as ever it is like christmas on your blog so many wonderful things to enjoy and behold!...Best wishes Blu x

  37. I really don't know how to thank you enough, your blog in isolation is a complete art class for me. One lesson every 2nd week & its enough for me to browse, chew & revisit till the next. You put SO MUCH into one post, I'm awestruck.

  38. I'm "wrapped" in this post Robyn :)
    There can be something nurturing about the ritual of wrapping.
    Especially when done in art practise...completeness, connectedness, offering, are just some of the words that come to mind.
    Stunning array of work. xxo

  39. this is all such fodder..

    presented in oyur signature color palette.

    the stones..
    they linger in my head..

  40. Hi Robyn,
    I do not know how I keep losing your blog..My email do not seem to work to you. I am always happy when I find you on someone blog.
    I miss so much..Thank you for always sharing.
    Visit me sometimes, I have missed you.

  41. Who would believe that a wrapped stone or paper could be so beautiful. Always a delight to visit your blog, you offer so many wonderful links to other sites.

  42. As always such interesting posts...I love all of the wrapped pieces. I love the anticipation of unwrapping, and the joy in wrapping and presentation.
    Beautiful piece by Jeane the canvas wrapped with wire...

    Jacky xox

  43. Karin, I know the feeling :-)

    Lisa, I'm noticing a trend toward simplicity in art.

    Paula, it feels as if I have my own gallery.

    Megha, enjoy!

    Pamela, I think I got carried away with so many images.

    Mansuetude, ....brown paper parcels tied up with string,
    these are a few of my favourite things :-)

    Curio, I know! Happy bundling!

    Bridget, before I got my computer I had files and files of inspiring images collected over many years. I've still got them but I havn't been adding to them.

    Gwen, thank you. It was a great syurprise.

    Thanks Caroline.

    La Dolce Vita, Neva's work is charming isn't it?

    Amelia, I'm inspired and totally amazed on a daily basis by all the talented artists on the internet.

    Jeane, It is wonderful to have a piece of your work in my blog Gallery!

    Gwen, I could dive in and live there too!

    Gaby, it's very difficult not to rush around bundling everything up after looking at all these pieces.

    HHMN, I enjoyed every minute of it too.

    Martina, thank you. Greetings to you from South Africa.

    Thanks Blu.

    Vineeta, I've been wondering what you've been up to during this new phase of your life.

    Shayla, that tune just won't get out of my heaD :-)

    Katelen, I'll be over in a sec...

    Jo, you're so right about the nurturing in the ritual of wrapping.

    Grrl, the stones do have a way of lingering in ones thoughts.

    Ro, the wrapped stones are zen like aren't they.

    Jacky, there's also the mystery of something wrapped.

  44. Brown paper packages tied up with...

    LOVED this post!!!

  45. How interesting! Unique subject, this is. The textile art is gorgeous.

  46. Robyn, this is one of my favorite posts EVER. Brilliant job of sharing such treasures.

  47. I sure have missed your blog, Robyn. Really enjoyed this post, the images and particularly, the poem. Thanks for your comment, too.

  48. I loved the idea of letting a piece of paper and the elements Mother Nature throws at us become a piece of art!

    The rocks - pure beauty!

  49. Robyn, your online "gallery" is always a worthwhile visit. Thanks for your blogposts and for reading mine!

  50. You always delight us with the most amazing links and images Robyn. I am particularly attracted to Chris Gray's Textile Art and her blog and the wrapped stones are gorgeous, especially the heart stone. What a shame there isn't more time in the day to follow up all the blogs and Flickr links. I have always said blog reading should be a paid occupation.

  51. I love the theme here Robyn- the string and being bundled in some fashion. I liked Jeane’s work so much I bought it and took it home, where it sits in a place of honor. One of the compelling aspects of your gallery posts is the way you find an element that relates all the work in the post. You have great curator skills and I thank you for introducing us to more fabulous artists.

  52. I love string also... I use it on everything!!
    Your images are always a visual feast!! Love coming here!!

  53. Just tripped down the page... you have a wonderful eclectic blog! -Jayne

  54. Anything made of paper attracts me like a magpie is to shiny objects. (don't tell, I have boxes of saved paper in the basement)

  55. Lovely post as usual. I've been following Linda's blog for a while now; it's one of my faves, as is Jeane Myers. Off to check out the others now. Thanks Robyn.

    I've asked people to go around flea markets and buy me old junk for christmas, but they can't bring themselves to do it! They still think I would like a boxed set of talc and body lotion! Aaaargh! (I'm not really as ungrateful as I sound.)

  56. I opened this "box to leave a comment...not yet knowing at all how to express what these wonderful pictures evoke in me...and found that Jo already put in words many of my feelings.
    Perhaps it's also a trace from our yearly youth...with every wrapped gift we were given joy and exitement and warmth...
    I LOVE this post!

  57. another feast for my eyes-- and I am filling up my little blog note book with all your links to artists and sites-- am so glad you shared LOST FOUND ART-- love it as well as all the others-- the Japanese are known for wrapping and tying up their bundles, gifts-- and I love to wrap my gifts in very creative time consuming ways that I can think of.

  58. wonderful post, thank you! like the lady up there said....'a feast'!