Friday, December 18, 2009


Shroud No 1 by Lynne Perrella

A second post on wrapped art was inevitable, especially since Lynne Perrella so graciously agreed to share some of her exciting assemblages on my blog. Lynne is the queen of bundle and wrap! Papers and vintage fabric, packaged, rolled and scrolled, wrapped and bound with twine, wire and string.

"I realized that nearly EVERY work of art, currently on my "Assemblages" web page features elements that are tied, bound, wound/round and bundled. Most of all, I love the moment when I take a bundle that I have created and then I take a needle tool and start poking and pulling at the layers, and having them "spill" a bit; just enough to suggest an intriguing opening or a slight "reveal". That's my favorite part. " - Lynne Perrella

Shroud No 2 by Lynne Perrella

One of my favourite images is Lynne's banner, here. It is in fact a composite of several images which Lynnes friend, Michelle has blended and tweaked to present a visual feast for all those who visit her website.

Secrets 1 & 2 by Lynne Perrella

Ledger Bundle 2 by Gail Rieke-Ledger

"Genten" No 403 by Diane Cooper

"Living in Japan, a culture much older than our own, developed within me a love for the aged and worn surface. The Japanese aesthetic has been a major influence on my work. - Diane Cooper

"Bundle" No 3o by Diane Cooper

Crush-white by Diane Cooper at the Jean Albano Gallery

A Matter of Interpretation (detail), Mixed media, Textile by Linda Welch

"The work explores what seems to be an inherent human---call it desire, need or drive--to wrap, to bundle, to protect, to contain, to obscure, or to enhance an object or being. Each bundle has a core component surrounded by multiple layers of material that comprise the outer envelope. Layers provide support and strength. Each piece balances between comfort or confinement, secrecy or exposure. Each has it's own voice." - Linda Welch

Diagenesis Series, Textile, Mixed Media, by Linda Welch

Flathead grid by Kate Hunt

We've seen many examples of packages wrapped and bound . Now for something exquisitely unwrapped. Tim O'Kane's breathtaking paintings can be seen, here.

Poem. Oil on panel by Tim O'Kane
*Calling all Wrappers .... A book for your christmas list ..... How to wrap Five Eggs: Traditional Japanese Packaging by Hideyuki Oka
*See previous post on wrapped and tied, here.


  1. Incredible, I was mesmerised looking at these packages, really facinating post as ever!..seasons greetings to you. Blu x

  2. lynne perella's work is truly beautiful and mysterious.
    love the way she's incorporated the seed pod and the key so intrinsically into shroud no.2

  3. Thank you so very much for this post and exposing us to new and different artists. I really enjoyed seeing their work.

    Warmest regards this holiday season,

  4. I am SO inspired by this posting!!!

    Fortunately I have loads of paper/fabric/bits in my studio, that I can play with the theme until the cows come home....

    ..and that's exactly what I'm going to do this weekend!

    Thanks Robyn.

    x Chris

  5. Robyn, you've done it again. this is a wonderful look at some very special artists! I'm like the little kid- I want to know what is hiding in each bundle. thanks again for finding all these mysterious works of art. lyle

  6. You never fail to inspire - I love the unwrapping - another post perhaps?

  7. Thanks again for this inspiring posting!
    I just love all books by Lynne Perrella, so rich with wonderful stuff!
    Have a great weekend, LW

  8. wow! - my blog time is very limited right now, but I had to jump over here and check this out! fabulous - I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite xxo

  9. This second post is as rich as the first. It is like a visit to a wonderful gallery without the parking problem. Truly, thank you for these introductions.

  10. Love Lynne's work and she is just as nice as her work is beautiful. Love this post and thanks for more new artists!

  11. Blu, unusual bundles aren't they?

    Priya, I'd love to know the story behind the shroud series.

    Thanks Egmont.

    Chris, I hope you will post your experiments when you've completed a few.

    Lyle, with a little help from my friends :-)

    Heather, absolutely maybe.

    Lawendula, I'm waiting for my fourth. The studio book should be here any day now.

    Jeane, glad you jumped :-)

    Mary Ann, lol... a gallery without the parking problem true. And this gallery never closes.

    Cat, Lynnes workshops must be so inspiring.

  12. Another spot on post of gorgeous rich work. Thank you Robyn. We had a ball of string in an old dispenser when I was a kid. It hung on the wall in the kitchen. I found some string the other day and decided to start a ball of string. After all, one needs something to wrap up and something to wrap with.

  13. Wow; incredible works here. I looked over and over them; wishing I could enlarge to see all the little details. And the depth in Tim O'Kane's paintings is just short of incredible.

    Thank you for sharing !

  14. wow... such a treasury of worn loved and handled packages... very warm feeling..

  15. Iam determined to start wrapping things, now we are on holiday on Kangaroo Island perhaps this is a good time to start.
    I loved the wrapping that was done in Japan, a simple bundle filled with the food for a picnic was wrapped exquisitely in cloth and presented, all the things we boughtplaced in boxes and then wrapped. Bliss.

  16. How appropriate to think of wrapping and unwrapping right now. Besides being utterly gorgeous, the art you shared is very inspirational. I will think outside the box while wrapping this week.

  17. Leslie, that's such a good idea! An old fashioned ball of string just like my gran used to have in the kitchen drawer and add to whenever she brought a brown paper package home from Shuter & Shooter Bookstore.

    CTStudios, follow the links and you will be able to enlarge the photographs.

    Gwen, happy memories of long ago when dry cleaning, books, medicine from the pharmacy and so many other things were wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string.

    Penny, I always enjoy hearing little snippets about your time in Japan.

    Marilyn, I know the feeling!

    Beverly, have a look at and scroll down to his wrapping-up-christmas post. I rather like his idea.

  18. ooo I've never come acros works like these before...utterly intriguing...ta for that..

    Love your work and blog soo much and you're secretly educating me too you minx! x;0)

    Have a bloody wonderful Christmas missus and sooo looking forward to reading you in the New Year!

  19. Robyn, I came here yesterday and got lost in the links and had to come back today to thank you for sharing such inspirational art! I wish you'd publish a book with all of your wonderful finds as i never get the time to see it all before you are onto the next post!!

    Hope life is back to normal and you've not had anymore unwelcome trespassers on your property.

  20. Mimilove-bug! Have a fabulous christmas yourself! See you in the bloggersphere in the New Year.
    Be good now! Well maybe just a little :-)

    Lisa, almost back to normal once all the work is done. We had a return of the intruders last night but the new movement sensors flashed on brightly and Ben flew out of his kennel with every hair standing on end. Quite a ferocious sight!

  21. The first two by Lynne Perrella have got to be my favorites. The first because I love those old faces peering out from their wrappings, as if from the past and the second because it makes me think that a great secret is within waiting for me to take the key and unlock the truth.

  22. Thank you for this wonderful gift all WRAPPED up for us to savor, taste, feast on-- okay I will admit it-- simple wallow and roll around in-- LOVE it all Robyn-- I keep a notebook of all the artists you showcase-- and it is filling up!
    peaceful new year to you.

  23. Robyn, it's always enlightening to visit here. You have a great eye and are a wonderful online sleuth and curator. I love being able to see such magnificent work from around the globe - thank you for exposing us to such visual treats. We learn alot about you in this process - your interests and taste are evident.

    I've seen some of these bundle pieces of Lynne's in real life - and they are even more handsome than the photos!

  24. Lynne's work is truly impressive!
    I love all these pieces! I feel like I want to unwrap each one!
    Robyn.... thank you so much for your friendship! I wish you much happiness this holiday season!!


  25. I think my favorite is the Ledger Bundle 2 by Gail Reike-Ledger.

    Great post!

  26. Such beautiful work you have highlighted. Lynne's bundles are extraordinary. There is definietly something compelling about a visual bundle--with its secrets wrapped inside.

  27. Robyn, Just a quick thank you and blessings and cheer for a great holiday and a peaceful and productive New Year. From Washington State, Joan Tucker

  28. yes, you've done it again. as i read this i feel that bundles are what i love most! forget dots and squares and grids, it's bundles for sure!!

    love to you, robyn! and wishes for a beautiful solstice...

    love, love... :-)

  29. Oh, these are very special!! Perfect wrapping post for the season, Robyn. Warm Christmas wishes to you and yours. ~xx

  30. Hi ya Robyn - Tim O'Kane's work takes realism to the highest level and Lynne Perella is something else! I've always drooled over her artwork. Nice to find a new artist that I'm taken with too: Gail Reike-Ledger is fantastic. Once again you've taken us to a magical, inspirational place.
    P.S. thanks for stopping on by!

  31. I think the need to wrap and unwrap things is buried deep in our psyche Robyn. You have assembled an wonderful selection of things for us here. All the work is fascinating and intriguing but I think ledger bundle and genten are my favourites.

  32. I love not only the beautiful artwork that you find, but am also blown away by the way these artists can express themselves. The writing is the same caliber as the works themselves.

  33. Just when I was thinking I ought to get wrapping i wandered over to your post and got wrapped up here. Great collection you have assembled. Great Post.
    Merry wrapping to you.

  34. all i can do is sit here and say 'oh my god'...those bundles..the art..all of this is just mind blowingly wonderful. you always find the best work! thanks for turning me onto even more inspiration!

  35. Found your blog today....and I love it!!! Very inspiring! Will check back often!

  36. oh...these bundles! My heart is unbundling as I view these. Thank you robyn!

  37. These are great! I love bundle number 30.

  38. Fantastic! Can't wait to share this with my students once school commences!

  39. Love your blog. Are you familiar with Naomi Sultanik's work or Louise Nevelson. I think you would love both of their sculpture.

  40. I,m Cecilia an italian pinner, artist and art therapyst too. I fondu your works are very intresting, fine and precious. Thank you.

  41. Hy! I'm an italian pinner. Artist and art therapyst too. I love your works.