Sunday, December 13, 2009


Natural ochres on paper by Kitty Kantilla

X marks the exact location on maps where treasure is buried. The artworks in this post are all marked with X's so you shouldn't have any trouble locating the treasure :-)

Unfinished. Mixed Media piece by Seth Apter

Seth Apter is an artist, photographer and blog magician from New York City, who we in the blog world have quickly grown to love. Not only is he gracious and charming but he also has the knack for shepherding artists from all over the globe to his blog The Altered Page . Here he organizes exciting projects such as Secret Sunday...... but I digress.

Many of you know Seth's highly layered and textured mixed media pieces. "Unfinished" is one of my favourites. During an interview at Creative Therapy he describes his layering technique .

"After each layer, the still-wet paint was either distressed with sandpaper, wiped away with a rag, texturized with various materials, or dug into with a straight edge. I feel that building up the layers, perhaps to the point where the earliest layers may not even be visible, is the best way to achieve depth and richness in a piece."

Abstract by Jylian Gustlin

Semiotic. Oil and Mixed media on canvas by Ida Kohlmeyer

Yoruba Diviner's Panel at the Hamill Gallery

One of 7 beaded artworks (700mm x 700mm) commissioned for Singita Pamushana Game Lodge.

When Martine Jackson decided to commercialise her beaded artworks she founded MJ Visual, a design company consisting of up to 6o beaders from the townships of Cape Town, South Africa.

" MJ.VISUAL is a result of Jackson’s passion for combining traditional African beadwork with contemporary graphic design as well as creating a platform for less privileged women to reveal their amazing artistic skills. "

Detail of a piece called Rust Moon by Velma Bolyard. Layers of handmade daylily paper, linen, hosta and shifu.

White Rock with Ochre Cross by Susanne Carmack

A Letter to Phil about Dolphins by Allen Maddox. See more here and here.

Piazza. Mixed media by Lennox Dunbar

Felt piece in progress by Fiona Rainford


  1. After almost completing my latest piece with so many x's, I find the art in here fascinating - thanks for sharing. xo

  2. wonderful X marks the spot post! and so good to see one of Jylian Gustlin's pieces - I'm a huge fan :)

  3. Kitty Kantilla is one of my favourite artists...and thanks for all the other splendid diversions
    enticing paths to wander down
    when i really should be doing something else...

  4. I swoon, yet again...ochre cross, white rocks...oh my. Seth's piece is fabulous. Each one...x does mark the spot.

  5. I think I am beginning to sound like a broken record :-)
    again this is a feast, candy store, collector's bin of wonderful artist works-- love your theme of X's-- I put X's in my paintings from time to time as well so I relate to these very much..

  6. ha! everything you post about i think is my absolute FAVORITE!!

    smiles and love!


  7. thank you for sharing this lovely post XXXXXX

  8. Very nice!
    My daughter loves the X too and uses it everywhere in her art.

  9. Judy, I will be over to look. Hope you will be posting soon!

    Theresa, x-tremely xciting!

    Jeane, I can't stay away from Jylian Gustlin's website.

    Indi@, well as long as she who wanders doesn't get lost :-)

    Leslie, xtraordinary aren't they?

    Donna, Its a joy finding art that thrills me and it's the cherry on the top when my blogging friends enjoy it too.

    Lynne, we're on the same wave length!

    Megha, always a pleasure xxx

    Lisa G, thank you my dear :-)

    Lawendula, I've always used x's in my art since my early childhood scribbles .... which is surprising because you would think we would use the tick rather than the X. At school I quailed at the sight of x's in my school books.

  10. ..yet another wonderful collection...

  11. If you like the X you will like
    Antoni Tapies. He is one of my favorite painters, also layers and X's.

    Hope all is safe with you.


  12. Oh my! I just started thinking about working an "X" marks the spot into a project. How fun to see all these.

  13. You really are a fabulous curator Robyn - this is a wonderful theme connecting such a diverse group!
    xo K

  14. Found an X in my work the other day and the next thing I find your post speaking and showing X work! This post is too each work and have spent a good deal of time looking, clicking and generally breathing in the images!!

  15. Another great post Robyn. Who knew that x could be such and exciting letter? You've made me look at it in a whole new way.

  16. Thank you so much for including "Unfinished" in your post and for all your generous thoughts aboutmy artwork and blog. I feel in very good company here!

  17. I love the letter X...and I loved reading this post! Thanks wonderful Robyn, and here is a bunch of Xs for you lovely one. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  18. How do you manage to find put on such a feast for us every time? I just love to visit here! Thank you!

  19. Awesome and inspiring art and information!! Thanks so much for bringing this to us :-))

  20. "X" makes for such an energetic collection! Youpi! That was fun.

  21. I don't know where you find all of these wonderful sites. My inspiration always rises when I visit your site.
    The first image looks very Australian in style, I'll have to check it out.

  22. My favorite is the beaded work - and of course, Seth's!!!

  23. This would be such a great activity for an art class... to ask... just what can you do with an X? I'll try it with my little afterschool group... I used to use your blog so often to share with my middleschoolers... they were in awe... Roxanne

  24. Manako by John Pule is my favorite. It seems to hint of all kinds of undiscovered treasures and secret messages.

  25. Kitty Kantilla is such an amazing artist and the amazing collection of other artworks continues to inspire me, thanks to India for first turning me onto these Australian aboriginal mark making artifacts. love them. And now I'm off hunting down Japanese 'boro' my latest fascination. I am so thankful for your blog Robyn. It continues to be a creation unto itself. Its like my own library in here already sorted and catalogued. So thankful we are drawn to the same things. Thankful also that you are all safer than before. That is still a rather frightful scenario and my prayers are with you dear one. Please please continue to stay safe. I think of you often. (And imagine my surprise to see myself referenced here in your spectacular collections, lol). Love to you this xmas season. x

  26. nice collection... i like X's and use them b/c they represent both kisses and sutures... hadn't been thinking much about treasure, but maybe now I will....

  27. Nice collection I will use it on my facebook avatar aand ping back to you