Wednesday, December 9, 2009

. . . . . . . FOR THE LOVE OF PAPER . . . . . . .

Exciting work by Catherine Nash, here.

At the Conrad Wilde Gallery website I have discovered many innovative artists whose love of paper is apparent in the work that they do.

Handmade paper by CJ Shane

CJ Shane collects beautiful paper on her travels.
" I've been to China several times, and I always visit the paper markets there. I return home with rolls of lovely delicate papers in subtle colors, often with flecks of gold and silver. When I'm home here in Tucson, I make my own paper. I like to experiment with different fibers, especially those native plant fibers from our desert bioregion. One of my favorite summertime pleasures is to go into the washes before a rainstorm and cut the grasses which grow there so luxuriantly during the monsoon season. In the morning sun, the grasses capture the sweet fragrance of water and life. I like to experiment with paper pulp to make one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces or to create small editions of artists' books. When I make paper, I enjoy knowing that I am participating in a tradition that dates back two thousand years to China's Han."
Torical Series. (Mixed media, books,wax) by Roberta Lee Woods

There are many more works in this series by Roberta Lee Woods. If you are interested, click here.

Rhapsody by Roberta Lee Woods

Reading our remains by Jessica Drenk

Jessica Drenk's inspiration comes from nature and she manipulates man-made materials according to similar patterns and principals.

Artbook 3 by Beata Wehr

I was delighted to find the work of Beata Wehr again since first discovering her link in Leslie's sidebar.

Book-ephemeris by Margaret Suchland

I love this piece by Margaret Suchland.

"For many years, collecting old books, maps, found correspondence, found objects, printed ephemera and other of life’s artifacts has been of interest to me....... The effects of time on these everyday items - the worn edges, random marks, muted colors and subtle evidence of the human presence inspire me. They portray a “presence of an absence”.

Paper sculpture by Daniella Woolf

Gradations 2 by Mary Ellen Long. See more, here.

Burning revised by Joan Giordano

Joan Giordano draws inspiration from archeological ruins and excavations .

Thanks everyone for all the kind, supportive comments and emails you sent during our little upheaval. You have no idea how much they helped. Normality is returning! We had a peaceful nights sleep last night thanks to our newly installed burglar alarm system.


  1. more rich fodder to feed the soul..


  2. Grrl, it's a pleasure. I'm rather partial to rich soul fodder myself!

  3. I've got to come back later and look through this. So much to love!

  4. I agree much fodder for the soul but also fodder for the brain.

  5. Another fascinating "gallery" to wander through - thanks.

  6. I much to love and so much great soul food!
    I so love to visit here!
    Glad to here life is getting more settled, just the snake would have been enough to terrify me without it being horrible people...

  7. A wonderful sequence of pictures. I love that they all hare an organic earthy feel to the tones and shapes.

  8. Paper has always fascinated me. Thank you!

  9. wonderful! dont know which I like best! thank you! lyle p.s. glad you all got some sleep!

  10. exquisite images...those wee stacked bundles are rather intriguing
    now to wander back through your stories and see what else has been happening while i was off the airwaves

  11. They are gorgeous.. I most often have a difficult time picking a favourite... the textures, tones, shades... I love the "presense of an absense"... perfect!!

    and I am still frantically thinking about you my dear!!! Take care...

  12. That´s been a most interesting read, thank you... - I´ve been thinking lately about ways to do similar things I make with fabric with paper from old books, so your post helped me forward with that...

  13. I am so glad that your life is returning to Normal! it was so disturbing to think that you were in danger.
    this post is wonderful so texturally chewy as always and I would be hard pressed to come up with a favorite piece each image is fabulous! thanks again for the inspiration!

  14. Another fabulous feast for the eyes-- as a lover of paper, books, texts--these are all exciting and inspiring-- I'm beginning to think I LOVE too many things and you have the knack of finding them all for me...

  15. you find the most amazing art artpropelled! whenever i come here my mind always gets BLOWN.
    great finds (again). thanks for stimulating my creative being!!!!

  16. So happy to hear you and your family are returning to a feeling of normal. Safety - definitely a need, want, desire.

    Thanks, once again, for sharing your creative art discoveries. Your blog is a 21st century art library! Makes me smile - and feel safely comforted. Take care....

  17. I have always wanted to make paper. Maybe that will be my goal for the new year.

    I am sorry to hear about your "scares." It is so disconcerting to have danger come so close to your home. I am happy you have a dog! My thoughts are with you, blog friend!

  18. So much inspiration to be found from these images and the links. And the quote "presence of an absence" is so powerful to me! Happy to that you and your family are safer now!

  19. Thankyou, for taking the time to find these treasures and share them with us.

  20. How typical of you to be recovering from a huge scare and still treat us with a eye fest of glorious textures and materials. Thanks and stay safe. JT

  21. Love this post...always been a lover of paper! I'm on Daniella Woolf's mailing list as we live in the same town...small planet...! Thank you for such a great post!

  22. boy Robyn, these are all delicious in oh so many ways!!

    I am so glad to know you were protected and are safe. I guess it doesn't matter where you live - these things can happen. I was alone and awake past midnight one night in Tucson, and watched as a man walked straight up my darkened bedroom window, as I stood in the living room. He didn't see me, but I did see him and called the police. Moments later a helicopter was shining it's light down into our yard... these are such unnerving experiences. I am so glad to hear of the capture of those recent domestic terrorists, because that's what they are. I think it wise to take all necessary precautions to be able to feel peace in one's own home. I am placing you and your family in a place of protection in my mind's eye and heart.
    xox K

  23. You bring such richness and pleasure to each of your posts; each one leaves me in a better place. I was sorry to read that your peace has been disturbed, and I'm glad to note that your alarm system is installed. You will remain in my thoughts, wishing you and your family safety and peace -

  24. Gerdiary sent me this way. What lovely things you've shared!

  25. Femminismo, I love the texture!

    Penny, you're so right. These pieces do tend to get the brain ticking.

    Annie, there are so many more images at the Conrad Wilde Gallery was difficult to choose.

    Lucky Lisa :-)

    Jasmine, I think it's the earthiness that got caught my attention in the first place.

    Black & White, always a pleasure!

    Lyle, its far too difficult to choose favourites but maybe the Beata Wehr layered pebbles and paper?

    Marilyn, texture makes my mouth water too.

    Indi@, aren't they exquisite?

    Gwen, the "presence of an absense" got to me too. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Ger, I would love to see what you come up with!!

    Cat, .... texturally chewy ... I love that! Sometimes I can't express what I'm feeling about certain pieces and that hits the nail on the head.

    Donna, that is my problem too. I love too many things and since I don't have enough hours in the day to experiment with them all I blog about them instead and it calms my racing heart.

    Paula, always a pleasure :-)

    Renee, that sounds wonderful!
    A 21st century art library.

    Thanks Karine. I have made paper but I didn't have time to savour the moment with all the other things on the go. I'd love to do it again at a workshop.

    Seth, yes I love the "power of absence" quote. I thought of you when browsing through Roberta Lee Woods work. All those yummy book parts!

    HHnB, it was fun,

    Joan, its always the art that keeps me sane!

    MaryAnn, it is a small world! Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Karin, the quick response from the police must have been a huge comfort to you. Thank you.

    Thanks Terry R. Looking at beautiful art leaves me in a better, happier place too.

    Deb G, Thank you. I enjoyed browsing through your blog a few minutes ago.

  26. Paper in all its glory- better than jewels by far in my opinion. Fruitful links yet again dear Robyn. Please give Ben a pat from me. Good boy Ben!

  27. what a great collection you've put earthy and rustic and ruined to just the perfect degree that we see something different in ordinary things...such inspired pieces, really.

  28. i so love margarets work, and i love paper :)
    love this post and yay to the new alarm system.

  29. Thanks so much for this beautiful post. My fingertips are just itching to go touch paper.

    Glad to hear your feelings of peace and security are returning with the addition of your burglar alarm system.

  30. It's always fun visiting your Blog. Fabulous pictures, these are all very inspiring.
    I'm glad that you and your family are safer now! I wish you a very happy Advent season!

  31. good morning, goodness, i want to start to travel the world over with a list of the works you've posted here, and before...i think i'll start in tuscon!! how can i druel over so many things? imagine if they were in one would takes days and it is, i might spend a good part of this day traveling the sites you've posted here!
    wax, rocks, reeds, papers, still my heart.
    my heart skipped a beat or two just reading about the intruders! while you slept...and coming back. i visualize you safely secured in your home, with all security pieces working and guardian spirits prevailing.....x0, neva

  32. Thanks for the gleaning and compiling of all of these works. A one stop for visuals.

  33. An inspiring read and such wonderful pieces to view. Robyn so glad you were able to have a peaceful rest due to your new security system. Thinking of you. Much love

  34. Hey Robyn , happy to hear for the alarm system. I have just read the previous post, really scary stuff!

  35. Lovely art... I love the quote from Margaret Suchland, especially the words..."subtle evidence of the human presence..." they keep on going around my mind. It is wonderful to find such exciting artists here, and I am so relieved all is well... I hope your Sunday is filled with love and beauty and the smell of freshly carved wood... roxanne

  36. Beautiful and a real eye/mind opener.

    Thanks for all the introductions!


  37. Hi Robyn,
    Glad you guys are OK!!! Pretty scary!
    Wow! These pieces are absolutely amazing!! Incredible actually!!

  38. I love handmade paper - it seems so close to the elements it came from, and so organic! You must have seen the elephant dung paper - I'd like to have some of that some day!

  39. Wonderful stuff Robyn - love paper!! Glad you're feeling safer.

  40. Glad the new system is in, Robyn. The varieties of textures and subtle colors here are impressive. Shane's homemade paper looks like a line of embroidered french knots. Pretty.

  41. I just discovered your blog. Your work is terrific, Robyn - as is your blog! Yes, there is knotting on my gampi paper piece with shell inclusions from Sanibel Island. This piece and Catherine Nash's piece were the exhibit "High Fiber" at Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson, Arizona, USA in the summer of 2009. See more at
    ~~Shane (artist) in Tucson, Arizona
    USA (