Wednesday, December 28, 2011


With the new year approaching I am ready to turn the page and start afresh. On the inside cover of my journal for 2012 I have written a quote by Carl Sagan.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known".

What better way to start a new year than knowing that somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known!

A big thank you to all the wonderful people who visit my blog. The blog world has certainly enriched my life. A few days ago I was feeling a little frazzled as I usually do at this time of the year and after visiting a few blogs where I read many words of wisdom and encouragement I came away feeling refreshed and filled with hope for the new year. Thank you dear friends for your wisdom, enthusiasm and support!

Wishing you all the best for 2012 and many fulfilling hours, days or months of creativity!

Also, a big thank you to all those artists whose beautiful art fills my blog gallery. What a joy to feast my eyes on such extraordinary work!

Though many of you have seen Velma Bolyard's amazing Rock Books, I wanted to celebrate them here on my blog. Click here to read more.

Christina Wiese's ceramic book. See website here.

I discovered this photo of Anselm Kiefer's Standing Book on Catherine's Flickr photostream. Many more amazing gems to be found on Flickr. Click here.

Arabesque by Dot Krause. A cast iron book with thin sheet of polymer clay. Website here.

Falling in Place. A series by Redredday on Flickr. See here.

A bundle of Elizabeth Bunsen's little books. I check in on Elizabeth's blog regularly because her photographs and words make my heart sing. See blog here.

Book by Carol E McMahon. See website here.

Book from Ronald Chase's Play series. See website here.

"Each page is a meditation that echoes nature with both repetition and variety. "Reading" the book is meant to be a contemplative experience that takes the reader out of the everyday world and into a state of gratitude and reverence". - Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord


  1. Wow - I'm wanting to sit with every piece slowly turning the pages. Thanks for all your blog galleries that introduce me to new artists that I come to love. Today, there's a whole clutch for me to ponder over my breakfast. 2012 is going to be a good year, so I'm wishing you all the very best and look forward to seeing what the new year brings. Happy New Year Love, Ax

  2. What a fabulous array of 'books', some certainly outside the square, love them all. Have an incredibly creative 2012.

  3. me pareció un increíble muestrario de libros artísticos!!! todos muy interesantes.

  4. Once again you send me on a fabulous path, all that wonderful rust! Here's to a great 2012!

  5. R-thanks for sharing, promoting and inspiring so much in 2011; and may 2012 be a joy and peace-filled time for you and those you touch. The final quote reminds me that achieving peace takes quite some time so we have work to do yet. Go well. B

  6. Books!!! my favorite, my goal! I will be days enjoying this post! thank you once again for all you do to promote others!

  7. What a beautiful post! And thank you for the 'click-back' I am alway so inspired after reading your blog and what a great way to start your new journal and new year -- 'something incredible is waiting to be known' Approaching each day with that thought will truly open your eyes and heart to the possibility of wonder!
    Happy New Year - may it be filled with joy!

  8. lovely and may 2012 be a year filled with creativity, love and laughter. blessings, suki

  9. Aaah, books - in all shapes and forms!! I am going to be coming back here - just to check each link. TFS, and Happy New Year to you!!! I look forward to your inspirational blog next year!!!

    des écrits de matières!

  11. These are tantalizing... I want to reach out and touch everyone...
    ... A glorious New Year to you R, may you create to your Hearts content.. my Best, Gwen

  12. Wonderous books. Happy New Year Robyn. x

  13. A fabulous array of books. Kindle, shmindle, I say.

    Dig in Robyn and continue to make the world more beautiful.

    Happy New Year!!

  14. Oh my! This is my favorite post yet, I will be spending hours tonight going to the links. Books are very close to my heart and art books are even closer. I am working on my own porcelain book and I love Wendy Kershaw's book which I have never seen before, thank you!!! And thank you for all your inspiring, wonderful posts.
    Happy, happy New Year!
    And kisses to D&B.

  15. All completely amazing! So much texture and meaning to ponder.

  16. what is it
    about handmade books?
    to have
    to hold
    to turn pages
    I too
    am turning the page
    you always inspire
    thank you Robyn...

    xox - eb.

  17. Robyn, thank you for your continued inspiration via cyberspace - I'm a huge fan of your tumblr page and visit everyday and your blog has inspired for years - love to you in this new year xo

  18. What an incredible collection of to check out these talented people.

    Happy New Year to you!

  19. These are extraordinary books. I will have a wonderful time checking out the links....thank you so much for this inspiration.

  20. robyn, it's lovely to have my rock books here, many thanks, and to be in the company of two former fellow pbi-ers, dot and karen. your post made my day!

  21. A very happy and creative new year to you Robyn - your art work inspires me.

  22. I have never seen a rock book before. This is one of the reasons why I love your blog. You bring to me so many areas of art that I would never see otherwise. You are an inspiration. I hope you are able to rest up now and enjoy a healthy start to the new year. Big hugs and joy...

  23. Love the lead codice- sucker for old books! All the best for the season and have a great 2012

  24. thank you Robyn. wishing you a new year filled with all that you love; art, creating, well behaved dogs, wood, giggles, reading, family, walks in nature, poems, the mountains, good blog reading....

  25. these touchable books, really liking the rough edges on some, sprouts on others, rust .. and of course, the ROCK books!
    all the best to you wwwwwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyy over there as you live your life and enrich so many of ours.
    keeping your home safe, the monkeys happily hooting away, travels to new and old favorite places, and sharing those journeys so beautifully.
    cheers, dear!

  26. Quite an interesting collection of books.

    Happy New Year 2012 to you...Regards,

  27. Robyn, that quote seemed to follow me around last year, pointing and saying, see, see! And Carl Sagan might like to say-- Hey Girls, you haven't seen nothing yet. Wait till you get on "this side of time." Ha ha.

    Have been napping deeply sweetly the past two days--must be getting ready on the inner level for some new outer level birthing/adventures. Happy New Year.

    Love your choices here.

  28. Thank you Robyn for providing inspiration throughout the year. Your blog has become a "must visit" for me and your generosity in highlighting the artwork of others in such a thought-full way is impressive. The happiest of New Years to you!

  29. Happy Sweet New Year of the Art/Life Robyn...

    The images you've collected for us here at the threshold of the "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known"...simply knock my socks off...
    Thank you for all of your journeying into the return with the magnificent treasures time and time again.

  30. a favorite quote of mine as well.. oh the possibilities!! thank you Robyn for your generosity in providing much inspiration and education to all your loyal readers...those of us who come here for renewal when we are in need of some creative infusion! wishing you a wonderful new year!

  31. Annie, it must have been a long breakfast :-)

    Ro, fabulous indeed! I am in awe of all these artists.

    Natalia, thank you!

    Emma, thanks for accompanying me along the fabulous path :-)

    Barry, I thought you and Fiona might like the peace quote.

    Lyle, looking forward to hearing about all the book making workshops you sign up for in 2012

    Judy, thank YOU for getting me back on track!

    Thanks so much Sukipoet!

    oogleboops, may books abound for many years yet!

    ELFI, Fabuleux indeed!

    Gwen, I'm imagining a Rock Book nestling in my hand. Quite extraordinary!

    Hazel, they all have a magical quality don't they?!

    Karen, it will be such a sad day when electronics takes over. So far I have not even looked at a Kindle.

    Annie C, follow the link and see a whole series of Wendy Kershaw's beautiful porcelain books. xoxo Sending cyber pats to the menagerie too.

  32. Thespoena, so glad you enjoyed the post.

    eb, I suppose those who make books are sharing their love for books in general. Homage to the book!

    Jeane, I'm waiting for you to start Tumblr.... or Pinterest.

    Lisa Graham, enjoy the links!

    Jo, yes aren't they extraordinary!!

    Velma, your Rock Books have intrigued me ever since you posted the first image on your blog.

    Weaver, thank you!

    Lisa at Greenbow, its a treat for me to surprise you with amazing art.

    Don, my heart raced when i first saw the image of the lead codice.

    Leslie, I'm smiling at the well behaved dogs... Yes I think we are getting there .... sort of :-)

    Thanks Neva .... I knew you would appreciate the Rock Books!

    Thanks Thomas and Shilpy.

    Mansuetude, I really hope Carl Sagan is saying you havn't seen nothing yet. Before he passed away he was adamant that this life is all there is. Happy napping M, in preparation for wondrous birthing adventures. Thanda!

    Seth, ditto to you for all you do to inspire us.

    Donna Iona, there are so many treasures waiting to be found and I'm just as amazed when I find them.

    Lisa, thanks so much!

  33. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Thank you for inspiration!
    ..PS one of my favorite blogs

  34. All truly remarkable things to ponder here!

    Thanks for another year of remarkable, Robyn!
    And much Happiness (and art) in 2012!

  35. Robyn, I'm not sure how I missed this most lovely of posts that you sent out to the community a few days ago. My sister was visiting and I think that my time was spent doing family matters but I'm happily refreshed now. I love book objects (that is the retired librarian speaking - though librarians never really retire - our heads are always filled with cloth, paper, images, music, strings, wood, fiber and more) Your blog brings us some much and fills us with so many wonderful nourishing hours of thought. I have to go back to your pages more then once just to find myself seeing more each time. Do wonderful things in 2012. Thank you so much for sharing - Henrietta

  36. I'm sitting at the computer with a lovely bowl of local cherries (what a decadent, late breakfast) and a cup of French Earl Gray reading your fabulous post...As always so many links to amazing artists and their work. We all love to pop by and visit this special blog of yours.
    I've been a bit bleary after 2011, Christmas and New Year too. Your post has refreshed my creativity.

    Sending love,

    Jacky xox

  37. The world certainly opens up to all of us that see the beauty thru each others works. Wonderful gifts indeed. Happy New Year and may we all continue to create, share and admire all that this big world has to offer.

  38. I love them all. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful inspiring posts last year.

  39. Yummy collection of books. It nourishes the soul to see them here together. One can feel the creativity ooze from the photos and long to have been there at their inception. Thank you for your generous posting.

  40. This is really interesting info. Mixed media looks so cool.

  41. ¡Qué rico! Thanks for your wonderful and inspiring curations throughout 2011. Please rest and replenish yourself thoroughly! Abrazos y feliz año nuevo, WildC xxxxx

  42. I agree with Jacky.
    You maintain a very special blog, and are one of the highlights of the blog world.

    Best wishes for 2012, and keep up your great work. Please.

  43. Thanks so much Oxana!

    Babs, I'm still pondering over these pieces myself.

    Henrietta, so glad you enjoyed the post. I worked in the University Library for many years and often watched the book binders fixing old books. I'm kicking myself for not organizing a short workshop while I was there.

    Jacky, thank you. I'm still feeling a bit bleary eyed myself.

    SooZeQue, there is so much to share in this blog world of ours.

    Eric, thank you.

    Irene, they do nourish the soul don't they?!

    Mandolin, a few years ago I would never have thought that a medium such as book arts would exist and grab my attention as it has.

    Wild C, rest and replenish .... sounds so good. Thank you!

    Judy, thanks so much. It's great to feel so appreciated.

  44. That was a good link - I read her words of wisdom and completely reframed the concept of



  45. Thank you for visiting me here in Ohio for New Year's 2012... I would love to take you for sleigh ride down our hill. Your collection of exquisite works and art books...they are truly inspiring. I wish you the healthiest and happy 2012 and energy to continue your spiritual art journey. Peace be with you in South Africa, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  46. Beautiful post as always
    Happy new year dear Robyn
    Sorry I haven't visited in a while ... went into a bit of a meltdown!
    Love and best wishes
    Carolyn x

  47. Robyn - what a wonderful and deeply moving homage to the book and the turning of pages. I love the warmth and strength in all of these. Thank you once again; and wishing you a wonderful, creative and bright new year.

  48. been gone too long! hope your holidays were wonderful dear Robyn! what a great post and the Kiefer book makes my mouth hang open... oh my... xx

  49. Wonderful! Those rock books are delightful

  50. I just loved this as your first post of the year Robyn... books are such an evocative thing... and I did so adore the wooden books of Karen Kune. Velma recently put me onto her with the hint that maybe I'd find some point of connections...and here with these books a huge yes! I brought four concertina journals back from travels to work on... so these are just such inspiration!

    Great to see Velma's astonishing book too and all the others featured. I've been blessed out by Elizabeth's images on tumblr of late....seems to be so much going on in her studio!

    May you have the time and perfect circumstances to realise all your creative dreams in 2012 Robyn... abundant blessings!

  51. Dear Robyn-each and every piece of art here makes me swoon...books turned into art...2 of my fave things ever!!! LOVE! thanks so much for sharing all you do on your blog...other artists, your art, poetry...all these fragile and beautiful pieces of you. Thanks for all you give us...and all the very very best in the New Year. I feel that magical things are awaiting us all too:) xxx

  52. Robin, how did you find all the best books? The standing books grabbed me. Love them. But the very first one is my favorite. The rock books have my brain spinning. LOL

  53. This year I am commenting on blogs that fill me with are one.

    here's to another year!!

  54. Grrl, glad you followed the link. Judy often writes motivating posts.

    Mary Helen, thank you so much!

    Carolyn, glad to see you back in the blog world.

    Fiona, it's always a pleasure to post such beautiful images.

    Cat, Love the Keifer books too!

    Shayla, I wish we could see them face to face.

    Sophie, thanks so much. I thought you would love Karen Kune's books :-)

    Thanks Soraya, yes I think it's going to be a good year!

    PJ, they are wonderful aren't they?!!

    Stephanie, thanks so much!

  55. Oh boy!! love all the books and the links.. have just spent some time at some of the links and feeling blown away! especially with Christina Wiese.
    you always share the best of the best here. I got the book MASTERS:Book Arts for christmas and this post is the bonus.

  56. Wow, what wonderful art you have found to share! I LOVE the photographs and the incredible variety of books! They make me want to try to make some handmade paper to to feel it under my hands.

  57. I have been gone too long. You have three new posts for me to delve into and explore. Oh, the beauty of books!
    I love Elizabeth Bunsen's little bundle the most I think...And agree her blog is wonderful!