Thursday, December 1, 2011


Uneven edges....
Rough edges...

Terri Brooks. See Terri's blog here.

on canvas, wood or paper....

Pradeep Neruka. See more here.

all add to the charm of these pieces.

Lin Yan. See more here.

Whether it's a painting, a collage, assemblage or a piece of jewellery...
Necklace by Deborah Rudolph. Onyx, aquamarine, silver, kevlar. See more of Deborah's work here.

the rough edges create excitement.


  1. Great theme Robin! Probably could have applied to my little town in my post today. I am so grateful for your many curations. There must be a reason that the root of the word cure is in there.
    all the best, Kim

  2. Robyn, rough edges certainly do create excitement! By the end of this post my heart was racing with excitement but also greed! :) I want them all!!!

  3. terrific! I'll be back later to drool! thanks.

  4. I so agree! . . one of the reasons I like the encaustic . . kind of "succulent" . . as in Terri Brooks pieces. All are wonderful!

  5. I relate, my work is all about rough edges! I really like Terri Brooks and the Lin Yan is lovely.
    I hope all is well with Digby and your Bella, kisses. xoxo

  6. the rough edges on handmade paper move me always. also a torn edge of, say, linen, perfect.

  7. edges - like life, its at the edge where two things come together that the magic happens.

  8. Oh yeah,,I'm lovin' everyone of these artists. The edges tell so much story, whatever the medium.

    You must spend so much time and effort putting these posts together,, we thank and appreciate you Robyn,,,,,

  9. Yes, they do! Lovely... I like rough edge people too .. More mysterious perhaps ...thank you

  10. superbe! mais je reviens.. je ne sais pas que veux dire edges...

  11. R- sometimes it is good to leave the natural rough edges? In my metal work it is always a bit of a struggle - I like the texture and torn look of the edges - but as the pieces are to be handled it does pose the problem of cuts and scratches - so I often end up with the polished and shiny even though the rough. torn and burnt appeals to me and a few folk. B

  12. oh my ... oh my... such beauty and texture... sigh

  13. you are like a reporter at large extraordinaire. how do you find this stuff!?!
    delicious, all of it!

  14. Hi Robyn,
    Love those rough edges. I can relate to being rough around the edges.

    I also very much enjoyed the list of 10 things artists should be thankful for. Thanks for posting it.

  15. beautiful post
    and selection of work
    love the rough edges
    all so sensual...

    xox - eb.

  16. Thanks so much for sharing all this beautiful work from a variety of artists.

    They are all unique and exciting.

  17. Wonderful post. Really enjoying the pottery Behind the pottery link a lot.

    Thank you.

  18. I don't know when I've felt more inspired.....thank you for this collection.......It seems like I've been to a beautifully curated museum exhibit!

  19. Your endless themes continue to amaze me. And your choice of art and artists for each theme is sensational. You have an incredible eye!

  20. I love it all but mostly thoses tea!

  21. Fantastic series and research on this topic - thanks again for so much inspiring artwork. Good to see these lovely pieces which don't follow the geometric dictate.

  22. Rough around the edges would also describe many folk including myself. You got to look a bit harder sometimes to find the gold! ;) Bless Robyn. Lovely curated collections of interesting objects and works as always taken to another level by the curator.

  23. I'm with Seth...your artist eye is that of the existential detective, peeling away the layers and finding treasure at every turn... and we all get to come and enjoy the results of your explorations...

    such a glorious collection...and yup...gotta love those rough edges.

  24. Mmmm... love that you keep finding ways to look at artists work and pull together this material for us Robyn. Hope you are going really well and feeling very inspired in your studio.

  25. Kim (Numinosity), I like that ..... cure...curations :-)

    Carole, lol.... I know the feeling... I want them all myself!

    Lyle, see you later :-)

    Jann, I would love to watch a video of Terri working.

    Annie C, peace reigns at the moment ..... holding my breath.

    Patricia, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Velma, one of my favourites.... rough edges on handmade paper. Your paper comes to mind.

    Thanks Lisa at Greenbow.

    Leslie, indeed!

    Babs, thanks so much. I enjoy gathering and discovering.

    Lori, rough edge people.... more mysterious ... and perhaps more curious.

    Elfi, exciting edges!

    Barry, sometimes I'm in the same quandary. Leaving the rough edges and nails half way out hooks onto everything.

    Cat, :-)

    Paula, I'm thinking of your rough edged pipe holders.... delicious!

    Karine, the list of 10 continues to make me feel thankful. Love it!

    Elizabeth, yes!

    Art at Chesterbrook, so many artists and so little time :-)

    Mansuetude, don't tell me! I got lost in those links.

    Over the rainbow, so glad you enjoyed the post!

  26. Seth, thank you!

    Jane, at the moment tea bowls are my passion.

    Sue, glad you enjoyed the topic.

    Rachelle, I've missed you!

    Thanks Donna. It's fun being detective.

    Sophie, all is well and working hard. Love it!

  27. Lovely post...I love all of them and am still looking at all the websites. Thank you

  28. Un espacio encantador y plagado de arte...

    Nos seguimos encontrando...

    Un saludo cordial,

  29. I couldn't help thinking of the song Proud Mary by Tina Turner where she finishes the song "rough".....

    Great group of wonderful pieces!

  30. The roughness here has a softness too...

  31. What a great theme.
    Thanks for posting the beautiful art work of all mediums

  32. Love the little bowls. Great choices, as usual.

  33. Only you can come up with a unique view and way to look at a piece of artwork.. this time the focus is on the edges.. brilliant and wonderful way to bring us into the art.

  34. Thanks so much for featuring Michelle Y Williams' work! We'll be following your blog. Here's more of Michelle's work: