Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Black Bowl, Maple Leaf by Tom Meyer. Click here.

Looking at a simple leaf.....

Looking at a single leaf ....
Leaf by Ronald Chase. Click  here

I sense poetry ......
I sense poetry....


... and art.
....... and art.

Antoni Tapies

I read a blog post by Kelle Hampton about receiving a big box of leaves from her cousin ...... "who sends leaves every year". A gift to connect Kelle to happy memories from her past.

At this very moment, I am imagining opening a box of leaves from our Drakensberg farm....... breathing in the scent of pine forests, eucalyptus avenues and ancient oaks, mingled with early morning mist.

Mixed Media by Patrick Boehner. Click here.

Patrick Boehner

Patrick Boehner.  See here.


What can I say that I have not said before?
So I'll say it again.
The leaf has a song in it.
Stone is the face of patience.
Inside the river there is an unfinished story
and you are somewhere in it
and it will never end until all ends.

Take your busy heart to the art museum and the
chamber of commerce
but take it also to the forest.
The song you heard singing in the leaf when you
were a child
is singing still.
I am of years lived, so far, seventy-four,
and the leaf is singing still.

Ingredients for a Story by Katie Cooke. Flickr photo stream here.

"Ingredients for a story about London, about falling in love, about writing letters, and about going to the zoo."


  1. Oh my, these take my breath away Robyn - each of them unique and delicate and telling a sweet story. Thank you - I am about to go adventuring and a'wandering...

  2. Ronald Chase's work takes my breath away. Thank you robyn. He goes into my tumblog.

  3. Merci... ce billet est merveilleux !!!!!

  4. Such a romantic post. Leaves can say so much.

  5. Love this post - love how you've captured the poetry of leaves.
    I'm always so amazed at how boldly trees give their leaves each autumn and go through the chill of winter with no 'clothes.'

  6. Wonderful and simplistic.
    Beauty in a overlooked place.

  7. ALWAYS look forward to seeing your posts. Beautiful. And others always say what I feel. When I saw the leaves on Tumblr today, I had a suspicion you were doing a post on leaves. :) The incredible bounty that trees offer!

  8. Robyn, What a beautiful post, and work. I wish someone would saend me a box of leaves, how wonderful is that!

  9. Robyn,
    I've been working with leaves in collage and ink this fall. I've run into some compositional challenges and your offering is inspiring and deeply helpful. Many thanks for another delicious and thoughtful post.

  10. incredible art and a beautiful poem - i am peace-filled and inspired...

  11. lovely! this collection makes me feel peaceful

  12. Robyn,
    is exquisitely lovely
    when the maple leaves fall
    and dry
    a walk through them
    smells like butterscotch
    and the Mary Oliver poem...


    xox - eb.

  13. Dear Robyn, Each of these pieces are lovely, and the words from Mary Oliver, especially 'the leaf has a song in it' I was just noticing this morning how there is one leaf that holds on to our maple tree out front, longer and stronger than the others.
    The leaf in the bowl has such a quiet beauty, and the book, oh!

  14. Such a beautiful selection of art - each so unique and yet share so many strong elements of visual design.
    And thank you for the Mary O. poem - I'd left her gathering dust for too long.

  15. Beautiful collection.

    I have yet to find an ugly leaf!

  16. You;re the Best!

    The smell of your farm seems delicious.
    A few weeks, visited and sat on a friend's big ol farm porch in New England this past Autumn, just indulged in the sweet mulching scent. Nothing like the color and scents of childhood landscapes.

  17. ps Mary Oliver I DO NOT want to go to the chamber of commerce, otherwise a wonderful poem.

    r u not in your springtime? The best leaves are those first greens.

  18. Love leaves, walking to look at the ponies and collectng fallen gum (eucalyptus) leaves, the smell, like nothing else on earth.

  19. Oh My, the romance of this post. The beauty in simply the simplest part of nature. That's truly where beauty lies I think ... in the simplest parts of life. Leaves have always had a voice ~ I hear it everywhere. The poems says it all.

  20. Hallo Robyn,
    I came here this morning and said 'Oh my', out loud! Thankyou for this compilation and the Mary O. poem.

    I have recently been incorporating gum leaves into jewellery and you have encouraged me to look anew!

  21. To me, leaves always have stories to tell. Beautiful artwork all around in this post.

  22. I wonder...if each of us were able to write a poem with leaves from our own particular whereabouts, wouldn't THAT be a horticultural gem?!

    Always a pleasure to stop by here, Robyn, and I thank you again for your earlier encouragement to go 'Tumblr' - a never-ending (and valuable) source of inspiration...

  23. Mary Oliver is so good at lining up words...

  24. I like the way you have taken a simple thing like a dead leaf and then expanded it by finding so many beautiful images of it. Inspirational - I think I might try a poem.

  25. Such a quiet, beautiful post. Leaves have always been a part of my life. Thank you.

  26. “Instructions for living a life.
    Pay attention.
    Be astonished.
    Tell about it.”

    Mary Oliver

    I bow to you in gratitude, dear Robyn.

  27. The leaf is such a symbol and image of the cycle of life and you have brought the poetry of leaves in the images, artists and beautiful words.

  28. i adore each of these pieces...
    and the poem so perfect.
    YES, "Take your busy the forest"

  29. This post has grabbed my heart...each photo and word speaks to the center of us all...thank you Robyn.

  30. so beautiful & inspiring thank you for this sharing

  31. I used to send leaves to my god-daughter in Florida - she was fascinated by the colors.

    adore all these but the leave

  32. Oh Robyn what a wonderful collection...I do adore leaves! The stitched ones really caught my attention, but all are such lovely works of art!

  33. Catching up on your latest two posts and I found both wonderfully inspirational - thank you Robyn!

  34. Fiona, I've just looked at all these beautiful images again after being off line for a few days thanks to power surges which almost destroyed my computer..... and I agree with you all these images are breath taking.

    Priya, I am very taken with Ronald Chase's artist books. The simpler the better.

    Sacha, so glad you enjoyed the post!

    Lisa at Greenbow, as Mary Oliver says in her poem .... "The song you heard singing in the leaf when you were a child is singing still".

    Judy, one forgets how beautiful the simplest things are but when you look closely there is poetry in everything.

    Jim, I enjoyed the leaves in your latest post.

    Jann, I keep coming back to trees in my posts. Incredible bounty indeed!

    Annie, it's a great idea isn't it....though some would think we're daft.

    Hannah, glad you found this post helpful. Leaves, collage, ink .... sounds wonderful!I enjoyed your Persimmon post.

    Mairedodd, the best part about this post is the peace that these images instil.

    Shayla, glad you feel it too :-)

    Elizabeth, walking through autumn leaves is one of my favourite pastimes. We have quite a few months to wait.

    Roxanne, .... and the leaf is singing still ..... Mary Oliver so often captures exactly how I feel.

    Trudi, glad you have blown the cobwebs away and enjoying Mary O again. I tend to do that too.

    Thanks Kim. You must be enjoying Autumn right now.

    Mansuetude, it doesn't take much to bring those memories back when we slow down enough to appreciate our surroundings. No chamber of commerce for me either :-)

    Penny, yes the smell of gum tree leaves is heavenly.

    SooZeQue, it is a beautiful poem isn't it?!

    Velma, many stories....

    HHnB, now when are we going to see your new work? Looking forward to it!

    Seth, I'm enjoying looking at these images again after being off line for a few days.

    Sweetpea, I'm not sure whether I should encourage you to look at Pinterest..... but tha's where I've been spending too much time lately.

    Lisa, glad you enjoyed it!

  35. India, every time I go back to Mary Oliver I appreciate her even more.

    Weaver, looking forward to your poem!

    Margaret, it is a peaceful post isn't it?! I could feel it while gathering the images.

    Thank you Leslie. Exactly! .... Be astonished!

    Donna, it makes me extremely grateful to be surrounded by artists who see and feel the poetry in what they do.

    Neva, my busy heart is dreaming of forests.

    Mary Anne, so glad you enjoyed the post!

    Mo Crow, I can't help thinking how lucky we are that artists share their view on life.

    Mim, the leaf book is simply beautiful isn't it?!

    LauraX, I know you love leaves! Whenever I visit your blog I can feel it.

    Caroline, glad you are inspired

  36. Wonderful... I've been looking at my leaves these days, and sewing my favorites to paper. Its a quiet meditation.

    1. I did see a few of your stitched leaves on FB. Loved the drifting down effect you've achieved, as if they just floated onto the backing.