Friday, January 6, 2012


Photograph by Michel Poisson
There is a place you can go

where you are quiet,
a place of water and the light

on the water. Trees are there,
leaves, and the light
on leaves moved by air.

Birds, singing, move
among leaves, in leaf shadow.
After many years you have come

to no thought of these,
but they are themselves
your thoughts. There seems to be

little to say, less and less.
Here they are. Here you are.
Here as though gone.

None of us stays, but in the hush
where each leaf in the speech
of leaves is sufficient syllable

the passing light finds out
surpassing freedom of its way.

- Wendell Berry
(I found this poem at this beautiful blog)

"Be secluded in your secret heart-house,
that bowl of silence... " - Rumi

I found this photo on Tumblr. Photographer unknown.

"There is a silent self within us whose presence is disturbing precisely because it is so silent: it can't be spoken. It has to remain silent. To articulate it, to verbalize it, is to tamper with it, and in some ways to destroy it ". - Thomas Merton


  1. Robyn, your posts always settle and calm me and this one is in particular working on centering. such a lovely combination of the images, the color of them, and the words that blend all this together. amazing.

  2. Thanks so much Henrietta. I decided to do this post because I feel the need for centering too.

  3. the photo of the water and sand edge is beautiful. so peaceful. oh course they're all beautiful.... good photography is such a treat...

  4. Beautiful post as always Robyn. The lady in the chair by the lakes reminds me definitely of one of my places.

  5. oh robyn, these images are spectacular... thank you. the face (top pic) just stopped me in my tracks... and what a lovely poem too.


  6. Robyn, This post made me feel really peaceful, which I think was your intent. I have been seeking peace and calm too. Thank you.
    Kisses to D&B.

  7. The very foundation of life..quiet, solitude, being. Breath. Breathe. Heartbeat.

  8. So many new places to discover. You always find the most wonderful artist/photo's. Thanks for always sharing them!

  9. beautiful, thought provoking and calming. Lovely Thank you Robyn

  10. Thank you Robyn for tickling my ears and opening my eyes!

  11. thanks for introducing me to this wonderful blog - beautywelove-
    and the poem is wonderful-- wendell berry is one of my favorites.. and your images are so poetic and restful.

  12. Phew...deep breaths all round. Thanks for a great set of shots.

  13. Totally beautiful! As always thank you!

  14. Aaahhhh just what is needed after a busy week.

  15. R-whilst I always enjoy and am uplifted or enlightened by your posts this was one of those specials ones - the poem and the images just so come together to communicate such a quietness and beauty. The poem is special - it takes one to a quiet place for a moment. Thanks. Good way to start 2012. B

  16. Beautiful images and words. What I am in need of. Inspired to go out. thank you.

  17. A lovely, quiet and reflective start to my Saturday morning by the fire. Beautiful post, Robyn!

  18. Everything about this post touches my heart.
    You are such a wonderful curator.

  19. We seem to be considering the same quiet thoughts today. Such a lovely post. Thank you.

  20. left hand
    at throat
    right hand
    a deep breath
    diaphragm drops
    another sigh
    scrolling back
    looking again
    reading again
    typed words
    become one
    with the images
    a strong feeling
    you have taken me
    body and soul
    this centering
    to dwell here
    to the quiet...

    xox - eb.

  21. Ahh . . simplicity = serenity to me. I'm looking to bring more of that to my work. Beautiful reminder!

  22. I seem to have missed a couple of your posts, will be back when I have time to check all the links, lovely groupings of artists you have shared, thanks so much.

  23. PJ, the waters edge image has stayed in my thoughts for a while. I find it so soothing and it brings back memories of many walks along Wild Coast beaches.

    Heather, it's the sort of image that takes you away from it all. I can picture myself there immediately.

    Lynne, no surprise you love the face :-)

    Annie, I'm so glad you could feel the peace and calm I was hoping to convey with this post.

    Mansuetude...yes :-)

    Leslie, indeed.... the very foundation of life.

    SooZeQue, always a pleasure.

    Penny, much like your beach walks.... beautiful shades of blue and cool sand between your toes .... I feel calm at the thought of it.

    Carole, glad you enjoyed the tickle :-)

    Donna, oh I'm so pleased you are enjoying beautywelove! I havn't read through it all yet but I look forward to browsing through more posts.

    Annie, I know what you mean. Happy sighs from here too.

    Blu, always a pleasure.

    Lisa at Greenbow, that was my intention. Soothing words and images to balance all the business.

    India, yes!

    Barry, the poem is beautiful isn't it?!

    Patricia G, nothing like a few moments of calm when you really need it.

    Shayla, that's so good to hear.

    Valerianna, thinking of you sitting by the fire on Saturday morning.... while I was sitting under the overhead fan sipping iced water.

    Thanks so much Judy.

  24. Pamela, glad you enjoyed the post. I came away from your blog feeling refreshed.

    eb, you write so beautifully. I felt myself relaxing into your words. Thank you. xox

    Jann, yes I think the simpler our lives are the more soothed we feel ..... and then I go out in the midday heat and come back with too many bags of groceries. Sighhhh...

    Linda, so glad you enjoyed the post.

  25. i came in the this rushing of leaves. to this perfect conversation of light and water.
    the beauty of it all nurtured me and i left for my bed and dreaming, not needing to form words.

    it is morning now and as i seek the quickening light i wanted to start here and thank you for your offering of peace.

  26. Such a peace-filled poem and the images make me long for calm seas. Lovely lovely.

    Thanks for stopping by...yes, I get that look too when I ride up hill. Ha ha...your comment made me chuckle.

    : )

  27. Some of these images sent me to a place of pure calm and relaxation. Thank you!

  28. Adore the poem and Fiona Watson's montages. Off to see more, gracias :)

  29. your blog is fabulous and this post is a such a gentle way to start the year thank you!

  30. What a beautiful always, an inspiration! Wishing you the best for coming year! Cheers!

  31. Happy New Year! Such repose in your post, Robyn. Thank you. Jim Champion’s photo of the feather evokes such weightlessness - liberating, release from the stress and the mundane. Beautiful!

  32. A lovely arrangement of words and images, Robyn. I agree with other comment-ers who said they find a peaceful energy in this post. I'm also pleased to see you've included quotes by two of my favorite writers- both Kentuckians, I might add!

  33. The images, the Wendell Berry poem, the Thomas Merton quote - just perfect -a long calming breath after the rush of the holidays.
    Thank you.

  34. Such exquisite photos. Thanks for sharing them, and the poem.

  35. Each of the pieces you shared has such delicacy--and at the same time a kind of immutability--like the leaves in Wendell Berry's poem which remain, even though the leaves that inspired the poem have long since fallen.

  36. Perfect in words and images...each bringing more calm and centering.

    I needed this this morning.

  37. Thank you for that poem - I absolutely love it.

  38. Thank you for taking such care in all that you share with us. I appreciate you. You are good for us.

  39. wendell berry is one of the wisest people around. when i read this, i hear his voice. sweet kentucky words.

  40. What a beautiful blog you have!
    Very inspiring...

    Have a nice day!



  41. My heart chakra opens and clarifies every time I drop by. You are truly a priestess and everything you offer is healing light. Thank you Robyn! Elena

  42. Rebecca, your comment is beautiful and poetic. Thank you.

    Lisa Graham, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Seth, we are all needing a bit of calm and relaxation I think.

    Wild C, If you like Fiona Watson's images you are in for a treat on her Flickr photo stream.

    Mo Crow, I was feeling for a gentle start too.

    Thanks Patti, all the best to you too.

    Sylvia, Jim's photo is exquisite isn't it?!

    Sharmon, I think this is my favourite post because I feel a peaceful energy in these images and words.

    Judy, a much needed calming breath :-)

    Jo, glad you enjoyed them.

    Hannah, I've been finding quite a few images that have that same quality.

  43. Stephanie, I needed calm and centering too. It was a pleasure to work on this post.

    Weaver, glad you enjoyed the poem.

    Renee, thank you so much :-)

    Velma, I've been enjoying Wendell Berry's poems.

    Thank you Laura, have a great day too.

    Elena, thank you so much. I love to hear that my posts offer healing light!

  44. the circles and stones
    the feather in it's lightness
    land and water
    and sitting on the edge
    all call to me