Sunday, October 3, 2010


Confluence by Alan Magee at Green Hut Galleries, here.

"Thousands of years of grinding on seashores turns pebbles to sand; in the meantime their softened, rounded edges and many-colored hues make us yearn to pick them up and put them in our pockets as a keepsake and to rub their smooth, cool surfaces." - Quote from Paint by Elizabeth Hilliard and Stafford Cliff

Diving Bell by Jen Bradford. Website here.

Shades of pebble beach, mountain stream and stormy sky. These are the colours that make me feel pensive, introspective and calm.

Another beautiful piece by India Flint! Website here.

I'm intrigued by the physiological effects of colours and the way they can calm or stimulate one. I keep returning to these shades of grey because of the peaceful effect they have on me. See previous post .

Water Koan by Bill Gingles. Website here.

"Art should be something like a good armchair in which to rest from physical fatigue." - Henri Matisse

Mi Casa by Luca Bray. Website here.

Perhaps by Yves Leterme. Website here. I'm so glad Leslie introduced me to Yves' work!

Old Stained Wall by Yves Leterme. Website here.

She Opened the Box by Jeane Myers. Website here.

h75 by Sam Lock. Website here.

"My aim is to create an emotional sense of space and place, where time ravages, wind blows, seas swell, places are found, days dwindle, moments are present then past." - Sam Lock

Lava Roots. Etching by Anna McKee at the Francine Seders Gallery here.

Wool Clip by Rosalie Gascoigne. See more here.

I was delighted to find this little box of memories by Joel Henriques. Blog here.


  1. I apologize for the small script throughout the post. For some reason Blogger insists that it stay small.

  2. Wow Robyn, as usual you have found a fabulous collection of work to view and feel about. Thanks Corrine

  3. Even more sites in my bookmark folder now!...

    As always...interesting and inspiring :-)

  4. You have posted some absolutely gorgeous work! Lovely.

  5. blogger often has a mind of its own.
    this is perfect inspiration for me.. love all these grays and mixed metal shades.. I've got to spend some time visiting these talented artists!
    the top piece looks like many of the photos I've taken on the beach in many pebbles and rocks yet none the same..

  6. What a beautiful post again! Thank you.

  7. Well thank you for this wondrous feast of pebble shades. I feel calmed and cooled after this visit. Great selection of text too. Thank you, Gilly

  8. A beautiful collection of earthiness, Robyn.. Thank you.

  9. I immediately thought of one of my favorite trip souvenirs when I read the title of this post - a cairn of black lava rocks I picked up off a beach in Iceland. Wonderful art as usual Robyn.

  10. What a fabulous post. Loving pebbles and pebble colours as much as you do I could not help but fall in love with each and every single piece of art you have showcased. Thank you :o)

  11. Small Large...what matters is this is my all time favorite post of your artist introductions. I am familiar with most of the artists and already love their work but something extra special about the way you have presented them...Thank's a delight this morning!!

  12. Have you tried gently tweaking the html?

  13. thanks for including me in this fabulous post Robyn - I'm in love with India flint's work xxo

  14. Blogger has a mind of its own, I'm sure!

    You have put together some wonderful art here, I love these colours. I'm particularly taken with Sam Lock's work - beautiful.

  15. robyn you've done it again! I'm in love all over again. thanks for such a thought provoking post!

  16. thank you for these wonderful images you manage to create the emotional effects you strive for very well
    congratulations I just love your work

  17. I didn't mind the small script. I love those smooth rocks. I have quite a collection. They call me and ask for a ride home in my pocket.

  18. my world is a fuller,
    more exciting place thanks to you!

  19. Thank you for the wealth of inspiration. Every visit to your blog is like getting a present!

  20. Yves Leterme lives close to Bruggen (Bruges = French) in Flanders Belgium.
    The prime minister of Belgium is also called Yves Leterme ;-)

  21. the gaze says, a stunning post


  22. I, too am calmed by this lovely color palette, and I love every bit of this work.... maybe soon I can have a good stint in the studio again! Now we are having rain, rain, rain and now there is a LARGE leak in the studio roof...!

    Hope you got rain and thanks for the great post.

  23. Robyn, although I visit often, I don't often comment (shame on me). But you know what? Today I just have to say, I like how your mind works. Or is it your eye. Both probably! Thanks so much for what you bring together - always fine visuals for provoking thought.

  24. There's some truly moving pieces in this post. I particularly like the painted works and I thought that box of memories was going to be one of your collections! I can see why you liked it!

  25. Some truly beautiful pieces here. I think I owe it to myself to invest in India Flint's book.

    Just catching up; your art jewellery post was fabulous & I can certainly relate to those beach finds! I love your art room.

    That really is me in the pics (I'm a little proud!) but only for those few moments - t-shirts & jeans normally! Thanks for all of your kind comments - I need to turn the flowers & hearts into brooches/pins to justify the time spent!

  26. Looks like I'll be spending more time on the internet checking this fabulous collection out. You're amazing where you find all of these wonderful treasures, thanks so much for sharing with us.

  27. What a fabulous collection of calming images. I shall enjoy exploring all the hop-offs to other places you mention.

  28. Robyn, it is another fabulous collection you have gathered for our viewing. If only I had unlimited hours to delve deeply within this post. I feel I could spend much time following your leads. Yes, I'm glad you discovered the box of treasures too. Keep your wonderful inspiration going.

  29. I agree with Sweetpea - the way your mind and eye work together is a delight. Thank you again Robyn.

  30. thank you for such a soothing post Robyn. It matches perfectly the cool overcast, misty day i'm having here. it seems that even the sun is napping. time for a warm cup of tea, and some link following :)
    xox K

  31. Awww cripes, Robyn. This is my favourite posting yet of yours! Thank you for your lovely Kali comment, btw.

    My verification word is (wait for it)...


    close enough to stone!

  32. Corrine, glad you have enjoyed this amazing art too.

    Chris, I enjoyed popping over to your blog to see what you've been up to. You're on a roll!

    Thanks Paula Guhin.

    Lisa, I'm reminded of that glorious piece you created with the pebbles from Maine.

    Cerulean, so glad you enjoyed the post!

    Gilly, this post flowed easily for me.

    Thanks Gwen.

    Heather, you must have so many stories to tell about your trips.

    Carolyn, I thought you would enjoy this post!

    Mary Ann, .... and now I'm delighted too.

    Elephant's Eye, I'm very nervous to tweak html :-)

    Jeane, as you know, your work and your process constantly inspire me.

    Helen-S, follow the link and see so many more wonderful Sam Lock pieces.

    Lyle, you've made my day!

  33. Shirley, thanks so much!

    Lisa at Greenbow, you should see my pockets when I go to the beach!

    Neva, thank you!!

    Sharmon, discovering each artwork is like receiving a gift too. Thank you.

    Wim, I wondered why his name seemed familiar :-)

    Mansuetude, you always say the nicest things.

    Valerianna, it is drizzling as we speak. Pity about the LARGE leak in your roof!

    Sweetpea, .....and I'm so pleased you stopped to comment!Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Lucky Dip Lisa, the little box of pebbles made me smile!

    Emma, you will enjoy India's book!
    BTW, I think beautiful photographs of your parasol will justify the time spent making it. It is very photogenic!

    Ro, glad you enjoyed the post.

    India :-)

    Maggie, I enjoyed the searching and finding.

    Leslie, thank you.

    Karin, that cup of tea sounds really good. The sun is napping here too.

  34. Fiona, get yourself a nice cuppa...there's plenty to see :-)

    Debrina, I'm often surprised by those word verifications!

  35. I've begun to develop the habit of saving visiting your blog until I'm really craving it. I always know it will be spectacular, and the delayed visual gratification is very very satisfying.

  36. An amazing and extraordinary collection... Loved the post! I have some of those pebbles collected from riverside... They feel so smooth and are so relaxing to the mind...

  37. Love your art and your blog..... tanks for sharing.

  38. I just today discovered your work thru Daily Art Muse. Your work is wonderful. I share your love of pebbles as does my daughter, Ashley Akers ( who creates jewelry with pebbles combined with semiprecious stones.

  39. That was a very cool post. You did it again!!

  40. I enjoy pebbles and could happily spend hours meandering on a sea shore

  41. Gorgeous work! Thanks for posting

  42. Julie Cameron suggests and art date with oneself. Well without leaving my home I just experienced one. That was so enjoyable thank you.

  43. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations

  44. thank you as always Robyn for this virtual museum tour...discovering artists I never would have found otherwise...I feel calm and connected to earth having viewed these works. thank you. gentle steps.

  45. Robyn,

    Thank you for introducing me to Bill Jingles work. Absolutely gorgeous-0-and it reminds me another artist in our area, Judith Foosaner. An artist who is an incredible mark maker.

  46. Jala, you make me happy to hear that!

    Arti, collected pebbles in my pocket remind me of rosaries.

    Marilyn, glad you enjoyed the calming shades of grey.

    dls, thank YOU.

    Connie, your daughters jewelry is very beautiful. I love the combinations with pebbles.

    Thanks Manon.

    Avus, it's therapeutic isn't it?

    Mary Zeran, thank you.

    Caryl, my blog as an artdate ? Wonderful!!

    Thanks SKIZO.

    Laura, so glad you enjoyed the post.

  47. Love what you wrote about the bees and sweet scent of spring. Enjoy it !


  48. please stop by my blog I have a gift for you.

  49. those thins inspiring me a lot!
    really really beautiful!
    Now I'm a new follower from Spain

  50. Beauties, beauties, beauties and inspiration. That's why I love your blog so much!
    Thank you again, you did great work!

  51. I have a bag of river rocks somewhere in my stuff. I need to find them. There's just something about smooth rocks that makes one have to hold them.

  52. Soft and soothing, but still mysterious. I love theses images. Have a wonderful Sunday... roxanne

  53. WOW.

    You are the blog art curator queen and king and boss lady all rolled into one.

    Colors? textures? .......I want to do it all, paint, write, stitch, dye.....after seeing this post, I don't know where to begin.

    You are inspiring in every way.

  54. a feast..
    hmm.. sam locke gets my vote, and the box of memories too.. but the wool clip - looks like wood.. assembled. Mmmm.

  55. Hannah, Bill Gingles' work is amazing isn't it!? I will check out Judith's website too.

    Mansuetude, the bees are still buzzing their little hearts out :-)

    Thanks Bicocacolors.

    Lawendula, who can resist smooth water worn pebbles!?

    Stevie, your river rocks would look good on the deck under the oak tree ;-)

    Roxanne, glad you are feeling soothed. Have a great week.

    Karen Cole, thank you!

  56. I am on a trip teaching a workshop and using the hotel computer and see that I have missed several posts. When I get back home I will be back to explore much more.. but this post is wonderful- so many artists and art works to dwell on and appreciate.

  57. Robyn-as always, I LOVE your collection! These neutrals are so beautiful and soothing. I especially love Yves Letterme's just touches me in some way. I hope you had a fantastic weekend...and thank you for putting together such a wonderful is truly a gift.