Friday, October 22, 2010


Mixed media piece by Gabriel Lalonde, See blog here.

"In your light I learn how to love.
In your beauty, I learn how to make poems.
You dance inside my chest,
where no one sees you,
but sometimes I do,
and that sight becomes this art." - Jelaludin Rumi

Ode to Gray by Helena Gullstrom.See more here.

Botanical Notes by Tor Archer. See more at the Donna Seager Gallery, here.

Mixed media by Cathy Cullis. See more here and here.

Black Heart by Cathy Cullis. Etsy shop here.

You could not come (and yet go) by Brigid Collins. Mixed media inspired by a poem by Elizabeth Jennings. See more at the Kilmorack Gallery, here.

Our Two Souls by Brigid Collins. Mixed media inspired by a poem by John Donne.
See more at the Kilmorack Gallery, here.

Ancient Text series IV by Rosie Huart. Website here.

Additional Poem by Andrew Crane. See Andrew's work here.

"A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness." - Robert Frost

Three Poems about Beauty by Graceann Warn. See website here.


  1. Gabriel is such a favorite of mine! I look each peice he does and marvel at his gift.

    All of these works are intriguing.

    I'm inspired to follow your links...with paint on my fingers.

    Thanks Robyn!

  2. Gorgeous set of photos and links, every one a gem. Thanks for posting.

  3. loving the rumi and brigid collin's pieces especially.

    rumi's words feel so real to my experience of the Divine.

    Just what I needed to read today.

  4. More incredible art and links to discover. How do you keep finding these things??? Thanks a million for taking the time and effort to share your discoveries with us all.

  5. well I adore Cathy's work, so it is just enough for that but oh my so much more, love coming by your ploace for inspiration, thanks Robyn! xx's

  6. Robyn, beautiful, inspirational post again.

  7. For me this poem tries to explain what inspiration is... It reveals the magic in creating art. How difficult is to "catch" the moment when you've received the impulse, when you have felt the need, the desire to express the emotions which beauty has provoked. Beauty that is everywhere... And the artists multiply it by their works...
    I liked most Brigid Collins and Tor Archer.

  8. Rumi IS Infinity twined Love.

    Beautiful post. Thanda

  9. Looking forward to exploring these links! Thanks for another treasure trove!

  10. Beautiful poetry and beautiful art! A joy to to follow each link and see more fabulous work!

  11. I like very much the sculptures of Helena Gullström.
    Interesting how she uses concrete.
    The essence I feel in her work is like the soul is trying to escape from the body.

  12. Leslie, wishing you a happy weekend in the studio!

    Annie, they are all wonderful!

    Laura, glad Rumi's words inspire you. My quote book seems to be filling with Rumi.

    Seth, I'm still deciding whether my googling habit is good or bad.

    Cat, enjoy!

    Thanks Cerulean.

    Rossichka, the poem inspires me often.

    Mansuetude, glad you enjoyed the post. Thanda.

    Caroline, enjoy!

    Thanks Cynthia.

  13. The highest compliment I can give an artwork is to say it is poetic- as I love poetry so much too- and artists you have featured here sure fit the word "poetic".

  14. Robyn, you find the most amazing do you do that? I always look forward to your posts and often find myself wandering away to explore while the time passes by...
    I have some of Cathy's pieces too..she is quite a talented artist.
    Your space on studio scapes is lovely..though I'd love to see the WIP as it happens. How do you keep Ben out of your workspace when you are in full swing..or is he not interested?

  15. It’s always a pleasure
    to see such a Wonderful Work
    good creations

  16. This is a wonderful post...each artist is a gem and more so with the poetry connection...thank you.
    I knew right away it was your photo of your work space on studioscapes ...all things important and treasured...beautiful!

  17. Thanks again for yet another feast. Gilly

  18. Oh, what beautiful art you share (again) Robyn. I especially love Brigid Collins' mixed media pieces and the Rumi words on art. "You dance inside my chest..." is so much of what I feel, and need to always remember.
    A few posts back you wrote of the nature table that you remembered from a class in school.
    Well, I have made one, I have such a good class this year, I thought they could handle it... and they have beautifully. I will take pictures and send them to you. And maybe my little students will remember forever how beautiful a feather or a stone or a piece of wood like you have... roxanne

  19. Robyn-as always...I just love your selection. My fave (well, they are all stunning) the piece by has such a lyrical quality to it...poetic indeed. Hugs to you xxx

  20. I enjoyed your studioscape Robyn. And now that I have been to all these links - all these artists are very creative and talented. Thanks.

  21. Studio scape was a delightful visit Robyn. Botanical notes did take my eye in this a wonderful group of artist works as I was drawn to see what this was all about.

  22. Hi Robyn
    I'm going to echo 'Layers' your post is pure poetry...scrumptous...and like Leslie I'v so enjoyed following the links...

    congrats on the Studioscape...another wonderful Seth project.

  23. a most inspiring post. brigid collin's work is esp interesting. I love the way she hangs some of her pieces using string or cord and a button and just having it hang free. something I have done myself betimes. I love linking poetry with art. thanks

  24. Enjoyed the post again!....and the piccie of your workspace over at Seth's :-)

    I love seeing where other people create...and the bits and pieces of "stuff" that they accumulate around them...for inspiration or inclusion in work.

    My workroom is looking a right mess at the minute. Too much has been going on around here...and I've had no real time to sort it out. Now that the waters are calming, I'm going to shake up the place this weekend...after another scrummy visit to Artique tomorrow!

    I'll be posting this weekend...about time too!.....but my musical self has taken over for the last few weeks. All good stuff, so no complaints from me. x Chris

  25. I can always count on a delicious dose of beauty when I visit you, Robyn.

  26. You have such a great knack of putting sympathetic images together to make a compelling post.

  27. this collection of images is SO poetic Robyn, wonderfully chosen to compliment Rumi's and Frost's words... xox

  28. I don't know where you find the time to find all of these wonderful works to show us all, I'm just so pleased that you do Robyn. Thank you for all the inspiration and hard work.

  29. Hello Robyn,

    I must echo what the 2 Donnas (Layers and Donna Iona) said: that the post with its combination of poems and the art work inspired by poets is in itself a poem! It seems that the beauty so many for us comment on speaks to your gift of seeking and finding beauty in our human experience.

  30. I love what you share here, thank you.
    I hope all is going well with your website too, it looks great.

  31. Wim, Helena's sculpture touched me too. I kept going back to look at it before deciding to include it in the post.

    Donna (Layers), they do have a poetic feel don't they?!

    Lisa, Ben is interested for the first 5 minutes and then he loses interest :-)

    Thanks SKIZO.

    Mary Ann, thank you!

    Gilly, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Roxanne, I'm delighted you have introduced the nature table at school! Your students will get such a kick out of it, I'm sure.

    Soraya, the Gullstrom sculpture is amazing isn't it?!

    Thanks Leslie.

    Sophie, I thought you would love Botanical Notes.

    Donna Iona, so glad you enjoyed the post.

    Suki, I love all the layers in Brigid's work.

    Chris, I hope to hear about your visit to Artique.

    Willow, thank you :-)

    Thanks Jackie.

  32. Thanks Lucky Dip Lisa.

    Karin, Rumi's words are so beautiful aren't they?!

    Kim, I'm so glad you enjoy my finds. It really is a joy finding new (and old) works to share.

    Hannah, thank you.

    Thanks Robyn. I've actually put the website on hold for a while since I have so much else on my plate, but one of these days I will add to it.

  33. Just getting caught up on my blog reading, and couldn't let any of your beautiful posts pass by unnoticed. These pieces all seem so personal and unique, such perfect expressions of that gorgeous poem! I'm totally in love with the work of Graceann Warn!

    1. So many amazing artists to illustrate the poem :-)

  34. What a beautiful blog you have. Thanks to Jude for linking to you. I am really going to enjoy wandering through your history of posts.

  35. The comments above have said it all, so I will just nod along in agreement and add my applause.

  36. two of my favorite artists- cathy cullis and graceann warn. So happy to now have more to add to the list. Lovely post! thank you!

    1. So many favourites! Loving Gabriel Lalonde's work at the moment.

  37. I love Cathy Cullis' stitched pieces. Having sewn since I was 13 makes her art seem both familiar and fresh at the same time to me.

    1. I know that feeling. A sense of coming home...through fresh eyes.