Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Kim Sacks Gallery link has been in my sidebar for a while now but it is easy to miss so I think its time I introduced you to one of the most well known galleries in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kim Sacks has a knack for finding extraordinary art and craft for her gallery from all over Africa, ranging from the old and valuable....

to the unusual and quirky .......

...... as well as the traditional to the contemporary.

Telephone Wire Bowls

She is also an accomplished ceramic artist herself and loves to share her appreciation for this artform. The Kim Sacks School of Ceramics is known nationally as one of the most important Clay Environments in South Africa. See website here.

Exquisite Bowls by Kim Sacks

"I am by inclination a Nomad, who is also a Ceramicist of 40+ years. A teacher, Gallery Owner, Photographer, Obsessive Collector, Social Anthrolpologist, Joyful Gardner and Cook." - Kim Sacks

One of Clementina van der Walt's bowls. Visit Clementina's website, here and blog, here.

"In the 21st century, we are aggressively being catapulted into this cyber age of information overload. Making contemplative and utilitarian objects by hand, may appear anachronistic and at odds with the spirit of the times. However, the ceramic discipline, with cultural and historical links to rituals of everyday life, encompasses society, religion and philosophy. Like music and poetry, it expresses a world of complexity and awe, with the capacity to touch the soul. The archetypal significance of the home, as a point where our spiritual and earthy lives interconnect is where I have attempted to explore these ideas." - Clementina van der Walt.

Clementina van der Walt at Kim Sacks Gallery. See blog post, here.

Tiles by Clementina van der Walt

Bus by Richard Sithole

Master Bus Maker, Richard Sithole

Detail of Widow and orphan by Samuel Musharu

There are many more photographs of Sam and Lindelani's amazing work on Kim's blog.

Kiss Eternal Kiss. Copper wire woven and constructed sculpture by Lindelani Ngwenya.

If you visit the link here, remember to view the slides in the sidebar too. Beautiful images to inspire!


  1. .. where the spiritual and earthly worlds meet.

    never saw it like that, but that may be the base of wanting to hold such beautiful cups.

  2. What a treasure cave!...

    ...much like my Artique :-)

    It's so inspirational to have places like this to go and visit isn't it? Especially if you're feeling a bit stuck or stale... end up with so many ideas you don't know where to start!

    x Chris

  3. R- Where do you find all these talented people? I am in AWE of Samuel's wire sculptures - so much texture, so much work. Thanks for introducing me to another creative person.B

  4. wonderful! love the tiles most of all!! xo

  5. Love that bus, but the facial expression on the fish sculpture definitely makes it my favorite! Thank you for sharing such beautiful things that can seem so exotic to those of us half a world away.

  6. Loved those telephone wire baskets---the designs are so intricate!

  7. Wow Robyn, what a great collection of art abiding in Kim's gallery. I particularly love Kim's raku bowl --and Clementina's quote about cyber over-load and the importance of the hand. Thank you for this great resource. I'll be clicking over there now...

  8. Oh So MANY GOODIES!!!! I miss going to is such a gift for me just to view art through your site Robyn!!! Thank you for this pleasure my friend...So many talented artists...truly a feast for my eyes!

  9. I am always excited when I see one of your posts- always interesting and inspiring!!!!

  10. Wow, what a gallery. The pottery is outstanding but I fell in love with the figure and the fish. xox Corrine

  11. Wanders up, hands behind back, and respectfully asks that all items be send poste haste to me, in Australia, now. Please.
    I thank you.

  12. You always introduce the most inspiring artists. Thank you.

  13. Thanks again Robyn - The baskets - the bowls - all of them call my name.

  14. I have finally had a few moments to go wandering in and out of your blog, wonderful links. I agree with GB those telephone wire baskets are incredible.

  15. I visit this blog and feel as if I've travelled by magic carpet. All of your recent posts have been so nourishing.
    Thanks v much for finding and showing off all the artists that you have this past month, not just the ones in this post.

    (I liked those telephone wire bowls too!)

  16. Makes you realise there is more to art than the UK and US!!! and throught the wonder of the web it can be seen (if you know where to look) Some wonderful things here.

  17. Grrl, to hold and to study.... Clementina's bowl is one of the most beautiful pieces. I could meditate looking at that bowl!

    Chris, I did enjoy your visit to Artique!

    Barry, I hope you followed the link to see more of Samuels work. It is extraordinary isn't it?!

    Cat, the tiles are wonderful aren't they?!

    Heather, I love popping into Kim's website. Always such gorgeous things to see.

    GB, the black and white telephone wire baskets are stunning.

    Hannah, Clementina's statement also appealed to me. Glad you enjoyed the gallery.

    LauraX, the internet opens many doors indeed. Glad you enjoyed the feast!

    Thanks Oogleboops.

    Corrine, The carved figure is striking isn't it?!

    HHnB, hmmmmm.... I am willing to share.

    Pamela, they are very eye catching aren't they.

    Lisa at G, always a pleasure :-)

    Leslie, there is something about a beautifully crafted bowl.

    Penny, so glad you enjoyed the wander!

    Judy, thank you.

    Max the Lobster, now I'm encouraged to show you more of the amazing art in this country of mine.

  18. I have wandered to the gallery and beyond. Lovely journey of such various talented visions. The porcelain bowl and some iron oxide burnished cups on a sheld inked with flowers and words. Yes please. Love the bus. Those wire sculptures where he says he wanted to make the invisible visible, to awken the link between spirit and body. Yes please. I like.

    Its a beautiful treat, you and your giving. Thanda

  19. Wonderful contents, and I love the building!

  20. Robyn-I SO love African art-ALL of it! I know there is so much diversity on the continent and even within countries...but oh the wood!! And the fibres and brass and the magic and mystery of it all. I especially love the first pic of your sings of Africa to me and pull me back to a place I know in my blood. Thank you so much for this wonderfully rich post just made my morning! P.S. LOVE the ceramics by Sacks too-very clean and sculptural xxx

  21. what an excellent collection of craft. My sister-in-law just moved to South Africa and I hope she is enjoying seeing such beauty.

  22. Kim's and Clementina's ceramics are exquisite, indeed! (I really want one of those bowls with the round bottoms!) I enjoyed all the work at the gallery, and the telephone wire baskets are so cool! It's amazing how like some of native American baskets they appear at first; are they really made from telephone wire? Talk about upcycling- fantastic!

  23. really enjoying your blog this morning, and your work.

    take a look at my site. i think we have some similar interests too.

    all the best!
    david john
    interiors: art
    los angeles

  24. So much color, history, texture. But my favorite is the door/front entrance to her gallery! I would love to walk through...

  25. What a treasure trove here. And that gallery must always be an exciting place to visit.

  26. Robyn,
    How wonderful you are to always inspire..
    Thank you for always sharing.
    I love the tiles.

    Master Bus Maker!!
    n boer moak
    n plan

  28. "Beautiful images to inspire" is a true understatement...I don't have words for these pieces. Kim Sacks and Clementina van der Walt have exquisite pieces. All the featured artists speak of the African
    Ambiance...thank you again!

  29. loving that display of colorful vases . . . and just about everything else as well!

  30. i never really wanted to come to africa.
    "out of africa" scenes beautiful, and i don't just mean robert redford.....and other glimpses i've had intriguing.
    i'm developing a "i want to go to africa" attitude, along with i want so many of the art pieces and places you show us.

  31. Amazing wire constuction.
    Especially the "Sprite Woman"

  32. I noted Kim Sacks' comment that she considers herself a "nomad" -- intriguing that her bowls and cups carry myriad markings as in the caravan routes of ancient tribes . . . beautiful works!

  33. Love the eggs, but all of the art found here and at the links is wonderful. Thanks for showing us this and taking me on a journey away from this wet November night in Oregon.

  34. what a wonderful gallery filled with fabulous artists- and I have found a new blog to follow.. I love that black and white bowl by Clementina.

  35. all this art inspires me a lot, is always a pleasure to walk through here!
    thanks a lot!

  36. I like the ceramic pieces very much.

  37. Thanks for this, can't wait to check it out and see more gorgeous stuff like that pictured here. (I am particularly drawn to the minimalist black and white bowls. Right up my alley. ;))

  38. the tumbler blog is wonderful! please explain! are you going to use for displaying "others" artwork exclusively? whatever, it was a grand treat! thank you!

  39. Mansuetude, your words are always a treat :-)

    Blu, oh to own that door!

    Soraya, there's something so different about African art, whether it is traditional or contemporary.

    Thanks Stratoz.

    Sharmon, very cool!!

    Thanks David John, I'll pop over to see your blog.

    Beverly, that door must encourage many people into the gallery.

  40. Thanks Seth.

    Katelen, Clementina also makes botanical tiles which are rather beautiful.

    Debrina, LOL.. though I'm not a boer I do like that philosophy .... to find a way no matter what.

    Mary Ann, they're contemplative pieces aren't they?!

    Thanks Julie.

    Thanks Azirca.

    Neva, since can't have all these beautiful pieces, the photos will serfice :-)

    Wim, extraordinary wire sculptures indeed!

    Kelly M, yes I can see the markings .... as in caravan routes of ancient tribes :-)

    Femminismo, I hope your weather has improved..... though rainy days are perfect for books and blogging.

    Donna, you will enjoy Clementinas blog I'm sure.

    Bicocacolors, likewise :-)

    Thinker, glad you like them. I've discovered a new passion for meditative ceramic bowls.

    Jala, they are beautiful aren't they?!

    Lyle, whatever inspires me and a little of my own work as well as beautiful words for my Tumblr blog.... much the same as here but simpler.