Monday, March 2, 2009


The latest Visi magazine is out and what a treat it is! The work of Cape Town illustrator, Alex Latimer is featured on the cover as well as three double spreads plus more....which is quite an accomplishment in my book. His illustrations include famous south african personalities as well as typically south african imagery.

In the illustration above (lower left corner), see Hansie Cronje, South African cricketer and captain of the South African national cricket team, who was involved in the match fixing scandal in India (Year 2000). At the top right, is Hugh Masikela, world famous musician. There's my raucus friend the Hadeda on the right as well and a typical Kombi taxi above it. Chappies bubble gum, the good old Sprinkbok, the Johannesburg skyline (with revolving restaurant) and so many other wonderful images.

A big thank you to Visi for featuring the hottest home-grown talent. This edition is a keeper!

You can see more of Alex's work here and blog here. His wrapping paper of small dorp (town) South Africa is awesome.


  1. What fun! I've never heard of Visi, but it looks like a cool publication. Alex's illustrations are wonderful - I love them! As always, thank you for making me aware of new imagery and artists. It's always an inspiring adventure!

  2. Thanks Robyn. I enjoyed exploring those links. The more I look at Alex's illustrations, the more I see.

  3. oh my, what wonderful illustrations! they remind me a bit of maira kalman's art... there is something so powerful about art like this. xo

  4. Alex's work sure rocks.Simply love his work I would love to own one of his pieces - probably simply unaffordable so I'm glad there's a blog to follow.
    Thank-you Robyn for intoducing Alex Latimer, I really look forward to your posts which open a brand new window on Africa.

  5. I love the simplicity of the lines.

    I also love getting a peek at your sketchbook in your header!!

  6. I have been following your truly inspiring blog for a couple of months now and it is one of the best! This post makes my heart ache as a South African who has been living in Europe for the past 23 years! Thanks a lot Robyn and keep up the good work!

  7. I've always been a fan of that spacious, naive style illustration... thanks for the tip, I am off to blurf!

  8. Thanks Robyn for posting about my work, you're too kind. And by the way, EMBELLISHER - I'm trying to keep the cost of prints down so that they're affordable. My work will be on show at my exhibition (see my blog for details) and thereafter will be on sale online through etsy (i think). Thanks for all the positive feedback.

  9. Love the simple and strong ilustrations. Thank you, Robyn!

  10. I'm so glad I've been to South Africa because these illustrations are just that more enchanting that way.

  11. What a wonderful riff-raff of funny and interesting pictures...awesome magazine!


  12. I love the animals sprinkled amongst the people in this person's artwork, Robyn!!

  13. Karin, Visi is a South African publication that started out in Afrikaans but was so popular they now bring out two editions. One in English and the other in Afrikaans.

    Stevie, the detail in Alex's work is amazing. As you say, the more you look the more you see.

    Lynne, they make me feel very connected to my country.

    Embellisher, wait for Alex's etsy shop to open and check it out.

    Gwen, glad you enjoyed the peek :-)

    Laura, I can imagine how these sketches would make you homesick. They are so typical of this country. Mrs, Balls Chutney, Lucky Star Pilchards, Ouma Rusks, Guinea Fowl, veldskoens....the list goes on. Thanks so much for your kind words.

    Grrl, yes me too.....which is why I enjoyed your illustrations when I first discovered your blog.

    Alex, I'm sure your exhibition will be a huge success. Wish I could be there.

    B&W, glad you like them.

    Hens Teeth, wonderful indeed!

    Shayla, and so acurate!

    Heather, one of the pages had your penguin and table mountain on it but I didn't want to include all the pages here since the magazine has only just come out and it would spoil the surprise for any South Africans reading my blog.....otherwise I was ready to post every detail!

    Queeny, so glad you like them!

    June, they are so amusing aren't they? I particularly like the hiena and the hadeda (ibis).

  14. Oh I used to love VISI magazine - always such a visual treat! This guy's stuff is great - thanks for the intro Robyn...

  15. I like the animals in the illustrations!

  16. Kendalee, Visi seems to get better each month.

    Bindu, aren't they charming?!

  17. Wonderful illustrations. great stuff.

  18. Thanks for those links Robyn - his work is very interesting - so good to see something from another country.

  19. Bravo! your blog is really wonderful

  20. I love to see artist's work from
    Africa too! Ales's work is wonderful...thank you for sharing it! Have a great weekend... Roxanne