Friday, March 6, 2009


There is the slightest nip in the air at dawn and after sundown. As the day progresses and the heat starts steaming off the earth I actually wonder if I imagined it ......but at least Autumn is trying to make an appearance and I can anticipate beautiful mellow days carving in the courtyard again.

The last few days have been about gastric flu and major plumbing excavations in our back yard. How the two happened upon us at the same time is a cruel trick of fate.....but we've survived it. Amazing how this virus operates. We all gathered at one house to welcome family visiting from Australia. A day later the virus hit everyone who attended the gathering at exactly the same time.....leaving us all flapping like beached fish, completely devoid of the will to live.

Today I started planning my next carving so I must be feeling better! I promised Heather that I would post photos of my latest totem. The first Collector totem sold within days of completion so I have created The Collector II.

What with the heat wave interrupted by downpours, it has taken me longer than usual to carve this piece but when the weather was kind I enjoyed an hour or two carving outside under the tree.


  1. I love all the, little bits and pieces, I can never resist small smooth pebbles, and curious shells, and pieces of driftwood.

    To have somthing so special to show them off in marvelous. Best wishes Blu x

  2. sorry, forgot to say, I hope that you have all recovered, take care.

  3. Thanks Anushka.

    Blu, all back to normal thanks. I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't like to pick up something off the beach.

  4. Glad to hear you're back in the realms of feeling human again!

    Fun to see the evolution from "stash of stuff" to sketches for soon to be finished pieces.

  5. Oh glad your Ok now...that bug sounded awful!
    Love seeing your totem! and found object stash. Yes bring on Autumn!!!

  6. Oh YUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! Feel better soon!

  7. so sorry to hear that everyone had to deal with belly issues ... UG, but am glad everyone is on the mend.

    I am thrilled that you did a Collector II - what an AMAZING piece - no wonder the first sold in a flash!!

    thanks for sharing some of your found object stash, too - YUM!

  8. The Collector II is marvelous. I can see why the first sold immediately. I also like seeeing the drawing you made for refrence.

  9. I love your totem and "The Collector II" is amazing!!!

    What a wonderful collection of found objects - also love that the pieces evoke such lovely memories.

    Kind of comforting that you are carving again...nice that autumn is coming your way.
    I love autumn, the ground is still warm, the leaves start to turn - my favourite time of the year.

  10. Cynjon, it's great to look at the sketches at the end of the process.

    Jo, are you also at your creative best in Autumn?

    Thanks Heather.

    Michelle, glad you enjoyed!

    Thanks Lisa.

    Jacky, enjoy your art retreat. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

  11. i enjoyed this post showing your work and how you create it. your treasure trove of found objects is really fascinating robyn.
    sorry to hear about the virus though. glad you are over it!

  12. your autumn on the way and our spring coming for us - both ends of the world sighing with relief! your totem is just plain amazing!

  13. wonderful carving, robyn and i love the double entendre of this post. you named your latest carving the collector and you showed us some of your stash from years of collecting yourself. so nice!

  14. Robyn, I'm so glad you decided to make another "Collector". Your first was one of my favorites. I hope you have many more cool days ahead and good health to accompany these days. Wishing you well. Chris

  15. Great to see another totem. It is spectacular. And of course I am loving your stash of bits and pieces!!!

  16. Gorgeous post. Now I can imagine you coming home from the beach like me, with pockets full of treasure and coat seams brushing the floor because of their weight! I have a secret stash that I'm going to look at in a minute.

  17. This post gave a pack rat like me hope.

  18. Priya, who can resist a treasure trove? (Of course one man's treasure is another persons trash)

    Jeane, yes a collective sigh for balmy days :-)

    Thanks Julie, I do love to collect!

    Thanks Chris, Autumn automatically puts me in the best frame of mind.

    Seth, the treasures are a sight to behold...even if I say so myself.

    Annie, pockets, shopping bags and cooler boxes full.....

    Robert, there was a stage when I fought my inner pack rat but eventually I gave in and now collect every rusty bit from nails and washers up to old Singer sewing machines.

  19. Sorry to read that you haven't been well, hope that you are feeling better again now.
    Your totem and treasures are fantastic!

  20. Your work is so inspiring to me, Robyn. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I am so glad you survived the illness with plumbing issues. At the same time!! Life is so crazy.

  21. Robyn, somehow I managed to miss this amazing post. I am SO sorry you went through that rather harsh inner (and outer) 'cleanse'! I hope you are all better and have found your strength.
    Your piece is gorgeous and I feel inspired and excited by all your collections! I wouldn't be surprised if this new piece has sold already, too! they are so amazing :)

  22. Robyn, the photo of your collection makes me want to reach out and touch each thing! I love your work. Have you ever thought of making prints of your totems? I would love to have something of yours and a print is probably all I could afford. Prints would be lovely though!

    Hope you are feeling better now. Are you sure you all didn't have food poisoning?

  23. Love the collectors Robyn. So beautifully carved and what delights can be found within. Do you place something over the top to stop them from coming out or are they all independently fixed...just a thought...?

  24. Thanks Azirca, I'm much better, thanks for asking. life is soooo crazy!

    Thanks Karin, I'm feeling quite inspired now that Autumn is near.

    Stevie, we thought it was food poisoning but so many people are going down with it and apparently it is a 24 hr bug (more like a 48 hr bug). I have thought about prints but my photos aren't that wonderful. Maybe when I have learned to take better photos...

    Thanks Cathy, each piece is firmly attached with wire or screws.

  25. Robyn,
    I love your piece. It's just beautiful. And your 'stash' has got me many wonderful things to create wonderful!
    Susan GT
    Susan's Art & Words

  26. It's beautiful and earthy. I love all your totems!

  27. Simply wonderful. I desire a totem of my own. Love the found items and agree about the need to pick up pieces from the beech. I have a canvas bag which I take with me on all trips to the beech to carry findings. My sons both love collecting from the beech too.

    Great post. Dave

  28. Perfect. Your sculptures fill me with such peace and satisfaction.

    Now that was one nasty flue!

  29. i love this as it evokes all the little compartments within, with all their little found held object/thoughts. is a totem a tradition in a local culture, do you draw from that as well as modernise it?

    thanks for your thought fullness again!