Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The first time I saw these beautiful art pieces by Lissa Hunter my heart began to race because I knew I was looking at something extraordinary. 

Nancy's Choice

Lissa Hunter's trademark is the small hand coiled baskets mounted in wall boxes. The baskets are covered with paper and these become the "canvas" upon which she paints, draws and adorns.

The Gathering by Lissa Hunter

"Saying that Lissa Hunter makes baskets is a bit like saying that Picasso doodled. She does. He did. But in both cases the work transcends those simple categories.Hunter's baskets are about life, loss, love and death. " - Christine Temin, New England Home, May/June 2007

Fade to black
"First she's a basket maker. First and foremost, and still. First she makes coiled baskets, precise, neat, colorful. Then she covers the exteriors, skins them in paper, paint and texture.
And her point is that when you approach them, they are--what? Ceramic? You can't tell . Adorned with leather, leaves and beads. But when you look inside, there are fiber coils. Discovery, magic. To perform this magic you have to pick them up, handle them. That's what the paper and paint were there to protect and to allow in the first place.
Now the baskets are set in little niches, precisely their size, made for them. The niches are cut into slabs made for walls. To be seen. Hands off, the discovery inside no longer possible, no longer permitted.
So the secret of the baskets has been buried? Is this a cenotaph? Are these baskets votive offerings? Do they hold invisible remains? Are they empty?" -- John Edwards , from the catalogue for Histories.

These are the same thoughts going through my mind whilst looking at them.

If the pieces appeal to you, you're in for a treat at Lissa's website here. There are stories behind some of the works which provide fascinating reading.

Late bloomer


More than you know




  1. thank you again for leading me to this womans work. it is truly wonderful. I am drooling! lyle

  2. wow. once again that's all i can think of to say, robyn. : ) her work is IT. xo

  3. Lyle...I havn't stopped drooling since I discovered it!

  4. I am so happy you loved her work, as I was sure you would! You have picked some stunning examples. Her style, her voice, her messages all resonate. As Lynne said, her work is IT! Don't you just love art? Sigh...

  5. These last few posts are amazing Robyn. I know now why I love your Collector pieces so much - we both have this love of boxes! And those fences ... you always amaze me with your finds. Perhaps I must find some found objects here in Argentina for you ......

  6. Robyn- I came upon your blog a couple days ago while I was doing a search for Peter Beard journals. I just love it! Your work and sensibilities about other artists speak to me. I was inspired by all the boxes to post a journal page I did recently filling boxes. What is it about them?

  7. Lissa has such a great imagination. I love her vision. a wonderful find Robyn

  8. I'm awestruck ... amazing.

    thank you for the link.

  9. Seeing her work is like seeing little sculptures inside a larger sculpture. Beautiful.

  10. I just learned how to coil baskets so this is totally fascinating..the way of altering the made basket and to design a repository for them.. thanks for yet another very left of centre art link that is right up my alley.

  11. Inspiring pieces, i recognize a lot of sculptural values on them.

  12. Whether its baskets or boxes, you seem to create a exotic collection.

  13. I think I was a basket in my previous life. Everytime I look at one, i get a warm fuzzy :)

  14. lovely collection this one,i love the whole lot.

  15. This tour made my afternoon! Thank you so much...the words, the photos..I was tired and now I feel revived. WOW I will go to her website as well.

  16. i love this post, its elegant... the way you bring the weaver towards the potter, and the found earthly objects within these shapes, its like breath vessels.

    I thought of you today; my husband brought me a pot of daffodils on the the table and i looked down in the light of the afternoon, there i saw the bottom stems, close to the soil were bound in a soft rumpled skin and almost square, but rounded... i had said earlier there were no squares in nature and here was one... and yes, your image of the bee honey comb also hit me..

    so thanks for increasing my ability to see. Now i am not sure what to believe about shapes in nature...

  17. Lynne, Wow indeed!

    Leslie, the top image gives me goosebumps, it's so wonderful!

    Heather, where are you finding the time to read blogs while you'r over in Argentina, girl? Argentinian found objects .....swoon....

    Mary, glad you found me and now I've followed you back to your blog to discover your amazing journal pages.

    Chris, the imagination of all artists is a constant source of wonder to me.

    Michelle, you will love the link!

    Stevie, my mind almost does a back flip seeing so many perfect little coiled baskets stacked in rows...

    Grrl, glad the link hit the spot! I love it when that happens.

    thinker, inspiring indeed!

    T&S, containers of all types are intriguing when arranged beautifully aren't they?

    Pink dogwood, Lol :-)

    Megha, how are you? I hope you're managing to find some art time.

    Mary Ann, now you've made my day, knowing the post revived you :-)

    Mansuetude, we have a type of rock here called box shale. (i wish I could find some to photograph) It has a soft centre that can be gouged out leaving the harder outer walls that form a perfect box...or many boxes side by side.

  18. stunning is the perfect word to describe her work - and wow! is another good word!

  19. Thanks Robyn for doing it once again. Lissa Hunter's work is beautiful and thought-provoking.
    And your blog remains top of the list!!

  20. Awesome... these baskets are so inspiring! Lissa Hunters work is extraordinary.
    Must away to check out the link.

  21. Oh Robyn... your blog is truly a masterpiece. These baskets are magical in their simplicity and details. I love the first with each in it's niche, such beauty... Have a very happy Saturday, Roxanne

  22. ahhh box shale sounds amazing, and very very symbolic.

  23. Humbling-they are perfect and do give such a feeling of peace.