Friday, June 1, 2012


Vintage hand massage from Lost Found Art, click here.

ODE TO THINGS by Pablo Neruda
I have a crazy,
love of things.
I like pliers,
and scissors.
I love
and bowls --
not to speak, of course
of hats.
I love
all things.......

I pause in houses,
streets and
touching things,
identifying objects
that I secretly covet .....
- Pablo Neruda

There are more verses to Pablo Neruda's poem which I found on Catherine White's blog. Read the full version here.

Lisa Jordan's Bone Button Collection. See more here.
Antique Scissors from Lost Found Art, click here.

Whittled wood crochet hooks. Found here.
Assemblage of Violin keys by Arman. See more of Arman's assemblages here.
Vintage shovel handles from Lost Found Art, click here.

Hammer Assemblage by Arman. See more here.

Shells at Blaxsand. See more here.
Whale Bones. See more collections at Blaxsand, click here.
Collection X by Alberto J. Almarza. See Alberto's Flickr photo stream here.


  1. The love of things...I know it well! Thanks for another great collection of images and words Robyn.

  2. la collection est un art..l'art une belle collection..une fois de retour de voyage, je regarderai plus près!

  3. Thanks Robyn for the introduction to lovers of collecting things. I'll be off now to visit each site and to read the rest of Neruda's ode. Bye.

  4. ah what a beautiful collection, all these virtual cabinets of curiosities are a most wondrous phenomena in this 21stC cyber sea and your pages in particular are always a delight Robyn especially thanking you for all the links through to each of the artists pages!

  5. "Ode to things" is a wonderful post. I love them all... and I often pause to "pause (and) secretly covet..."
    Take care dear artist.

  6. That was fun! The thimble collection was surprising, the bent, the smashed, nice shapes, worn, pleasing. The hammer assemblage has got me thinking about new ways of seeing things...

  7. Great post... and fabulous collections...thanks for the links too.

  8. so beautiful presented simply and with care, and so wonderful to find, bit by bit.

  9. Oh Robyn - such wonderful images of treasures that I want to see more of and the Pablo Neruda poem makes me want to walk along the streets with him to find new treasures.
    Thank you!

  10. Oh, my, my, my... I am almost speechless from the way your post makes me feel...... Thank You my Dear.

  11. Great collections. I especially like the shovel handles.

  12. What a wonderful Ode to Things. A great poem to accompany it too. I am thotoghly enjoying this.

  13. Oh yes.... I looooove little collections of "things" too, great post!
    It amazes you sometimes the things people do collect. I love the collection of old, found thimbles.

    Jacky xox

  14. Objects and things. In multiples. Does it get any better than that??

  15. A sentiment near to my heart.Always walking along looking at the pavement for those interesting little bits. Just thinking of all the fingers that used the thimbles ! Thankyou.

  16. I confess I am a lover of things found. The discarded, the lost and the curious.

  17. marvellous collections, thank you...

  18. I love old things, too, especially seeing these beautiful collections. But for some reason I find I can't build a collection. I get 2 or 3 and that's enough, except for art and sewing supplies.

  19. A beautiful post.
    As much as I love objects, something draws me deeper to the kind of soulful within a Neruda type. I can't image myself, or a world where the power and vision and courage of a Neruda didn't exist--and so many others like him. Not just poets, but artists, mystics, dancers, musicians who help us express and contemplate this shared living experience, from politics to love, ecstasy and confoundment; even the joy of holding scissors, or drinking out of a favorite tea bowl.

    I am loving Dave's buried treasures too.

    Thanks Robyn

  20. From the first photo to the last...quirky things, beautiful things! Love the lines of Pablo Neruda!

  21. Wow! Love this post! Love "things", too! Thank you for the links. I'm looking forward to exploring the sites.

  22. Robyn, Beautiful! Just what I needed. xoxo

  23. Great post! Neruda is perfect...heaven!
    Thank you!

  24. You have the most odd most wonderful groupings of objects.. you know how to touch the ardent collector hiding inside of us...

  25. This is the perfect collection I love every one of them! Thanks so much Robyn.

  26. Oh, I'm having thing envy!
    I especially love the container holding the crochet hooks.
    Adore the poem,,,,I'm going now to read the whole thing.
    Thanks Robyn

  27. robyn, just returned again to look more at the current post! what wonderful things! this has to be one of your all time bests! did you see the price the african language boards sold for! thanks so much for finding these treasures!

  28. a great collection ... wonderful treasures.... especially the old thimbles... sigh

  29. I've always been fascinated by the collection of things ;-)

  30. ;-) I collect almost everything I encounter, you never know, it can all come in handy. I'm sure you understand :-)

  31. It's like going to an art gallery...

    The thimbles tell such a story, plus they are asy to dust to when on display.

  32. Leslie, Yes we do know it well! I think it makes life that much more exciting. Always searching for things.

    ELFI, Looking at your mixed media paintings I imagine you have wonderful collections of things.

    Jennifer, indeed!

    Carole, I enjoy the part about pausing, touching and identifying the things I covet.

    Mo Crow, I hope you didn't get lost in all the links. Lost Found Art is always a treasure trove.

    Roxanne, I'm sure we enjoy creating mixed media art because it gives us an excuse to collect things.

    Shayla, I've been swooning over the thimble photo for months. It's one of my favourite pics on Pinterest.

    Jo Murray, enjoy!

    Velma, it is such a thrill to add to a collection especially when we have hunted high and low for a particular piece.

    Judy Shreves, I bet you are busy cutting back on collections before you move to your new house!

    Ahh Gwen, we magpies love to look at things don't we ?!

    Ro, it's surprising how interesting mundane object can look when in a collection. Shovel handles! What next?!

    Kim, have you been adding anymore car doors to your collection?

    Jacky, I'm kicking myself for not pouncing on my grandmother's collection of metal thimbles.

    Seth, no it just doesn't get any better than that :-)

    Max, many times people say i just walked passed them in the street because i'm always looking for interesting rusty bits on the pavement or in the car park.

    Don, join the club!

    India, it was fun finding the images. All part of the hunt!

    Paula, the massager caught my attention immediately.

  33. Jo R, I find the best collections are the one's that just happen without thinking about it.

    Mansuetude .... or just sitting quietly, dipping into an old dog eared book of poems.

    Mary Ann, glad you enjoyed the quirky as well as the beautiful.

    Annie, hows the painting going? Are you still on a roll? xoxo

    Marie, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Donna, I thought you would enjoy the collections. You have an eye for beautiful things.

    Laura enjoy! :-)

    Fiona, so much to love .... and gather.

    Babs, "thing envy".... lol... what a hoot!

    Lyle, yes I did see the price the writing boards went for! They are wonderful aren't they?!

    Cat, sighhhh.... thinking of all the metal thimbles I passed by.

    Wim, I understand perfectly.... and always enjoy seeing what you have picked up on your walks.

    Grrl, the thimbles have been quite a hit! I think the patina and general battered appearance has made them even more appealing.

    Kim, yum indeed!