Wednesday, May 23, 2012


On the table ....
or on the shelf ....
or any surface ....
preferably scrubbed wood
in a kitchen ...
in the studio ....
in the homes of artists.

Catherine White's blog held me captive for days and nobody could get any sense out of me until I had finished reading it from one end to the other. I love the way Catherine writes and thinks. I love her ceramics and the way she photographs pieces against hand painted backdrops. And I love her choice of poetry and excerpts from the books she reads.

"Sometimes when asked how I chose to make pots I jokingly say that in a household of artists the only space left to express myself was the table. The family dinner table was the place of sit down meals, jokes, shaggy dog stories, limericks. Grandfather White's round robin letters were read aloud and our day-to-day adventures recounted. While conversations whirled around me, I studied the flowers, the pitcher, the sugar pot and the coffee cup, often imagining them with cartoonish variations." - Catherine White

"My dream, was to make an evocative setting of plates, some cups and a teapot to nourish my friends and to fill the table with pottery" - Catherine White

Link to my Pinterest board, On The Table, here.


  1. Robyn, there is something especially appealing about these pieces for me at least. I'll be enjoying a visit with each artist! thank you for making that possible!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Catherine White's work and blog and quotes and her own words and paintings. I'm off to visit the other artists websites. Thanks!

  3. I was looking for inspiration about tables set for tea for an illustration, and then this post on your blog came up. Just what I needed.

    I've also been enjoying reading the quotations you've collected on your Tumblr blog.

  4. Uh-oh.
    I started reading Catherine's blog,
    and already, it's almost sensory overload with her words, photos, and clay work.
    My family will be lucky to find dinner on their table tonight.
    And making it would be far less boring with Catherine plates.
    Thank you Robyn, you've done it again!

  5. i notice you Do love the weathered scrubbed wood in your art work too. :)

    how are your blocks going? block by block (bird by bird)...

    enjoyed some of Catherine's tumblr work.

  6. Love the way your mind categorizes things...thanks again Robyn.

  7. so much beauty here, thanks for sharing them all.

  8. What a fab group of artists! I love Catherine's approach to ceramics. She combines them so well with painted surfaces.

  9. Thank you. I'm going to enjoy each one of these artists sites. The black thing with white circles... I dunno... it just talks to me. We're all linked some how....

  10. Thanks for another great set of links to explore. I"m particularly drawn to the ones that use text at the moment.

  11. love this post Robyn!
    thank you for including me
    I have been studying Elaine's paintings - swoon...
    and have enjoyed
    the other rich offerings
    you have set my day in motion
    so happy
    dreaming Africa

    xox - eb.

  12. Hello, Beautiful! Are you working again?
    Love, DirectDJ :-)

  13. Judy, Catherine's blog is wonderful isn't it?! It hit the right spot at the right time for me. I was battling to get back to work after our blissful holiday and after reading her blog I'm happy to say I'm back to work.

    Priya, Between, Tumbler, Pinterest and Blogger it's surprising that we get any work done at all! Good luck with your illustration..... though you never disappoint with the beautiful work you do.

    Babs, after your debacle in Kansas City I think you need to take it easy and just enjoy reading what ever makes you feel inspired. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Mansuetude, block by block I'm moving again .... Yay!

    Leslie, little boxes in my mind :-)

    Lynn, I found this post very soothing to put together. There's something about tables laden with goodies that brings back many happy memories.

    Patricia G, yes the photograph itself is a work of art.

    PJ, Elizabeth's black journal with circles calls out to me too. I saw it on the table before I saw anything else.

    Annie, you will love Elaine Pamphilon's work in particular not only because of the text in her paintings but she is also a musician ..... though I'm sure you know that already.

    eb, I can't help including you at every opportunity since your photos and work inspire me so much!

    DJ, I AM working :-) Love to you xox

  14. Robyn, As usual you have provided me with much inspiration here and much to check out. Thank you! xoxo

  15. Beautiful inspiration, as always! I'm especially drawn to Elaine's work....thanks for the links and the beautiful post! Best to you, Robyn!

  16. I just wrote a long comment, that basically said Thankyou and how your post reminded me of the 'Nature Tables' at school and how I still love that concept of displaying items that appeal. Then bloody blogger ate it!

  17. Amiga amei teu blog, parabéns.
    Já sou tua seguidora.
    Visite o meu tem sorteio, te espero lá.

  18. I like Elizabeth Bunsen's table the most, I mean all of her tables.

  19. Great post. You hooked me with the raw timber and Japanese ceramics. Dusty hues and umber tones!

  20. I've been reading Catherine's blog for some time now, I love the serene look and words of her clay settings.

    You holiday below was lovely and wonderful that you found the cowrie, I particularly like the horse outside the window.

  21. Indeed - to nourish the eyes and soul with stuff that inspires you..

    and then.

    I vacillate to battling dust, and craving surfaces. It goes like that.

    From one to the other.

    All my life,

    So I just swing happily between the two.
    Have loved Elaine Pamphilon for ever - and thanks for the track back on the mohair knitting, turns out the work comes from your neck of the woods, so to speak.

  22. So Robyn, when are you going to get onto Pinterest? ;-D
    In case you want to ask me that same question, I'm trying hard to resist at least till the end of this year.

  23. Thank you Robyn...Just came back from an hour or so at Elaine Pamphilon site! This post has been magical!

  24. I too love objects - arranged- somehow on the surface whether it is a table, counter, bench, floor etc.
    The more minimal and textured the better... I think when objects are arranged.. the aesthetics of the arranger are revealed.. their 'eye' on how they see their world- both inner and outer are revealed and where ever I go my "eye' lights on the arrangement of things.

  25. Annie C, glad you enjoyed the post

    Patti, I love the simplicity of Elaine's work.

    HHnB, I know the feeling! Arghhh :-)

    Arlete, thank you!

    Wim, yes Elizabeth's tables are rather exciting aren't they?!

    Don, the weathered wood and Japanese ceramics go so well together. I love the simplicity of these pieces.

    Linda S, I found Catherine's work first and it was an added treat to find her blog.

    Grrl, the mohair pieces have been showing up in our magazines for a few months now. It was great to see you had pinned one of them.

    Priya, oh go on! Go on to Pinterest right now :-)

    Mary Ann, indeed Elaine's work is magical. I spent quite a while there myself.

    Donna W, objects to collect, to arrange, to enjoy ..... and now to pin :-)

  26. Having been absent from the blogging world for a month I have just thoroughly enjoyed catching up on yours! Your vacation photos are magical, I love your latest work (those collages are so inspiring too) and I'll look forward to checking out the links on your last few posts when I have some time!

  27. Tables... long a favourite here too Robyn.
    Wonderful theme for posting and a board! Will be visiting there! Loved that Catherine determined to make special ceramic pieces for the table to share with loved ones... I'm greatly inspired to find a surface with room to compose precious things.

    I loved your wonderful holiday post which I'v just read too ... some spectacular images and your cowrie story... so precious!

  28. New links to explore. Thank you! Again!

  29. wow...thanks for the link! Now I'm quite curious!

  30. All the things,all the shots are so beautiful so true. Thank you for sharing.