Friday, June 29, 2012


I had several beautiful images
ready for this post .....
and then I discovered Lenny's little boats.
They need their own post!
Don't you agree?
Do you remember making little boats
from sticks and seed pods
and trying to float them in rock pools
or down stream?
Some were successful but most not.
Lenny has the magic touch!

".... whenever I'm near water, I'll beach comb for bits of wood, feather or anything else that appeals and make some boats.

I usually stick to a loose set of rules for each construction that vary occasionally, depending on how lazy I feel - eg. I might only build the boat out of stuff that is within reach when I'm sitting down, or I might restrict the use of tools (usually a penknife)" - Lenny

See Lenny's whole series of little boats on Flickr, here.

MINDFUL by Mary Oliver

Every day
I see or hear
that more or less

kills me
with delight,
that leaves me
like a needle

in the haystack
of light.
It was what I was born for -
to look, to listen,

to lose myself
inside this soft world -
to instruct myself
over and over

in joy,
and acclamation.
Nor am I talking
about the exceptional,

the fearful, the dreadful,
the very extravagant -
but of ordinary,
the common, the very drab,

the daily presentations.
Oh, good scholar,
I say to myself,
how can you help

but grow wise
with such teachings
as these -
the untrimmable light

of the world,
the ocean's shine,
the prayers that are made
out of grass?

~Mary Oliver~
(Why I wake early)


  1. Robyn, Lenny's work is delightful and resonates so beautifully with Mary Oliver's words. His images and her words take me back to summers long ago and give me food for thought on this lovely summer morning here in the Northern hemisphere. Thank you!

  2. oh, they did so need a post to spread out on... leave it to your beautiful spirit to afford them just that... thank you, robyn - as always, you give me words and images to savor for a long while...

  3. artpropelled
    more or less
    kills me with delight
    with each and every visit
    now these dear little boats
    large enough to carry me
    off on a breeze and a dream...
    I am going to make more
    hickory nut husk cradle boats
    each with a pebble
    safely bound
    ready to navigate
    the light...

    xox - eb.

  4. Yes, Robyn, those are little floating bits of magic! I'm truly delighted....the boats and the poem are a great uplift! Thank you!

  5. These boats/rafts are beautiful, they tickle me! I've been longing to get to the sea, not possible just now, but these images took me a bit closer. Can almost smell the water... Strangely those little ships, esp. with their flower poles, made me think of some of Miro's paintings, or Klee, that playful, light but meaningful touch.
    Lovely poem by Mary Oliver - do you know her Wilde Geese? Glad I popped in here...

  6. Beautiful, and I love Mary Oliver. Those little boats are so sweet, but what really touches me is how refreshing that water looks. Make me want to touch it!

  7. Oh I love these boats! I always wanted one of those sailboats that you saw little children sailing in the parks in Paris. :)

  8. Those are just sweetness. I especially like the quality of the water and the surface tension that he captures in his photos. Thanks!

  9. Each photo looks like a vacation shot. I love these unique little boats. The poem is perfect with them too.

  10. His like "little prayers made of grass."

  11. Yes, in my minds eye I ride on each boat, on the perfectly clear water with my heart finally at ease...thank you. You were right to give Lenny a post of his own and to compliment his boats with Mary Olivers words.

  12. Such wonderful boats... and photos. My imaginations is sailing along with this post.

  13. This post made me smile, from beginning to end. Lenny's boats are a lovely reminder of childhood magic, and Mary Oliver- perfect.

  14. love these ingenious playful little boats. Makes me want to gather up flotsam and jetsam. Tonight we are having major storms...I could see them floating down the rivers on the sidewalks.

    I have recently discovered your blog and soooo love how you pair images and poetry, especially Mary Oliver whose wonderful words conjure up images in my mind's eye..Thank you!--Julie B Booth

  15. okay, total TOTAL love here robyn. wow, thank you... the next time out i will be looking for boat making materials. ; )


  16. R-such beautiful whimsical pieces needed their own post so that we could all smile and feel that joy of simple childhood creations and days. Thanks. Go well. B

  17. I visited the site, I saw all the boats and I'm in awe!!! They are so simple, but yet exquisite in a way! Beautiful!!! I'm feeling so inspired that I can't wait to make my first wooden boat (I'll spend next week at one of our mountains)... If it's not a failure, I promise to show it to you. Thank you, Robyn, this is a marvellous post!:)

  18. This brings back so many good memories. My parents were always building something, so there was always pieces of wood laying around. Started with one those, then on to stacked boats. Then they needed a sail, and maybe a rubber band motor. So much fun for hours. Then it was time to do boat building with my son. More memories. If they sank, I swore they were a submarine. ha! Thank you for reminding me of those good memories.

  19. Oh yes! I love Lenny's boats and that poem! I may use it too.
    These days flowers and dead weeds and bird feathers are delighting me, almost anything I see while walking.xoxo

  20. I do agree that they deserve a post on their own Robyn - they are absolutely lovely. Oh how I remember making boats and sailing them downstream - often just little paper boats on one made out of leaves or a bit of bark. Thanks for the memory.

  21. I do agree that they deserve a post on their own Robyn - they are absolutely lovely. Oh how I remember making boats and sailing them downstream - often just little paper boats on one made out of leaves or a bit of bark. Thanks for the memory.

  22. such fun! thanks for the link robyn.

  23. Bless your heart. These images brought wonderful memories of summers with my brother.

    also like how the last lines of the poem allude to Walt Whitman.


  24. I am so glad you posted these Robyn. They really bring a smile to my face!

  25. Thanks you for the Mary Oliver poem and tall ships. Reminds me that these fond personal connections are universally shared.

  26. The idea and each and everyone of them are inspiring and imaginative!
    "Flaoting poetry"
    This log makes my day :)


  28. What simple but charming little boats.. it is amazing how creative one can get with a simple idea, minimum tools. and the poem adds to the charm and delight.

  29. What a lovely happy post Robyn. Memories of warm rain flowing down the sides of the streets in California, and watching our little boats go with them. Smiles and wonder. roxanne

  30. Robyn, Robyn, Bo-Bobyn... you make me want to run down to the shore right this instant..

  31. delightful and surprising! Bravo!

  32. the untrimmable light of the world.

    OO how i love that.

    One day you will curate a book with images and poetry. It's already done. Just go back through your blog posts.

    I'd buy it.

  33. Hannah, I am so enchanted with these images! They stir up so many memories.

    Mairedodd, they are worth savoring aren't they?!

    Chris, indeed!

    eb, I thought these little boats would appeal to you! xox

    Patti, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Marjojo, oh yes I love Mary Oliver's Wild Geese too.

    deborah, the poem does seem to suit the images or vice versa.

    Joni, the water is certainly inviting. I love the play of light on the water.

    Heather, Paris ... sighhhhhh

    Kimberly, toe dipping water :-)

    Leslie :-)

    Lisa at Greenbow, they bring back many holiday memories don't they?!

    Ms, yes "little prayers made of grass" appealed to me too.

    Mary Ann, we crossed the river to the beach in a little row boat every day while we were on holiday. There is just something so magical about bobbing on the crystal clear water in a boat!

    Jo, they do play with one's imagination don't they?!

    Ronnie :-)

    Sharmon, also a reminder to play ...

    Thread Born, Thanks so much Julie. I have fun!

    Lynne H, oh yes I can imagine you floating boats on the creek! xoxo

    Barry, I'm wondering if you floated a little boat or two while you were at the beach for a few days.

    India, joy indeed!

    Rossichka, hoping you have sailed a few little boats by now :-)

    PJ, a good one!

  34. Annie, Lenny has certainly inspired us all. I'm hoping he checks back to see how delighted we all are with his beautiful images.

    Weaver, I can remember sailing giant pods down the river but I could never keep the masts paper sails from flopping into the water.

    Carole, enjoy!

    Mansuetude, I'm so glad this post brought back happy memories for you.

    Seth, I'm still smiling weeks later :-)

    Robin, the images must appeal to everyone no matter where in the world they come from.

    Penny :-)

    Wim, I thought these would inspire you and why am I not surprised that you've been floating a few of your own little boats off La Palma?!

    Thanks Velma

    Fiona, whimsical perfection indeed!

    Donna W, simple things delight!

    Roxanne, they do make one happy don't they?!

    Gwen, smiling here...

    Thanks Ioana

    Eric :-)

    Shayla, all credit to Lenny!

    Thanks Grrl :-)