Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Sean Scully. See more of Sean's work here.

Sean Scully immediately comes to mind when thinking of stripes in contemporary art but there are also many other wonderful artists incorporating stripes into their work. These are just a few of my favourite pieces.

Minnie Pwerle. Acrylic on linen. See more here.

Minnie Pwerle. Acrylic on linen.

Stripes #4, oil and mixed media on panel by Rebecca Crowell. See website here.

Tea Bag Quilt by Sophie Truong. See Sophie's Flickr photo stream here.

Mathew Harris. See more of Mathew's textile art on his website here.

Bill Gingles. See website here.

Sam Lock. Website here.

Detail from sculpture by Ursula von Rydingsvard. Photo taken by Mathew Felix Sun. See Mathew's blog here.

Large ceramic pieces by South African artist Louise Gelderblom. See website here.

"The shape of the piece and the surface markings on it create a rhythm, a percussion beat that I think of as a wordless tactile language." - Louise Gelderblom


  1. Stripes seem to guide you through an art piece. They make an object more lively.

  2. Gracias por la recomendación, es fascinante!
    Un abrazo.

  3. I love stripes almost as much as circles. I've had the fortune to go see Minnie Pwerle's paintings in the flesh, she does both stripes and circles.

  4. Strong compositions.
    Great relationship between your lines and textures.

  5. I LOVE stripes!! Nice to see you tumbling! :)

  6. I was just going to say I love stripes almost as much as circles and then I read Ro's comment :-).
    But it is true, I use them a lot.
    I love Scully's work and will check out all of these.
    I so appreciate your beautiful posts.
    How is Digby? Any chance we could have a photo sometime? I am sure he has grown! Kisses. xoxo

  7. Stripes have quite the vocabularly. Enjoyed this chat with them!

  8. Just beautiful, all of these, but how I'd love to touch Matthew Harrris' pieces.

  9. I'm such a spiral, circle person... when I look at these I am curious, I find them beautiful, but like a foreign land I visiting, and I also know that this could change in an instant - that I might be struck and carried away by an obsession with stripes.

  10. As usual, you have introduced me to some wonderful, new-to-me artists. I'm looking forward to exploring. Thanks Robyn!!

  11. Great series. I love the fact that people interpreted stripes in so many materials.

  12. Stripes for me can say so much....
    and speaking of saying much, yet so eloquently... your previous post...
    Hands across my heart ... I send to you love and appreciation for sharing your story dearest Robyn!
    x x

  13. plait spécialement!

  14. i often see patterns in landscape, often often stripes. such a funny word, stripe.

  15. Nice gathering of stripes, dear Robyn!
    It's a nice counterpart to the circles I am now gathering for my actual paper swap.

    Have a joyful afternoon,


  16. Robyn, another beautiful post again. Thanks for sharing.

  17. R- that is the thing about stripes - they just take your eyes to places that they want to. B

  18. ooh!
    Such soul food, Minnie Pwerle is a favourite, but Matthew Harris has my heart now.

    I am such a fickle girl!

    Nose licks to Digby..

  19. Lisa at Greenbow, yes stripes do seem to make a painting skip and sing.

    Remei, thank you!

    Ro, Minnie's work always seems to draw me in even before I know who the artist is.

    Art at Chesterbrook, glad you enjoyed the selection.

    Jann, I can't stay away from Tumblr for long .... even when i try :-)

    Annie, sending photo soon!

    Leslie, I did that post :-)

    Laura Tringali Holmes, they do seem to chat now that you mention it.

    Emma, you have a better chance of seeing Mathew Harris' work than I do.

    Valerianna, I dare you to try!

    Kim, happy exploring!

  20. are too fast for me to keep up with :-)
    I somehow missed this post.. good thing I scrolled down from your newest post.. another wonderful post of artists.

  21. Seth, yes ...the most interesting part of these theme posts is seeing the different interpretations.

    Thanks so much Sophie. I'm thinking of you enjoying every moment of your trip.

    Elfi, Mathew's work is amazing, yes!

    Velma, it does have a certain vibration doesn't it?!Here in South Africa the r often rolls like a tractor.South Africans will know what i mean :-)

    FM, I'm imagining you are wallowing in paper circles :-)

    Marilyn, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Thanks Eric.

    Barry, .... like magic!

    Grrl, Digby accepts :-)

    Donna, I snuck this one in!

  22. Minnie Pwerle has been a favorite artist of mine for quite some time. How wonderful to see some of her work on your lovely blog.

  23. I scrolled down from your newest post.. another wonderful post of artists...

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