Thursday, October 20, 2011


Rain. Fiberglass sculpture by Nazar Bilyk. See more of Nazar's work here.

I love to be near water though I rarely swim. I would much rather walk in the shallows, soothed by the wavelets lapping at my ankles .....

Robert Rauschenberg. I found this image on Tumblr.

... or paddle knee deep in rock pools searching for pebbles and cowries that have been trapped there on the out going tide.

Jen Bradford. See more details of her work on Flickr, here.

I can't resist mountain streams whether I'm wading in them or sitting on a rock staring into the water.

Baleen by Andrew Wyeth. There are many more images here.

There is a stream on the other side of our garden wall and though I can't see it unless I'm at the wall peering over I can always hear it. It is the music I listen to while I carve or when I'm falling asleep at night.

Detail from The River Map Scrolls by Lorna Crane. I love this piece! Read blog post about The River Map Scrolls here.

Water from the River by Lorna Crane. See Lorna's website here.

WATER by Pablo Neruda
Everything on the earth bristled, the bramble
pricked and the green thread
nibbled away, the petal fell, falling
until the only flower was the falling itself.
Water is another matter,
has no direction but its own bright grace,
runs through all imaginable colors,
takes limpid lessons
from stone,
and in those functionings plays out
the unrealized ambitions of the foam.

Water Overflowing by Linda Nardelli. This piece takes me straight to the beach shallows. See Linda's website here.

Oh if only ! Water Swing (in Dalyan, Turkey) by Emma Holland. Flickr photo stream here.

Shallows by Hanna Kay. See more of Hanna's work here.

Tryptic by Stuart King.

Beach Walk by Cindy Tonkin. Acrylic and collage. See more of Cindy's work here.

Kathryn Frund at the Chase Gallery. See more of Kathryn's work here.

Corroboration by Anthony J. White. Oil on Linen. See website here.


  1. oh..... yes, water... that water swing looks so inviting... I fell in love with the water of the carribean... love Lorna Cranes work... thanks Robyn...

  2. I find myself drawn to water too. Such beautiful pics but I'm especially drawn to the first sculpture and what I would give for that water swing. Gorgeous.

  3. This blog post is a long, tall drink of water Robyn; only the thirst its quenching is the thirst for art! How lovely to to carve your art to the sound of a running stream.
    I am always enthralled with how your art mind works, finding great connecting themes in art and poetry to create delicious posts. Thanks again my friend, for your artistic generousity.

  4. Gorgeous liquid inspiration, cool and calming. Thanks
    xoxo Kim

  5. Yes! Exactly the reasons I row and walk by the river every day - water is the most wonderful therapy. (And your art and poetry selections are wonderful as always.)

  6. Thanks! wonderful pictures you found!!!

  7. water is so full, do alive, so beautiful in these pieces.

  8. Incredibly beautiful pictures!

  9. I think that as we need water to live, we have this great affinity with water, fresh or salt. Love your images and another tiny peak into your life.

  10. Water is an inspiration no matter how you look at it.

  11. such wonderful and inspiring blog ! STUNNING !!!

  12. the water swing could be heavenly...

  13. Love the mix of art and photography here -- and especially the pieces where water is represented in an abstract way.

  14. I knew the minute I saw the title that I would enjoy this post! Can't wait to dip into these links - thanks, Robyn!

  15. Every shot a treat. I'm "there" in every one. Gaze at moving water is my motto, as you know!

  16. Wonderful collection to peruse over the weekend. Thank you, Robyn, for gathering these artists together. Every one of your posts is such a treat!

  17. I have always been a huge fan of Kathryn's work....I agree with Kim, your posts are always a treat! Hope you are well, my friend.

  18. That first sculpture is unbelievably powerful! If you'd only posted that it would have been enough but as it is there a feast of watery treats to make this piscean happy :) And reminded me of how much I love his poetry!

  19. The music you listen to... ah yes.

    I miss my water sound/wind sounds, but have been visiting lots of "other" well loved and new bodies of water up and down the East Coast here these months. All One water flow, but situated differently on earth from Maine to Fla; all evoking such different emotions or desires in various seasonal settings.

    Hope to have my feet walking a warm ocean in Florida this weekend.

    Saw on Tumblr a random post that we should call the "earth" by the name "water" because there is more of it, than of earth... though some might call it land or rock or root.

    Here's to the music you listen to and the beauty it helps you carve and become! We could have a toast, with the water in our coffee, tea, wine or drink! Cheers.

  20. How do you find these wonderful images Robyn.

  21. A very soothing collection R. Our little 'run off' creek in the bush park is beginning to dry up as summer approaches, I always miss it.

    I envy you the sound of running water by which to fall asleep!

  22. oooo how delightful to see an arty friends work here (lorna lives 'just down the road' from me!)

  23. Ahh water...I am completely a pisces water person. The poetry, your prose and images are beautiful. I especially love the first sculpture. Thank you for sharing. Di

  24. Water is a passion of mine, or should I say the sea, rivers and lakes. I am always painting the sea these days as I miss it so living far from it. Thank you for this. Wonderful work.
    Kisses to Digby. xoxo

  25. Very satisfying water post.
    I especially enjoy the work of Nardelli and Frund.
    Thanks Robyn!

  26. The Raushenburg image would actually make a pretty good toemail! :)

  27. Cat, imagine sitting on that swing..

    Kathryn, the sculpture is a powerful piece isn't it?!How many times do we put our faces up to the rain especially when it's been very hot and dry.

    Thanks Leslie, after a storm the stream really roars and as long as it doesn't burst it's banks I love it.

    NuminosityBeads, I'm wondering how you are enjoying the internet now that you have ditched dial up. It must make a huge difference.

    Heather, I'm so glad you've taken up rowing again. It must be very peaceful.

    Els, enjoy!

    Velma, .... and so cool in Summer.

    Art, so many artists are inspired by water.

    Penny, the sculpture actually made me think of the first rains after drought in Australia. Every year I feel so sorry for the farmers who are effected by the drought.

    Lisa at Greenbow, remember how we couldn't resist being near or in water as kids.

  28. Michele, thanks so much. It wouldn't be the same without all the beautiful art from all over the globe.

    India, indeed! I covet the swing :-)

    Seth, the abstracts appeal to me too.

    Caroline, happy dipping :-)

    Annie, I did think of you when I found Cindy Tonkin's Beachwalk.

    Kim, I enjoy the gathering.

    Patty, I always seem to go back to Kathryn's work and have featured quite a few of her pieces.

    Wild C, the Rain sculpture surprises me every time I look at it.

    Mansuetude, you must be hankering to get home and settle down after all this time away. I will think of you walking a warm ocean this weekend. My husband has gone fishing and I'm wishing I had gone too.

    Weaver, too much time spent on the internet!

    HHnB, I often think of the short video clip you made with all the trickly creek sounds.

    Ronnie, oooo you must get to see Lorna's studio and new work.

    Thanks Di, the sculpture is captivating isn't it?!

    Annie C, we don't live close enough to the sea which is surprising since my husband is a keen fisherman.

    Babs, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Toemail, go ahead and blog it. There was no information other than Robert Rauschenberg and no links to the source. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing your Toemail blog. Great idea!

  29. Robin-I am going to dream of that swing tonight:) I love water too-streams, lakes, oceans, rain, baths:) All of it! xxx

  30. R-thanks for the reflection on water; and taking us on a journey through a number of new artists (new to me). I agree with you - quiet rippling water has that magic calming energy. I really enjoy quiet streams and the gentle rush of small waves on the beach. Go well. B

  31. You are after my own heart Robyn with the theme of water. We live on a beautiful, clear, glacier fed river and the soothing sound is constantly with me throughout the day, and into the night...magical and spiritual.

  32. Captivating. Quenching. Thank you

  33. Thanks for this collection, dear, it's beautiful. Oh I admire this swing! :)

  34. I'm so lucky to have a little stream by our house & if it's full the sound comes into our room at night, if not I have the lapping water of the sea or waves if its a north easterly - i know how lucky i am.

    Kathryn Frund's work looks wonderful, I must visit.

  35. fabulous - i am working in studies of water using resin myself... it is entrancing... the work you brought together for us is inspiring - thank you...

  36. this peaceful and zen filled post resonates with me as well...i love being in or near water.. the smell and soothing movement and of course the microcosm of life that exists within...
    you always have the most perfect images to complement your's always a magical trip stopping by here...

  37. Hi Robyn---I love the first sculpture you have pictured. I can almost feel it. Soothing post.


  38. I am a watery pisces and very drawn to water - this post is just deligtful and really resonated with me, thanks for sharing :)

  39. Hi Gwen, I was just wondering how you were.

    Soraya, that swing is for daydreaming...

    Barry, I forgot to mention rain on a caste iron roof!

    Cynthia, your river sounds beautiful.

    Shayla, glad you enjoyed the post.

    LaWendula, the swing deserves a post all on it's own :-)

    Emma, you are indeed lucky. One day we will see you in Skye.

    Mairedodd, your work sounds entrancing.

    Marilyn, so glad you feel relaxed.

    Lisa, now I am thinking of your holidays in Maine and that beautiful pebble assemblage you made.

    Toni, the first sculpture has attracted quite a lot of attention. It is fascinating isn't it?!

    Hoola Tallulah, I should have been born a Pisces too :-)

    Nancy, catching the wave.... at first i read drenched :-)

  40. You offered such a great post. I love the sea and everything which deals with water. I came back several times to read on and fall in love with Jen Bradfords work also. Thank you for this "anthology".

  41. Incredible images. Susan is drooling over my shoulder as she looks at them.