Thursday, November 11, 2010


The Birdwoman's Nest by Fidelma Massey. Website here

The sun is out this morning after a few days of rain and everything looks scrubbed, clean and sparkling. The stream is rushing; the baby Robins we saw testing their wings a few days ago have survived the downpour and are out searching for food; the air is crisp and fragrant with earth and lavender.

Still life project by Jessica Still. See Jessica's Flickr photostream here.

I'm in a state of wonder when outdoors or even watching from the window. Whilst typing this post I'm aware of the Hadedas on the lawn delving long beaks into the softened earth, pulling out 12 inch earthworms. They have a way of pulling the earthworms from their holes without snapping them, very carefully, inch by inch.

Jos van Wunnik. See Flickr photostream here.

I'm drawn to artists who have an affinity with nature. Jos van Wunnik springs to mind. I discovered his art and photos on Flickr some time ago and have been a follower of his photostream ever since.

Earth Mother by Jos van Wunnik. See Flickr photostream here.

The work of Patti Roberts-Pizzuto touches me. These pieces encourage me to pause and take notice of the minute details of nature but nobody sums it up better than Patti herself.

Page from the Book of Broken Branches by Patti Roberts-Pizzuto. Blog here. Etsy shop here.

"Stillness. Somehow I need stillness to see clearly, to look, to process what I am seeing. In a culture totally obsessed by the moving image, I feel rather lost in time, as I struggle visually to keep up. Our times thrive on bigger, faster, louder and we move too's no wonder we can't remember anything in such a blur of rapid movement."

"In viewing, the work demands a one-on-one experience. These are not works that can be even remotely seen across a room, in a space shared by others...a moment of privacy is necessary to view the work, to slow down, to look, to see and to be...all alone. Whole worlds can unfold inside us when we slow down. " - Patti Roberts-Pizzuto

Inner Compass. A journal by Bridgette Guerzon Mills. Blog here.

Another well known nature lover in the blog world is Bridgette Guerzon Mills, whose art effects me in the same way as a mindful walk through a forest.

From the Heavens to the Earth by Bridgette Guerzon Mills. Blog here.

St Davids Locals by Amanda Wright. Website here.

Queen of Beasts by Fidelma Massey. Website here.

Take a look at Donna Watson's lovely post, Bound by Nature . We often pip each other at the post with similar topics .... but very different content.

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. " - Lao Tzu


  1. I'm so jealous, and so in awe... here we are falling gently nearer the threshold of winter, and you paint such a lovely view of spring for me... How wonderful is such a world where both can exist at the same time!?

  2. Oh, a LOT of wonderful inspiration. I just LOVE Fidelma Massey's work- discovered her when teaching my first Mythic arts class... she's such an inspiration. And van Wunnick - I'm soo drawn to his stone work... I get lost in his flickr stream - amazing. Thanks, as always for reminding me of such inspirational artists and showing me others.

  3. Again,such a lovely collection of textures,details,and variety in the artists that you follow. Thank you for the opportunity to slow down and look...

  4. I have been lurking around your blog for a while but feel compelled to leave a message today. This post speaks to me. I love it and will be back at a quieter time to follow all the links.

  5. Thank you so much Robyn for including my work in this post! The funny thing is I just discovered Patti Roberts-Pizzuto's work on etsy this morning and had the same reaction as you. And right now, I am about to build a little nest on an encaustic sculpture I just made.
    Thanks again!

  6. Hey Ho! As I was scrolling down your wonderful post on nature artists I was thinking the very same thing- that our minds are so simpatico- on the same track- and lo and behold you mention my blog post at the end.
    thank you for the mention and for another terrific post with great artists.

  7. This post is absolutely awesome...I love coming to visit your side of the earth's globe. Thank you for such inspirations and lovely processes. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. I have this suspicion that you use a different search engine because you come up with these breathtaking choices for us to look at. A Google Art Search engine maybe? Or perhaps you just know how to take the right pathways while searching...

    I love love love the Aussie leaves!!!

  9. My mind relaxes as I read your descripition of the birds and the stream. It sounds so lovely.
    Beautiufl collection of images. Trees,nests,eggs,birds...perfect!
    I especially like the winding path and trees. Funnily enough, I've been working with a piece similar to the fibre and paper(?) bit at the bottom of that image today. There's something simple yet beautiful about it.

  10. I am also a big fan of Jos van Wunnik.
    Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful art of Patti Roberts-Pizzuto, she has a Flickr stream too.
    Very inspiring! If you don't mind I would like to post about her art in my "daily inspirations".

  11. Robyn This is a great post ....and as always so inspirational.....x

  12. Robyn, I could stare at this post for hours. The birdwoman, Wunnik's earth mother and her reproductive energy, Patti's wise statement, that journal of Bridgette's that I've never seen before are all magical, sacred, wondrous.

  13. Rain here too. The air smells of eucalypts.

    I have metal leaf envy now.

  14. Hi Robyn
    I can just hook my star onto Shayla's words...I feel the same way.
    I loe every image and have been a fan of Donna and Bridgette for awhile I can't wait to explore more of Patti's the others.

    I have to go look up Hadedas...also new to me.

    Happy dazzling day!

  15. OK...I've met the hadedas...I love this was a treat...I'm chuffed to learn a new bird from you ;-)

  16. muy bonitas todas las imagenes gracias por compartirlas

  17. Oh my goodness, that Queen of Beasts sculpture is breathtaking! It reminded me of one of my favourite books - The Wood Wife - which has a cover illustration by Brian Froud... beautiful and mythical

    Love the Birdwoman's Nest too... gorgeous.

    As always, enjoyed losing myself in the loveliness you've shared here Robyn. Thank you!

  18. Love the rocks and infinity symbols. Something about it makes me want to look and look.

  19. A Creative Dream, the weather is beautiful again today but when Summer comes I will wish it was winter.

    Valerianna, Jos van Wunnik's photostream is amazing.

    Lrc, I'm so glad you took the opportunity to slow down.

    Hazel, so happy you came out of the woodwork to leave a comment.

    Bridgette, I'm looking forward to seeing the nest and encaustic piece!

    Donna, its mind boggling that we bloggers live all over the world, miles and miles apart and many of us are on the same wave length.

    Thanks Mary Helen.

    Priya, I'm very chuffed with the Aussie leaves! If you find a Google Art Search engine please let me know :-)

    Lucky Dip Lisa, Bridgette's work always relaxes me. There is a simplicity about her work that i love.

    LaWendula, I'm thrilled that I have introduced you to Patti's work and glad you are including her work in a post.

    Thanks so much Artymess.

    Shayla, sacred, magical, wondrous .... exactly!

    HHnB, metal leaf envy... I like that :-)

    Donna (Merci33), I'm not sure about Ibis in the rest of the world but these one's are the loudest disruptive birds I've ever heard... but I still love them.

  20. Thanks for the goodies again!....

    ..those Fidelma Massey sculptures are quite something...

  21. always inspirational Robyn, and I adore Brigitte and Donna's work and blogs, grazie!!

  22. I like very much the 31 photo's of "The still live project" of Jessica Still.
    Also Jos van Wunnick (he's Dutch) is GÔÔD, I Like his found stones en other natural found objects in his garden.
    How is the Weather at the moment in South Africa.

  23. All very inspirational links - as usual!! I will have to work my way thru all of them. I love playing with all things nature- and love making birds nests, and collecting rocks. Jos van Wunnick rocks beg for a closer look!! I am now following Rustnstuff!!!
    Thank you!!

  24. Robyn once again a jaaw dropping post. I felt fed by these images, thank you.

  25. the queen of the beasts has such lovely
    big feet...

  26. I already love Bridgette's and Patti's artwork. Glad to be introduced to the others.