Saturday, November 20, 2010


So excited was I to find Olivia Parker's breathtaking images that I had to rush over to my blog and share them with you all.  See Olivia's website, here.

Pour yourself a cuppa and read Olivias thoughts here . Hurry back and tell me what you think!

"I invite those who see my pictures to participate with their own thoughts. This is not to say that whole photographs are ambiguous. I expect that each of us has a circle of meaning for each image we see. We overlap extensively for some, for others large segments remain private because of what we bring to the image from our own lives. Shadows of figures can move forward threateningly or run away. A dove- pigeon can be a symbol of peace and love, a humorous creature, or a dirty street pest depending on its context and the experience of the viewer."

"..... a schoolbook that belonged to a boy named Sam. He was trying to write but he could not resist bursting into pictures"

"When I am browsing along a gutter or entering a junk shop, and someone asks what I am looking for, I have to say that I don’t know until I see it. What I bring home may or may not end up in a photograph. If it does enter a photograph, it will be in a limited space defined by the edge of the image." - Olivia Parker

"In thinking about the way we understand both contemporary objects and old objects as well as the way people have understood objects at different points in time, I wonder at the vast changes in the human world in an instant of geologic time. In the past people primarily had to make sense out of the natural world. Increasingly there is a manmade landscape too, some of it beneficial and some of it unforeseen and chaotic. We are learning the rules of the forest, but we know little about the rules of the city dump. Reading objects, Archaeologists search for meaning in bones, earth, and stone. Today, some anthropologists try to figure us out by checking our garbage. What if each cereal box, grapefruit rind, and hub cap were perceived to have its own moving spirit?" - Olivia Parker

“I am much more interested in an old piece of burlap than a new one, for the beauty of an object is to me, in the quantity of information I can get from it, the stories it has to tell.” - Polish artist, Magdalena Abakanowicz


  1. ces cahiers sont sublimes..
    merci pour tous les post, très intéressant!

  2. R- great images; and great quote at the end - so many of us are intrigued by the history of used pieces we collect - lucky when we find or are given pieces for our 'collections' - Fiona sits beside me reading Olivia's notes - a quiet catch our breath night for us. B

  3. Thanks Elfi.

    Barry and Fiona, I thought you would enjoy these images. It's great to see the whole series together, one leading to the next.

  4. Beautifully recorded. I'm particularly interested in her play with shadows and light. Shadows existing in a parallel world - with us, but visible fleetingly and often ignored.
    This morning for me much thought about found and collected objects. Two artists I have looked at in prep. for a trip to London - Peter Blake
    and Rachel Whiteread (watch the video)
    I tend to keep things and just look at them, touch them, place them around my home, squirrel them away as if hoarded treasure. It's a time for rediscovery and reflection as I'm soon to move house.

  5. does this gift of Olivias come from the ancestors? her pictures are unbelieveable and her way of writing about them shows great understanding of us and them! wonderful find, robyn!

  6. Thank you for sharing Olivia's work and thoughts, Robyn... very inspiring...

  7. Thank you for finding and sharing such wonderful artists with us. Yes, I do adore Olivia's work. :o)


  8. I love Olivia Parker's work, she's one of my favorite photographers. I've noticed that the photo's that you've shared with us resemble her's always exciting to discover another kindred spirit! Thanks for sharing!


  9. I enjoyed your post very much, now I have to start again and pick slowly through it piece by piece.

  10. Each day I visit your blog and what an education. This is a visual cornucopia of images that are most pleasing. Thank you once again.

  11. Thanks for this Robyn - it's a joy for me to see the connection her photography has with textural mixed meddia art.

  12. I feel a blog browsing extravaganza coming on. Wow!! Will have to come back for another look later.

  13. She is good! Wonderful vision indeed. Just like you. Thanks again Roby, for your generosity.

  14. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. These are truly dream images...I could come back everyday and see different things, or feel differently every time. I love what she says about how she creates her work too. I am often struck by random pieces of rubber or fabric that seem to have a story that exudes from them, if I only knew what it was. It makes me want to go for a walk and photograph! Thanks again for a visual journey.

  15. Ha ha I am also the one to be seen scrounging the gutter for rusty things and junk shops on Lower Main Rd. or the Milnerton Market- Cape Town, not knowing for what until I find them. Thanks for another lovely post Robyn

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous!
    You always send me on the most inspiring journeys!

  17. all your post are always so intriguing and inspiring for me thank you very much!!!

  18. Alot to take in!! Always learn something new when you put up a new post-College of Art Propelled!!!

    I have often thought what an archeologist would thing, if he/she came across a pile of my collections, years from now........

  19. That is incredible. Wow.

  20. OLIVIA PARKER...Oh My! She's one of my favorites...back when I was cataloging art books at the library, over the decasdes a number of books of Olivia Parker's work came through my hands...I fell in love each time all over again. I've been away from that library for five years now and to see this post makes my heart stop. So good to see and hear from this long lost "friend" her work still so much. Thanks so much Robyn!!!

  21. i have always loved abakanowicz, from her startling strong early work... and here, this quote. i like it when work evokes deep connections to the earth, as well as a new way of seeing a thing.

  22. Sam's schoolbook makes me want to know the man he turned into...wonder if he has always been ready to burst into sketching rather than stick with work.

  23. Fascinating and so unique. And Sam's schoolbook is just wonderful.

  24. Patricia G, thanks for the links. I did watch the video which fits in well with what Olivia had to say about found objects.

    Lyle, glad you enjoyed them too.

    Thanks Gwen.

    Carolyn, no surprise that you also enjoy Olivia's work!

    Laura, it's in sharing that we discover kindred spirits... That's why I love blogging!

    Ian, enjoy!

    Zappha, I'm just so thrilled that you visit my blog!

    Trudi, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Annie, I've been back to Olivia's website several times and keep discovering things I missed.

    Leslie, a wonderful vision indeed!

    Lrc, walking around with a camera certainly opens one's eyes.

    Di, the search for bits and pieces is half the fun of creating found object art.

    Thanks Pamela.

    Bicacolors, thank you.

    Oogleboops, I think the archeologist would be pleased that you had collected everything together for him.

    Fickle Cattle, glad you enjoyed the post.

  25. Pattsi, there will be a few new series since your library days.

    Velma, I was so surprised to see Abakanowicz woven installations.

    Stevie, to burst into pictures .... What a wonderful expression!It would be very interesting to know how Sam turned out.

    Seth, Sam's schoolbook grabbed my attention immediately.

    Thanks Skizo.

  26. Robyn,
    this was so delicious...I need to return to soak it all in.
    Have missed coming by here this past month...soon.I'll be back with a glass if wine to really muse on i all... at length!

  27. I love the way Olivia puts together her thoughts and words to describe why she is attracted to the old, the worn and weathered- which is why I love old stuff but she said it so much better than I can.

  28. well, now i'm in love again, thanks to you. this olivia, her work, yes...her spirit, more,...her statements even more. it's all our eyes, our perspective, our reverence.

  29. I always have to make sure I have a good parcel of time reserved when I dare click on your blog link.