Friday, April 30, 2010


Territory. Fiber art and mixed media by Jette Clover. See Here.

Well not really. I came across a post on Art Biz Blog about coming up with more interesting exhibition themes. Since this post is about black and white stripes, zebras came to mind......So the title stays until someone comes up with a better one. What I love about black and white stripes in these artworks is the way they sing in contrast to the other colours.

Passages. Fiber art and mixed media by Jette Clover.

While rebuilding her home in Florida, Jette Clover used the rusty objects she found in the ground, to rust fabric.  Thus began the Rust Series. These pieces need to be enlarged to see the intricate stitching. Click Here to take a closer look. 

"I like the color rust, and I like using the unpredictable designs that occur during the rusting process. It makes me let go of some of the control of art making. I react to the rust stains with painting, printing and stitching my own signs and lettering on the fabric. It is like being involved in an exchange of mark making with nature." - Jette Clover

Looking Glass by Bill Gingles. See more of Bill's work Here.
Tarn by Bill Gingles

See more work by Michael Shemchuk, Here.

Wiggleroom by Michael Shemchuk.

One 2 step by Michael Shemchuk.

The piece above is by Mary Buek. See Mary Buek's Flickr Photostream, Here and blog Here.

Panel by Bill Fisher at the Jane Sauer Gallery, Here.
Experiment by Robyn Gordon

Zebrawald II. See les surfaces Flickr photostream, Here.


  1. As always Robyn its such a treat to see each of your new posts....I always love each artist you present, many of whom I'm not familiar with...and I see you included one of your own beautiful pieces this time. Thanks for such an enriching experience! Cynthia

  2. Something powerful and strong about the stripes. I like the movement in your experiemental piece and the rooting. Thanks for sharing great art always.

  3. Marvelous..I love the last photo...going to try and rust something now!!

  4. I find myself really drawn to Passages - but I sure wish I could wander through Zebrawald!!
    Of course an Experiment from Robyn Gordon will always be my favorite :)

  5. Another great set of shots. I love them all, but the icing on the cake is your own piece. I'm wondering if the set of set frames is movable. like a jigsaw?

  6. I think black and white stripes are a wonderful way to set a piece of art off - there are wonderful fabrics out there that do it all the time. I also love your experiment!

  7. well, the zebra got my attention, but the post held me in! love your "Experiment" and the trees ... wow! also Gingles work is amazing too! thanks Robyn!!

  8. such a softness in your "experiment" even with the contrast; its soothing, and as you say, I like "the way they sing in contrast" ... the art; i can hear it.


  9. I love your experiment, the black and white sets it off beautifully.
    Again thank you for a glimpse at others work.
    After the heat and humidity in Qld it is cold and crisp at home, but sadly still no rain here to break the season.

  10. Wonderful selection of work in this post Robyn. I love rust colours although I cannot wear them. I particularly like the colours of Michael Shemchuk's One 2 step. So many interesting links to follow but I will have to leave them till tomorrow - way past my bedtime.

  11. I got caught up in your Amie Oliver image which led me to your Flickr page of your favorites where I spent some time :-)
    and here again are some wonderful artists to savor and drink in.. and especially your assemblage titled Experiment is wonderful.

  12. The black and white pieces do make the rest sing don't they. I love your piece (want to touch).

  13. LOVE your
    and these works.
    you saved the best big grin for last with the zebrawald 11.

    black stripes are so powerful...i was doing a collage using values of blacks and white yesterday and had trouble pulling it together until i took 3 strips of solid black and laid those into it. BAM. and balance!
    thanks, robyn.

  14. I LOVE the pieces by Michael Shemchuk.

  15. That last photo is stunning. I would probably faint if I came upon a bit of forest that had been painted that way. My favorite is your piece.

  16. I didn't spot the zebra, but I did find the octopus!
    Wonderful and inspiring, as always.

  17. Well, as I scrolled through the post I picked up on yours immediately!! It is my favourite!

  18. oh my... that last piece is quite something, I love it!

  19. Cynthia, thanks so much.

    Corrine, I'm drawn to black and white stripes side by side with other colours..... especially rust.

    Jude, careful of your clothes! I've learned the hard way.

    Karin, one could get lost in Zebrawald.

    Annie, none of the pieces in my experimenatal piece are attached yet because I'm so unsure of it. I'm putting it away for a week or so and then I'll decide whether to scrap it or proceed.

    Thanks Heather. Yes there are some amazing fabrics, especially tribal textiles with that combination.

    Cat, Bill Gingle's work is at the top of my favourites list at the moment.

    Mansuetude, thank you. Thanda.

    Penny, sending rain vibes :-)

    Cathy, I can't wear rust colours either unless they are far from my face.

    Thanks Donna. The Amie Oliver image is really beautiful isn't it?

    HHnB, thank you.

    Neva, your collage sounds fantastic....BAM and all.

    Jackie, me too!

    Lisa at Greenbow, thanks so much. ..... the octopus?

    Caroline, really? I'm just not feeling it.

  20. An absolute treat Robyn. Thanks for introducing Jette Clover's work.

  21. une merveille!
    merci de publier ├ža!

  22. I particularly love your experiment" Robyn - I do admire your work so much - wish you had an exhibition over here.
    I love the other pictures too - I think you have to be very full of confidence to do that kind of thing. Really enjoyed this post.

  23. Dear Robyn, I can't believe it is the first of May, and I hope your day is a beautiful one!
    These works are lovely, I especially love Tam by Bill Gingles, moody and soft,
    And your "experiment" composed of such beautiful elements and parts of you and your carvings.

  24. Robyn I love this post. If done right I love stripes in work, especially black and white. So I was grooving along looking at the beautiful work you have posted. Loved Mary Buek's piece and then I came to Zebrawold and my jaw dropped.
    Some people's capacity to create and think big amazes me. Thank you.

  25. I don't know who that Gordon chick is, but she's Got it going on...!

  26. Your experiment is a fruitful one Robyn. Who wouldn't love to have such an interesting piece on their wall?
    "Spot the zebra" a clever and fun play on words. As always, your choice of works is superb!

  27. I love that splash of black and white...great effect.
    Zebrawold is an amazing photograph!

    Jacky xox

  28. My favorites are the first photo and all the rest too. I have used this black and white quite often in my work...for me it is code for marking time.

  29. I would be delighted if I came across trees like those in the last shot during a walk!
    Lovely to see your art here quietly waiting for discovery!
    Thanks for the great post:)

  30. I love black and white stripes and I love black and white squares too, just a little adds such a zing to an image.

  31. all so interesting! I especially love the rust effects...and the zebra forest!

  32. Nice to see one of your pieces in this post, Robyn. Interesting idea for gathering an exhibit. Love the Zebra theme.

  33. Every piece you've featured is awesome. Those trees make my heart! I also love your work so much, Robyn. Your art is amazing!!

  34. Robyn,

    I've just discovered your blog in the process of taking Alyson Stanfield's blog triage course. Thank you for providing such a feast for my eyes. I'll be back.

  35. Very cool stuff, Robyn! When I saw the title "Spot the Zebra", I thought it was going to be like one of those "Where's wally" things; I crack myself up! I especially like the "Experimental" piece. Is that one where you've used parts of old works to make a new one? Nice recycling!

  36. What a wonderful post today Robyn...rusting is a big process here but I am just getting into collecting and allowing Nature take its course. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  37. Hi Robyn, what a fabulous post. I love your blog for all the amazing art you bring to share with us. Thank you. These works are so effective, there is something so special about the black and white stripes. I just lost so much time looking all down your beautiful posts today

    Have a wonderful week
    Carolyn xo

  38. OK I've been spending so much time over in Blog Triage that all I can do is tack myself onto the wonderful comments already here and say...LOVE your Experiment and the subtlety of the color range...AND then to have the surprise of Zebrawald II is like a special ooooooooooo...I wana go there.

    terrific artists all.
    Thanks Robyn

  39. Oh wow - will you look at those trees! Love it!!! Goodness, some people are just so darn clever and talented!

  40. Great post! I love all the art in this one. I also love rusty things and colours and old smutty paper.
    Zebrawald makes me happy. :-)

  41. I have read and seen Jette Clover's works and revel in the textural/tactile qualities. To combine text and textile -- magic!

  42. good hunting and gathering here
    thank you

  43. What a visual treat! I would love to run through Zebrawold II