Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Quintessence by Bill Gingles

I recently discovered Bill Gingles work. Many of his latest pieces are painted with a rich rusty palette. See more here.

Crescendo by Bill Gingles

"In the studio each painting is a starting over, a tacit recognition that after thirty plus years of painting I still don’t know how to make a painting (which is different from knowing how to paint). I just know that I can. Each time the task is to find a way to give myself to the painting so the magic can happen and the painting can stir to life.

Each new painting reveals its own tendencies and surprises as it comes to life. Rather like children from the same parents, they are each at once individuals and siblings. It is because the life they share with each other is the life they drew from me." -- Bill Gingles

Symphony in Red by Bill Gingles

Seventh Autumn by Bill Gingles

Has it always been this way or is it only in the last year or two that people have been going nuts over rusted metal in their art?

Rusty sculpture. Photo taken by Michael Pinto. See blog here.

I'm just as enamoured with paintings using a rusty palette as I am with rusted sculpture.

Absence of Black by David Maple . See more here
A painting I have loved ever since Mary Ann posted about it on her blog is Ancient Dashboard ..... though I get the feeling she doesn't love it as much as I do.

Ancient Dashboard by Mary Ann

Collage Painting by Fran Skiles

"I call these collage paintings, “skins”. They are rigid, yet flexible layered constructions of paper, cloth, paint, gesso, paint, ink and pencil held together with stitching, embroidery, and medium. My personal photography plays a part in the content and design of the work. I use photography to jump- start the collage, and many times the initial photography is destroyed in this layering process; only to reemerge later". -- Fran Skiles
See website here.

Trilogy by Seth Apter. Find more of Seth's work at The Altered Page, here.
Frontier V by Rosalie Gascoigne

Enduring Power by Linda Stilley. Website here.


  1. You are such a great gleaner of the type of art that attracts me most these days. Thanks again.


  2. I kept reading and reading and more and more favorites showed up! Frontier V and Ancient Dashboard are awesome. I'm not much of a rust person, but it with navy (like Crescendo) were one of my mom's favorite color combinations. Thank you so many times for sharing all of your wonderful Internet research!

  3. What luscious colors!! I too am besotted with Gingles palette of rust, blues and greens.

    I think you are right - it is only recently (and in the 70's!) that rust is so celebrated and people embrace orange. Being an autumn palette myself - I'm in color heaven. Hope the rusty love affair lasts!

    p.s. you are right - coffee is helping me get back to real life!

  4. Don't know why I am always drawn to the rich colours left behind once metal starts losing the shine. Great set of links. Thanks.

  5. gorgeous patina and paintings and wonderful quote about not knowing how to make a painting! love that and Mary ann's piece too...awesome post!

  6. Robyn I am completely fed by your post (as usual). Bill Gingles' quote has inspired and validated me. What rich work from all of these artists.I am going to have to go to Bill's site. thank you!!!!

  7. Got myself excited this morning with your new post featuring the wonderful rusty colors....Bill Gingles, new artist to me and "Ancient Dashboard" appeared along the way!! Thank you for posting this piece and the you know how I'm smiling? Mary Ann

  8. I never knew before starting to read Cloth Paper Scissors a couple of years ago that there were so many of us who love rust. (my patient husband didn't, either!)I started hoarding it from the shores of Skye long before I realised I could make something with it. My (tolerant)husband wanted a bit of a tidy up out back just as I discovered you could wrap rusty bits with fabric - who knew!

    Love Ancient Dashboard, too. Thanks again for sharing such wonderful stuff.

  9. Wherever do you find them all, what a treat. Frank Skiles work has always resonated with me because of her texture. All these pieces are amazing. Thanks Robyn for sharing.

  10. I think art goes through phases. This must be the Rust Phase. I thoroughly like it. I don't think it will go out of style as long as people are interested in their gardens and have sculptures in their gardens that return to earth as rust dust.

  11. I am loving the rust sculpture and skins in particular! Thanks for sharing.


  12. You've got such a terrific eye.

    I agree with Lisa at Greenbow...walking in the garden and seeing the wear and the return to the earth of any kind of sculpture, from old tools to placed objects, feels like such a natural part of life. the artists that you're sharing here are bringing that feel into their work in a way that feels just as natural. All wonderfully wabi Sabi.

  13. i think rust gives an ordinary piece of metal a story.

    love the artists featured here..Frans work in particular speaks to me because of her many amalgamated layers.

    thanks for all the creative to explore!

  14. Kim, I love to glean! There's so much glorious art on the internet and I love being surprised by the new and ingenius.

    Beverly, I'm going through a cappuccino phase.

    Heather,the blue certainly makes the rust sing doesn't it!

    Annie, enjoy!

    Cat, Mary Ann's piece gives me a lift every time I look at it.

    Katherine, you will love Bill's site.

    Mary Ann, smiling back at you :-)

    Emma, my husband gets quite a kick out of collecting rusty metal for me now which is fun.

    Corrine, I looooove Fran Skiles work.

    Lisa at Greenbow, I do enjoy a rusty feature in the garden especially when its a surprise seemingly growing from the heart of dense foliage.

    Mansutude.... luscious indeed!

    Amelia, glad you enjoyed them.

    Donna, my husband is now interested and has started buying old rusting farm inplements similar to the ones he threw out when he lived on the farm himself.

    Lisa, enjoy!

  15. I do think rust is kinda "in" now. for myself I love rust colored paint but as I do not like to touch metal i like to see it rusty but not use. these are all most fascinating artists. thank you once again for a lovely post and intro to some new works.

  16. A fabulous collection of work shown here. I discovered Gingles work some time ago and have always like it.

  17. Thank you so much for including my piece here among these wonderful works. I have always been inspired by rust...and I think that will always be true.

  18. thanks for gathering all those treasures together
    i've been gathering rust [and dust] for years
    but you're right
    it does seem to have become just a bit more mainstream lately..

  19. What an inspiring post..... I am off to check out these artists work ....I think we are drawn to rusty items as its the forces of nature acting on manmade items ....perhaps ??? Lorna
    ps thanks for comments on my Buddha ATC cards just found your comment x

  20. Robyn I so appreciate your book title suggestion...I hadn't heard of these particular steps before...I'll check it out and offer it up tomorrow at our artist circle so we can all explore...
    You are such a grand teacher ;-) happy for your husband to be returning to a collection of old tools...I've got quite a few but as I was growing up my dad had such a treasure trove...I adore tools('specially with a bit o' rust)

  21. Oh, yummy! WT was about to throw out an old sheet of copper that had lots of wonderful patina and bends and folds. I need to do something creative with it. You are inspiring me!

  22. I'm partial to these colors too, when I paint. So these paintings draw me in effortlessly!

  23. These colors (and artists) are wonderful. I'm going to have to find some time to explore each artist. Thanks once again, Robyn, for putting together such a fascinating post.

  24. ...yummmmmmm....

    ...rusts and copper...

    ..and X marks the spot :-)

  25. So I was just browsing around the net and found your blog. I've taken a look around and I have to say, I like what you do. You're art speaks to me and I'm adding a link to you on my blog. I'm following now too. Hope you have a wonderful and creative week!

  26. Thanks for all this beautiful art. I love rusty colors a lot!

  27. I am one of those besotted by rust too-- rusty tools,rusty metal anything, rusty assemblage, rusty paintings-- and Fran Skiles is one of my favorites.

  28. A fascinating subject and post. Rust evokes age and wear, not to mention oxidation. So it seems logical that it would evoke the idea of the lifespan of both objects and people.

    And of course it resembles blood. So maybe it has an intrinsic pull on us, because it taps on archetypes in our collective memory and consciousness.

    All these samples you have presented, are gorgeous!

  29. Wow! What a great exhibition.
    Thanks for posting. My daughter will LOVE this! xox

  30. Yet another post from you that illustrates clearly I'm not alone, and this time it's in my love of all things rusted or rusting. I have metal tables, tools and bed frames incorporated into my gardens and marvel as they rust a little more each year.

    In passing, Robyn, thank you very much for your comments on my blog. I was planning to look into the coaching and about the book...What can I say! If I didn't know any better, I'd think we were separated at birth...too funny this synchronicity. I think that Carl Jung was on to something.

  31. I seem to have developed tendonitis or some kind of over use injury in my left wrist and hand...making typing painful for I might not be blogging as much for a while... this includes commenting on your amazingly inspiring blog. But I can still read your posts- I will be present to you in a quiet way-reading and viewing your words and images, and leaving a simple ☺
    to let you know I have dropped by and am thinking about you.

    Gentle steps,

  32. I am a lover of rust....and thrilled to see the excellent artists you posted...several whom were previously unkown to me...always a treat to read your blog and learn about so many talented artists!

  33. I lingered for a long over Ancient Dashboard. It is my favorite too.

  34. Its wonderful to see all these wonderful textures...i love the rusted textures and colors...i'm so glad to have found your blog! it's great to find fellow artists!

  35. Robyn, been inspired by your rust to do some art...

    lots of love from susan in australia

  36. I'm so glad I caught up with you again! I LOVE what you've done with your blog and I'm fascinated looking at all the great "stuff" very much eye candy. Love the rust, love the warm oranges and reds that are being embraced it. I'll have to come back very soon and look some more.

    I've got my old blog still at but then started another recently for "A Painting A Day" effort.... always trying to discipline myself.


  37. Wonderful post, Robyn! Many wonderful pieces and I thoroughly enjoyed perusing Bill Gingles' galleries of fabulous paintings. Was also delighted to discover your link to Clementina's Ceramics blog. LOVE her work!! Thank you!

  38. lovely images and so wonderful to see a South African enjoying work by Rosalie Gascoigne!! Cheers

  39. Luscious colors and wonderful artwork to see. I feel like I just visited a gallery! Thank you!

  40. Sukipoet, glad you enjoyed them.

    Zappha, I'm imagining having one of Bill's paintings on my wall. They would look wonderful in my house!

    Seth, thank YOU.

    India, no surprise that you would have a big collection of rusty bits and pieces .... farm equipment too no doubt.

    Artymess, interesting thought .... nature reacting to manmade objects.

    Donna, I hold the internet responsible for my collections getting out of hand. Here we learn to see things in a different light and so many things that I wouldn't have given house room in the past are now finding there way into my home.

    Willow, Ohhhh that sounds exciting. Please post about whatever you create with the copper sheet.

    Bindu, wonderful colours aren't they?

    Kim, Enjoy!

    Chris, yummmmm indeed!

    Thanks Thespa.

  41. Momo Luna, great profile picture!

    Donna, you introduced me to Fran Skiles. I love her work!

    Lynda, there were quite a few other artists I would have liked to include but I try to keep to 10 images or less.

    Lawendula, I bet your daughter creates her own rust :-)

    Curio, yes we do have a lot in common don't we. I'm now thinking I wouldn't mind a rusty bed frame in my garden too.

    Laura, look after those precious hands!

    Outside the lines, thank you.

    Don Madden, I imagine Ancient Dashboard would look fantastic as a huge canvas as well.

    Susan, I popped over to see your great rust pieces.

    Kate, looking forward to seeing your new blog.

    Gloria, I'm so pleased you love Clemintina's work. She has done so well and exhibits all over the world.

    Ida, I can't get enough of Rosalie's work. I find it very exciting.

    Marilyn, glad you enjoyed the exhibition :-)

  42. Robyn, much texture and colour here. Maybe the availability of rust finishes has added to the allure of the rust palette and our sensibility to our environment and recycling has encouraged us to view the possibilities more openly.
    Your posts are always enticing, thought provoking and informative. Thank you Robyn.

  43. It's a beautiful palette. Reminds me of evening sun in the Autumn. Lovely choices, Robyn.

  44. I liked the Rusty Sculpture. Back here I've seen metal sculptures left out in the open, and eventually its exposure to the elements, namely the humid weather ensures a rugged coat of rust.

  45. What a rich combination of art work you share here, Robyn... I also love rust, and the colors of brown, red and gold. And most of these pieces have some blues or grays in them too... maybe something for me to try! roxanne

  46. Lovely rich rusty colours Robyn. Great finds. I am a fan of photography rusty old gates and locks and keys and barbed wire. Rust is fascinating.

  47. Thank you so much for introducing me to so many interesting new artisits to me. I especially like rust and so the images here are greatx glad l stumbled on your blog again..this came became a foller, so l don't loose touch againxlynda

  48. Yummy...such great eye candy! All these pieces are amazing. I love anything that's rusty.

  49. Your wonderful post brought back the gleam in my art teacher's eye when she set us a project involving rusty metal. I can still remember the interest aroused in me when, aged 14 or so, I sat down to paint a rusty green watering can and all the wonderful textures and shades I found there!

  50. Lovely post, I am a rust painter myself check out my work im sure you will like it