Saturday, April 17, 2010


By the Seaside. Mixed Media by Linda Nardelli.

"Come away from the din.
Come away to the quiet fields,
over which the great sky stretches,
and where, between us and the stars,
there lies but silence;
and there, in the stillness
let us listen to the voice
that is speaking within us." - Jerome K. Jerome

Head in the Clouds. Mixed media by Linda Nardelli. Website here.

There are times when I gravitate toward art that invites stillness, introspection and connection with the greater scheme of things.

Begin with the Breath by Linda Nardelli

Linda Nardelli's work originates from a profound inner realm. "It becomes an alter of spirituality and a place for healing" - Linda Nardelli

Motion in Stillness by Kathryn Frund. See exhibition at the Chase Gallery, here.

"Kathryn Frund’s compositions… are landscapes of the mind – vast visions of barren desert, slate seas, and familiar but unidentifiable objects and places that read like hazy memories." - Ken Shulman

Quiet Hope by Kathryn Frund

Talking Low in a Boat by Bill Gingles

Goose Honk, Stillness by Kurt Jackson

Collage by Joanna Nash

Mirage. Mixed Media by Janet Jones

Crystal Crescent Beach by Tom Ward

"Let us spend one day as deliberately as nature, and not be thrown off the track by every nutshell and mosquito's wing that falls on the rails. Let us rise early and fast, or break fast, gently and without perturbation .... Let us not be upset and overwhelmed in that terrible rapid and whirlpool .... If the engine whistles, let it whistle till it is hoarse for its pains. If the bell rings, why should we run." - Henry David Thoreau

Forest Floor. Oil and acrylic on paper by Michael Porter

Monotypye by Jylian Gustlin


  1. Great quote from one of my favorite writers.Lovely shades of colour in these pieces of art. Best wishes Blu

  2. Ok - one cup of tea has gone cold beside me. Looking at them has stopped me in my tracks. They are all stunning. All new artists to me except Kurt Jackson, although I'd not seen that particular piece. I am particularly drawn to the pieces by Linda and Kathryn. Thanks for the beautiful reminder to simplify things and be quieter.

  3. Blu, aren't the colours wonderful?

    Annie, I loved the title, Goose Honk, Stillness, just as much as the painting.

  4. bequtiful images. colours are very like some parts of the australian landscape!

  5. You would make such a brilliant curator for an art gallery. I love how masterfully you pull pices together from different artists to make a point. I especially loved the quiet and the surge in each of these works of art. My favourites: each piece by Linda Nardelli & Kathryn frund & loved Mirage by Janet Jones & forest floor. Thank you so much for these treasures!

  6. magnifique choix..tout à fait correspondant avec ma visite dans le roussillon, france..
    à la recherche de l'ocre!

  7. I am always amazed how many beautiful works you find for your blog posts. I love all of them especially the Kurt Jackson! Your post is all the more poignant today here as there are no planes overhead, such bliss the peace and quiet of it all and it makes you think!

  8. Aaaaah! Beautiful! To every single one of the pictures here. The chosen quotes match them in their wisdom.

  9. quiet hope
    crystal crescent beach
    favs! and a nice way to wake up and start my day with this quiet wisdom.

  10. Well Annie's tea has gotten cold and my coffee too...I have been loving these pieces and the words as well. I especially am drawn to Linda Nardelli...beautiful in it's silence.

  11. Ida, one day I will see a little section of Australia.

    Vineeta, I feel the need for some stillness and this post is the next best thing.

    Elfi, I am loving your shades of rust post.

    Max the Lobster, enjoy the peace and quiet. At the moment all I can hear are crickets and tree frogs.

    Priya, the quotes are soothing aren't they?

    Paula, hope your Sunday has remained peaceful.

    Mary Ann, great art on each of these websites.

  12. Every piece that you've shown is beautiful. They all evoke peacefulness. I couldn't even begin to choose a favorite.

  13. "listening to the voice that speaks within us" says it all doesn't it...this collection makes for such a soothing visual break...thank you Robyn

  14. L love this work..amazingxxlynda

  15. just love these imagesxthanks for showingxlynda

  16. The beach scene would be one that would give me peace and a platform for introspection. They are all beautiful in their own way.

  17. Ahhhh... Robyn, I love the message here,
    and the painting "quiet hope"
    These are all lovely pieces.
    They speak of nature,
    of water and stones...
    and hope.
    thank you so much.

  18. Gorgeous pieces that do indeed evoke a sense of stillness and calm.

  19. You seem to curate a great exhibit in your postings. Wonderful gathering here. Loved seeing Linda Nardelli's work. Thanks, Robyn.

  20. Thank you again Robyn. I *love* your discoveries!

  21. I always enjoy my visits to your blog Robyn - I can guarantee I'll be thrilled by colour and texture! Thank you!

  22. Here I am trying to catch up in tropical splendour, and yet I love those peeling paint colours and the word you have matched with them.Thank you.

  23. ...and quiet seeps in as I take in the great images you present here.

    I am blessed everyday as I look from my windows and the water hooks my attention, sometimes calm, sometimes surprisingly agitated for a bay..but mostly, never the same twice. Soon I'll be seating on it's sandy shore.

    Love the quote by Thoreau.

  24. silence, oft overlooked quality of life. i am right now too much in silence. ah well. lovely works and all new to me artists. thanks. having fun following the links. You ARE a sort of on-line curator!

  25. here's a local Peterborough NH artist to check out

  26. yes, listening to the quiet voice within us... love frunds work and what is better tha... goose honk stillness?? love it!

  27. These last two postings are equally great! Thankyou for all the wonderful eye candy! I especially like "stillness in motion." that red x made from the dotted lines really makes it for me.

  28. I Love you for this post so ...


  29. Hi Manon, compiling this post was almost as calming as a meditation for me.

    Donna, a soothing visual break ....I like that.

    Lynda, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Marilyn, glorious colours!

    Lisa at Greenbow, there are so many different ways of portraying beauty.

    Roxanne, my pleasure :-)

    Seth, amazing how art can do that .... or the opposite.

    Maggie, Linda's work is wonderful isn't it?

    Leslie, I really enjoyed doing this post.

    Caroline, glad you enjoyed it.

    Penny, enjoy your tropical splendour!

    Curio, it sounds like a wonderful area that you live in.

    Susan, its all about balance though isn't it? Thanks so much for the links.

    Cat, I got quite a kick out of the title, Goose Honk, Stillness.

    Hi Laura :-)

    Mansuetude, I thought of you when I was putting it together.

  30. Robyn

    i must feel it. it so touched me.

    (i bow to the eternity awake in you)


  31. you are so right Robyn - the quiet quality has such a deep intensity - a different kind of power that sweeps me away to a calmer but deeply rich place. (I think Bridgette's work has a similar quality to some of these.)

  32. The two realistic pieces are my favorites. I like the serene beauty of each.

  33. Ah, the paintings of Linda Nardelli, especially are wonderful! It is another beautifully chosen collection, my curating friend. Jylian Gustlin's painting is also speaking to me. Thanks.

  34. I feel really peaceful and relaxed now I have looked at these beautiful works and words Robyn. I especially love Kathryn Frund's Quiet Hope - gorgeous colours and textures.

    I have parcelled up your prize tonight and will put it in the post tomorrow and I hope it will reach you safely. I am late with everything at the moment. I don't know where my day goes to.

  35. Thanks for sharing that feeling of peace and tranquility with us...beautiful, serene art works.
    Particularly loved Kathryn Frund and that piece, Goose Honk my Kurt Jackson is so beautiful...what a wonderful sky!

    Jacky xox

  36. Thanks so much Robyn, for the links to these fabulous artists. I'd be seriously hard pressed to choose a favorite,, I'm still looking at their work, and for the moment I am very taken with Kathryn Frund.

  37. Beautiful. Makes me feel as though I should be holding my breath.

  38. hello..I have been away for awhile teaching a workshop, but how nice to come back to the blog world and find you have once again featured some of my favorite artists-- I saw Katherine Frund's paintings in person in Boston a few years ago-- love her work-- and that bit of poetry at the top of your post is now written in my notebook.

  39. What beautiful art and words you have shared here. Your personal art is very beautiful and organic- highly expressive. I am so glad I found your blog it is an inspirational and calming place- I look forward to visiting again!

  40. Karin, yes I find Bridgette's work very calming.

    Stevie, I bet you appreciated the title Goose Honk stillness :-)

    Karine, have a look at Jylian Gustlin's website. She does the most amazing work.

    Cathy, I know the feeling .... not enough hours in the day. Thank you for the print. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

    Jacky, I felt the need for some peace and tranquility.

    Babs, different favourites on different days.

    Susan M .... or releasing your breath slowly.

    Donna, lucky you seeing Kathry's work in person. Welcome back.

    Lori Saul, thanks so much!

  41. Jeez, what a gorgeous feast of artwork. I never leave hungry after stopping here. Thank you for putting such quality time into your blog !

  42. oh, this quote... thank you, robyn... xo

  43. Ooooo! I love Goose Honk, the painting as well as the name!

  44. Good timing Robyn. I was also in the mood for contemplation and quiet wisdom.

  45. Love the Crystal Crescent Beach picture it evokes memories of beaches in Wales. I look back at it and am still amazed that I cant decide if its a photo or not!!!!!

    Wonderful thanks Robyn.

  46. Robyn thank you for the breathing space. I don't know how you do it, gather art, put it together, find the right quotes, carve. You, simply are quite phenomenal.You are a gatherer and look at the people you have gathered to see what you do next!

  47. I love this artwork, gorgeous colours !

  48. You have a great blog here. I love how you show such a variety of artists with a connected theme.
    I have a question - you have a lot of other peoples work here - do you approach everyone first before you post and ask permission or do you just give the link to their site? I'm just asking because I'm not sure what the correct protocol is here. - thanks:)