Sunday, April 26, 2009


Stone sculpture by Hirotoshi Itoh, Keiko Gallery.

How can one not smile at Hirotoshi Itoh's rock sculptures. From zippered rocks containing shells, coins or coffeebeans to a mouth full of teeth......many mouths full of teeth! He also sculpts the most amazing stone garments. Have a look at his site, here.

Photo taken by TruShu

" Although I work with various kinds of stones, most of my work consists of optimizing a stone's original shape. I pick up these stones from a river bed in my neighbourhood. While utilizing the image that a stone is hard, I think even from now on I would like to express the warmth and humor."

Stone sculpture by Hirotoshi Itoh, Keiko Gallery

On to the powerful sculptures of Ilan Averbuch

Loneliness of Queen Hatshepsut by Ilan Averbuch

Grapes and other promises by Ilan Averbuch

Tree sculpture by Alastair Heseltine

Eucalyptus Bark Pod in Wood Frame by the late Valerie Pragnell, Brown Grotta Arts

"I try to distill the essence of a place into the work, so that each becomes a small environment in its own right." - Valerie Pragnell

That Word by Gyong Laky, Brown Grotta Arts

River Squares by Richard Shilling

Richard Shilling's art keeps drawing me back to his site. He has this amazing empathy with the land and through studying his work I am developing a new sensitivity to the natural environment around me. Richards land art images are now available at Red Bubble.

"I didn't know when I started if I would find enough colours to fill the platform, but as always as you start to get a feel for the pebbles that are there, you start to see many more colours than were first apparent. It takes a few hours of being there before your eyes become attuned and the different hues reveal themselves. This is what is interesting for me when making these sculptures that as you spend more time looking you become more absorbed in the environment and more and more aspects are revealed to you. This process is at the heart of land art. Through making sculptures with natural materials you peel back the layers of the place and discover what is at first hidden from the the fleeting eye." - Richard Shilling.

Sitting Pretty by Patrick Dougherty

My rock garden


  1. Hirotoshi Itoh's work is unusual, love the zippered rocks and many of the other sculptures on his website. Thanks for the links.

  2. In Bali, we did an exercise similar to the stone sculpture, and it became a deep meditation. Just as Richard Shilling describes. The environment unfolds as your eyes attune to it. As usual, you bring us earthy treasures to marvel.

  3. Hirotoshi Itoh's work certainly put a smile on my face!!!
    Love everything have done it again Robyn :) Jo xx

  4. Wow! very unique and unusual. so many talented and blessed artists of all types in the world.

  5. Eucalyptus Bark Pod in Wood Frame by the late Valerie Pragnell, Brown Grotta Arts - by far my most favorite of the bunch. :)

  6. I would never in a million years thought of adding a smile to a rock…..What an amazing idea! And thanks again Robyn for finding the best of earthy arty things for us to enjoy. These artists are really ingenious!

  7. Heavens!!! How the HECK did he do those mouth full of teeth?
    I hope his website has a clue. Let me go see...

  8. Love the tree! Oh, if our wood pile looked like that...

  9. Such wonderful images again Robyn, the stones are amazing. I often wonder what triggers someone to create such unusual works, I wish my brain could see more in the everyday things around us.

  10. Ha! The first blog I visited this morning greeted me with those smiles. They are so funny. I'm going to be smiling about them all day. Great way to start the day. Thanks.

  11. Those betoothed stones are vaguely unsettling!

  12. Hirotoshi Itoh's work is wonderful. Must check the links in your post.

  13. everything here is just amazing, but the rock sculptures with teeth are totally over the top! and I want to thank you for introducing me to the work of Richard Schilling - I became a 'follower' when you posted his work the first time and am always eager to see what he has created.....

  14. Those stone faces are remarkable!! They remind me of polititians somehow.

  15. Love the rocks so much!I laughed when I saw them. I am so curious how he makes them. The zippers are perfect.

    The tree sculpture made me sigh with joy.

  16. Thank you once again for taking the time to find and share such wonders! :)

    The toothy grin!
    Hope all is well in your world missus xx

  17. I can't decide if I'm grossed out by Itoh's work, or just humored, but it really gives me the heebie jeebies!! those grinning shining teeth, the zippers and then the lovely rocks - I can almost imagine walking along a path and bending to pick one up, only to have it suddenly spin around and try to chomp my hand! :D
    I'm really drawn to Sitting Pretty, would love to wander through it's archways...
    This post made me think of an artist I came across today, who you may know, or have posted about before Andries Botha? His Wounded Elephant is what made me think of this, and you!

  18. The stone carvings made me laugh! I feel like when I come to "Art Propelled" that I become replenished... thank you for this rich journey. Roxanne

  19. Azirca, glad you enjoyed the link.

    Grrl, more layers to your trip to Bali. Sounds fantastic!

    Thanks Jo.

    Doreen, its mind blowing to think of just how much talent there is out there.

    Michelle, it's great isn't it :-)

    Leslie, glad you enjoyed them.

    Priya, I had hoped to be able to read more about Itoh on his website.

    Beverly, amazing wood pile!

    Ro, I don't think we have enough hours in a day to see everything. You are so prolific Ro that I don't think you could squeeze much more into your day.

    Annie, I'm still smiling too.

    Avus, the first time I saw these, a few months back I was very creeped out. Welcome home!

    Maya, the purse filled with shells makes me smile too.

    Jeane, there is always something new at Richard's site and often something that surprises me. I see the resemblance.

    Leanne, I was wondering about the zippers too. They fit so do the teeth!

    Mimilove, all is well thanks...and yeah the rocks do rock :-)

    Karin, actually I did do a post on Botha's elephants

    Roxanne, the feeling is mutual.

  20. Hi Robyn,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours!! The stones are amazing! They stopped me in my tracks!

  21. the laughter from within a rock!

    my foot felt like that two weeks back :_) How did you know.

    i am going over to Richard Shilling's blog again, thanks for nice to visit you! Hope you are well and feverishly working away and pleased, etc.

  22. Wow, the teeth rocks freak me out for some reason...but you have to look at them. lol...
    Love Shilling's work. And the other sculptures shown are so engaging. You just want to sit amongst them...but I'd rather have a Gordon original, if you ask me.
    (IMHO, of course)

  23. Always a feast for the eyes when I visit your blog. The tree sculpture is amazing and I love the Eucalyptus Bark Pod in the frame....then I see Richard Shillings "River Squares"... I love visiting your blog.

  24. Robyn, you always come across the most amazing Artists and it is always such a delight to see!

  25. Fascinating images ... .
    really love your blog!


  26. i can not STAND how interesting the postings are on your blog!! i want to be there, seeing some of these pieces....omg.....the rocks with teeth, the EVERYTHING...thanks.

  27. So riveting and so disturbing! Love it.

  28. ooh i want the wee grass hoosie

  29. Wow! I am inspired.. Thanks for allowing me into your world.