Friday, April 24, 2009


There's a shop in the little dorp* of Howick that we visit every month or two, called Back in Time.

We daren't go more often because our house just isn't big enough to cope with all the "junk" we cart home with us.

It is a sprawling double story building with many rooms surrounding a courtyard and each room is filled to the brim with curiosities.

From weathered whale vertebra to buck horns, hyena trophies and zebra hides...

Metal trunks and farm impliments in various stages of decay........

Rusty "everythings" hidden in boxes under tables laden with antique silver and old china....

Beautiful old furniture and bouquets of golf clubs.

On the way out there are tiny shops selling patterned gourds....

Handwoven rugs and animals.......

Baskets, books, beads and artefacts.

I mentioned one of these shops in another post, here....but much to our disappointment it had gone so I never did get a chance to ask about the sexy red underwear.

*Dorp - afrikaans word for small town.


  1. I love the description of "bouquets of golf clubs."

  2. I'm not much of a "junk" collector, but I think I'd have problems in that shop!

  3. Oh my, my head is swimming. I am sure I would have to bring back many of these things too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a treasure trove. It's a great set of shots. What a wonderful collection of rust-aways.

  5. Thanks Dolores.

    Heather, you'd definitely find something you would have to have.

    Caroline, when we arrive at the shop I get quite flustered because I never know what direction to take first. There's just so much to see.

    Annie, so many great photo opportunities!

  6. Awww...i love these shops. It is almost like rummaging through a treasure chest only this shop would probably have more exciting finds.

  7. Those baskets have caught my eye.I wonder what reed or grass is used to make them , are they native to south africa or do they come from another part of africa.
    Robyn your blog is a much better advertisement for Tourism South Africa.Do they know what a great service you provide?

  8. That's my kind of shop........

  9. Robyn...this looks like a shop I would love too.
    Thanks for taking me there! Jo :)

  10. Yet again you manage to bring some of your community into my home. I agree with the post about being a great tourist info point. I hope you are over the election by now, I hope its a good solution for your country. Thanks Robyn.

  11. Beverly, just the courtyard alone is a curiosity shop.

    Priya, plenty of treasue! You know the saying...One mans trash is another mans treasure?

    Thanks Maya. On the farm where I spent most of my childhood the african women used to make mats out of the river reeds. They were beautifully made and I would watch for hours, transfixed. I'm not sure where exactly these baskets come from but I should imagine they are local.

    Jude, who could resist going into a shop like this? There has to be at least some little something one would have to have.

    Jo, glad you enjoyed it.

    Dave, we are hoping and praying the new president works out for the good of the whole country. First and foremost he needs to stop the crime and violence....and then we can work at redressing the rest.

  12. Robyn----I think Lyle and I have to come visit you and go to some of these wonderful places you show us! Thanks for sharing and making us drool!


  13. Toni, that would be such fun! There's a coffee shop nearby, overlooking the famous Howick Falls where we could chat about our finds.

  14. I just love places like this and would have to start a collection of those baskets and gourds!
    I'm always game for a root around in old stuff and the dustier and more jumbled the collection the better! One of my favourite places to do just that was in the souks of Oman where I could rummage through tatty old boxes of of silver trinkets and sometimes after a good scrubbing and polishing, be rewarded with little treasures beneath those years of grime!

  15. That is just my kind of shop Robyn - what wouldn't I give for a wander round there.
    Love your header - I really enjoyed your previous one too, but this one has that lovely nest in the corner.

  16. What a wonderful place to go fossicking!

  17. I've been missing from blogland for a few months and still getting caught up! Just had a whirlwind trip through your blog since February - too many wonderful things to comment on, but I loved many many of the things you shared. I've put you in my RSS list so I won't miss more!

  18. The beads, the baskets, the dark horns on skulls, and the writing on the wooden box; all captivate me. I always feel the pull of nature in your posts Robyn. Things of the Earth, things that have age and a wisdom or knowing, things that are unique. You have a great eye. Thank you for sharing with us. I love reading your blog. I was a reader of your blog a long time before I had a blog.

  19. Ooh. I would like about two dozen gourds please! What a treasure trove.

  20. ooh! I want the hyena head... so it can be given a new kknitted cover..

  21. i envision myself getting lost in that shop then throwing my back out trying to carry all my purchases to the car. hee hee

  22. its already been said, but "bouquets of golf clubs" is a tender stunning "hole in one" ha ha for my mind. You are wonderful. I have a little place like this, barns of old things some outside rusting and a neat man with amazing stories who tends it...

    i like remembering the older post. it was a long way ago, but time fleeting of foot... how does time move forward when one's foot is broken, ha? how is that? : _)

  23. I almost didn't get past that very first shot! ... what an amazing place ... I could easily spend six hours there ... and then want more. :)

  24. Caroline, what I would do to be able to rummage through tatty boxes in the souks of Oman!

    Thanks Weaver, I'm still battling to get it to fit!

    HHMN, you don't know the half of it :-)

    Terry, I checked back several times to see if you were blogging again. Welcome back!

    Thanks so much Leslie. It's all the more fun having people who appreciate my finds as much as I do.

    Pamela, they're so effective aren't they?

    Grrl, it looks as if it might appreciate a nice knitted cover.

    Julie, sounds like me!

    Mansuetude, now how come we havn't heard about the barns of rusty things? Stories please!I hope that foot of yours heals must be driving you up the wall!

    Michele, it's that sort of place....walk in the door and the next minute you look at your watch and gasp.

    Judy....aah yes.

    Thanks Leslie, I'm sure you've noticed it doesn't fit. I have palpatations from trying to. get. it. to. fit.

    If anyone knows the simple way of getting ones header to fit......

  25. What an amazing place. Definitely one of those where it would be impossible to leave empty handed.

  26. as grrl would say, "oh mi giddy aunt!" a person can't go here often unless they live in a vast mansion filled with huge rooms and there are large storage facilities out back!!! wow!!!

    waving and blowing you kisses!


  27. I love your header just as it is Robyn. I have a small collection of nests as well. A lovely combination of items.

  28. This Dorp is a place to dream about...I would want one of each, basket, horns,woven rugs but golf clubs, not so much.Your posts are a delight!
    I agree with Leslie, your header is great!!

  29. uh oh! a definite treasure chest/danger zone! fabulous place and your header is wonderful! have any hair left?

  30. Oh no!! You've done it again! Made me homesick. It's been 3 years now since my last visit to SA and I am really starting to feel very unsettled - I have to breathe the African air again! Thanks again for your fabulous blog!!!

  31. Beautiful series and a perfect name for this shop as well. The last image on the beadwork looks impressive to me.

  32. What a fascinating treasure trove of goodies. No wonder you are tempted Robyn.

  33. this looks like jsut the place for me!!

  34. I love this place filled with... everything... I would love to put some of those patterned gourds in a wooden bowl on my coffee table! Roxanne

  35. Your disintergration project turned out well!! I love the fleur de lis imprint!!!
    Your words are as descriptive as the photos you show - love the other artists - especially those eerie little toothy rocks!! LOL

  36. This store suits my fancy. I would go once a week ;-)
    Do you also understand Afrikaans?

  37. Seth, we went to Back in Time again yesterday and I really can't leave without purchasing something.

    Lynne, I've either got to buy a bigger house or stop going there.

    Thanks Leslie.

    Mary Ann, thanks so much!

    Jeane, the header does worry me but I've stopped pulling my hair out.

    Laura, I wish I could send you some African essence :-)

    T&S, I like the name too.

    Cathy, it always makes a fun outing.

    africantapestry, I think it would suit all the bloggers who visit my blog!

    Roxanne, I did have a basket full on my diningroom table.

    Thanks Oogleboops. Those rocks are kinda creepy aren't they.

    Wim, I understand and speak a little Afrikaans.

  38. Robyn, I want to come and visit and go the the shop in the little dorp of Howick with you. I'm going to be dreaming about that place until I finally come to South Africa!