Wednesday, June 11, 2008


For years we were plagued by moles. Not only did they damage the roots of my roses but they also taunted my Foxy Bella who spent most of her days digging from one end of the garden to the other. My Lawn was a mess!

Now I don't dislike moles. Having grown up listening to tales of Mole in The Wind in the Willows I could never harm one but I had just about had enough! We had tried all the humane remedies to chase them out of our garden but nothing worked..... so I decided to think like a mole. What would frighten the hell out of me if I were a mole? What would send me scurrying off to take residence in the neighbouring forests ?

Brain wave! Whilst scooping dog poop off the lawn one day I decided to shove it all down the mole holes. If I were a mole I would think a big animal had taken residence in my burrow and to add insult to injury it had pooped in my territory....thus making it his territory.

The plan worked! For a year I never saw a mole hill in my garden. One morning I heard my neighbour bemoaning the fact that his lawn was riddled with mole hills so I popped my head over the fence and told him my remedy. He didn't take me seriously and besides he didn't have
dogs. I persuaded him to share my dog poop and to humour me he shoved it down the holes for a few days. Guess what? All the moles fled from his garden and came back to mine.

Once again I doctored the holes and continued to pass a packet of poop over the fence to the neighbour until we were both sure they had all left the neighbourhood. And they did! Another year has passed with neither of us being bothered by moles. Try it! It really works.


  1. OMG! That is too funny! Now you can call your puppy the neighborhood 'MOLE-inator'!!

    (knowing our Yorkie, he'd dig up all the holes, find the little critters and shake'em to death...he has NO patience for foreign beings in his yard!)

  2. Oh, that gave me the biggest fit of giggles!!

    We had a terrible mole infestation a few years back. We put some kind of poison down the holes. I hated to, because they are sweet little creatures, but they were mounding huge piles of earth all over our property. Every two feet or so!

    Next time, you and your neighbor will have to both do the poop technique at the same time!

  3. The mole-inator! What a hoot! Do you have any remedies for ants. They are taking over my yard.

  4. This is just so sensible..Good for you for not reaching for chemicals... usually the simplest solutions are the best...

    Funny story too! you had me chuckling...

  5. This had me laughing out loud. It is classic "Monty Python".
    What a good use and way of disposing of dog turds.
    I can just see you supplying the neighbourhood with little plastic bags full.
    Thought of going into business?

  6. Hey Robyn
    Cute post. We don't get moles here. But dog doo is a problem I have all the time when neighbourhood strays come and leave piles of poo on my lawn. Got any ideas of how we can rid ourselves of this pesty problem?

  7. Trust you to come up with this, Robyn. I'll do a link to it on my garden blog very soon!

  8. That is so cool! Now I know what to do with all my dog poop - market it as mole repellent!

  9. Thanks for all the comments everyone! I definitely think I need a title because I'm very chuffed with myself for discovering a non chemical remedy. Not sure I want to market it though......I get the dry heaves shovelling it down holes I can tell you. Not sure how to get rid of ants and dogs....though I notice water filled plastic coke bottles lying about unfenced gardens to deter dogs. The coke bottles are a sight for sore eyes so I wouldn't go that route myself.

  10. This was my laugh of the day! Laughing out loud!

    Your remedy worked...sort of...and then...for good!

    I've heard that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but now it's more like one dog's poop is another neighbour's saviour!