Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Glorious, glorious morning!
Hot frothy Ethiopian coffee. Early sunshine warming the step where I sit contemplating the day ahead.
Sounds of water rushing down stream. Though out of sight it is my constant lullaby. Loeries fly between the trees calling for their mates. Monkeys watch silently from deep within the wild fig tree, waiting and hoping a door will be left unattended.

For me it's a day for developing ideas! Having completed my last carving on the weekend, I'm paging through books and sketching ideas with a bubbly feeling of anticipation, knowing that the whole day lies open to play. Creativity is brewing!
..........Oh and Hubby is home from his fishing trip. Fresh Shad for supper!


  1. Art, coffee and healthy eat, what more could you want.
    Love your carving.

  2. Sounds all so lovely!!
    The panel looks wonderful!! I love the new direction with just the heads in the sacred centers. Wonderful fish hubby caught, they look very inspiring! No fish have found their way into your work yet... ;-)

  3. Your life is ever so different than mine. I love hearing about it. Your photos are lovely and that coffee looks to die for!!

    As always, I love your artwork.

  4. Ahh, monkeys in trees ... not something we hear in Kansas. Although I do believe I hear some birds of some sort, not that I have any idea what kind they are!

  5. Robyn, I always love that feeling of anticipation and excitment when I have allowed myself to start the next creation...and the last one is all tended to... It is a little hard to explain... I guess it sort of feels like freedom..

  6. Oh! Your blog is simply beautiful, the art you share, your amazing carvings and your photographs! Thanks for sharing! Roxanne

  7. yum that coffee looks good! thanks for your kind words on my blog. you're work is beautiful!