Monday, June 16, 2008


Having put the finishing touches to the door I was carving, I got the feeling that it would be a long time before I would be able to whip up enough enthusiasm to begin something new. It sometimes happens that way. Feeling stale, drained and perhaps a little disgruntled that the usual satisfaction one experiences when making art, is missing.

That was last week. I think I just needed a break from work because after a few days of doing mundane tasks around the house, like cleaning the fire place, tidying up mounds of fishing tackle and scrubbing the tiles in the shower, ideas are beginning to take form on their own without much prompting. Eight or ten sketches later I am looking forward to tomorrow when the long weekend is out of the way, the family is back at work and I have a big slice of silence (please?) to pull my thoughts into some order, decide on a form that I can cut out of the wood and carve whilst reaching a zone of contentment that restores balance to my life.

Carving is my meditation. It lulls me and makes me feel grounded and together. When I don't do it for a while I become restless so its good to get back into it again. It's all about balance. Some work, some play. Too much of one thing tips the scales and thats generally when I feel dissatisfied.

We were going to the coast today, chasing sardines with the rest of the tribe but at the last minute we decided that the crowds and traffic jams were not conducive to our idea of a restful long weekend.

Instead we headed out into the country to treat hubby to a belated father's day lunch at a little German Restaurant we often go to. He had been smacking his lips at the thought of Eisbein with very crispy crackling (crunch crunch) so we indulged him and it was well worth the drive.

It has been a busy weekend with a 63rd wedding anniversary luncheon, lots of visitors and visiting, too much cooking and eating. It will be a pleasure to get back into the work week tomorrow Restoring the balance!

This photograph was taken in the Nottingham Road area where we had Fathers Day lunch. I couldn't resist taking a photo of the family picnicing in spite of the No Picnic sign.


  1. Oh wow, Robyn, i think this is my favourite panel of yours, it turned out stunning!! What a masterpiece! i wished i could see it up close and run my fingers gently over it's surface.
    Going with the flow in the cycle of creating is so wonderful and sometimes takes noticing and patience, letting go. Having the 'creative baby blues' after finishing a particularly demanding piece is normal (-;
    Gorgeous countryside!

  2. I love the little lizzards/salamanders!

  3. I've missed a lot while I've been busy. Your posts are so interesting and it made me smile when you said the mundane tasks made you see your work with new eyes. My busy weeks of work have made me see the housework with new eyes! I am looking forward to having a good clean this week.
    Your piece is beaytiful.

  4. Stunning door. Your description of the process is spot on. It's natural to feel a bit of an ebb at the end of making something major like this piece. The balance you describe is important - and necessary. Well done!

  5. Beautiful door. And I love the geckos.
    Have added you to my links list, hope that's ok?

  6. What an enjoyable visit I've had on your blog today! I'm excited about the new reads you suggested earlier, loved hearing about your mentor, enjoyed the cosy time under the post "Book Weather" and took in the wisdom from Monday's post. That door is gorgeous and the lizards thrill me. I looked at them and thought "YES!"

  7. This is the most gorgeous door!!! I know exactly what you mean about how you feel when finishing a big project... Here I thought it was just me...

  8. Thank you for the door. I love to watch craftspeople in action and see the results. You with wood - mine was ornamental blacksmithy.

  9. The door is amazing. I love your work!! :):):)

  10. I love those carved lizards!! I added your blog to my list...hope you don't mind!!

  11. Stunning door. If only we could sneak you over here to our boat to make it beautiful too.

    X Valonia

  12. That door is so beautiful! You are extremely talented. I go through periods like that. I make something I think is really great and then I even feel like I'll never get another good idea ever again. But I wake up the next morning and I know that the excitement will return, maybe not today, but it always does. Sometimes it's just hard to sit still and appreciate what you made and you think you should be doing something new and great, I might add, right away. Time has nothing at all to do with it except we use it to feed our doubts.

    You are pretty amazing and you have friends that tell you so. Does it get any better?

    Thank you for your comment at happydayart