Friday, November 16, 2012


Mixed Media Collage by Christian Heinrich. See website here.

Layer upon layer ....
paint and paper
marks and gestures
metal and clay
textile and thread

Layer upon layer ....
of thoughts
and conversations
artist and medium...
medium and medium
artist and self
 Collage by Christian Heinrich. Website here
 Mixed media collage by Christian Heinrich. See more of Christian's amazing work here.
Inga Hunter : A book with carved wood covers and thick layered pages made from handmade paper and silk, with etchings and paint. Stitched together by sandwiching the binding threads between the layers of paper. See website here.

This intriguing piece by Jiyoung Chung is created with layers of joomchi paper. These pieces are hung several inches away from the wall and the shadows form yet another layer. See Jiyoung's website here.

 Francine Vernac. See Francine's lovely blog here.

 Katherine Chang Liu. See more of Katherine's beautiful layered pieces here.

Kristie Severn. (Sewn panels, stitching, acrylic, oil and collage on linen). See website here

"My process is one of intuition. This is not to say it is exclusively an impulsive act. But one in which I must trust the tools I have acquired for making art and rely on my gut reactions to guide the process. Lines dance. Scratches reveal. Thick layers hide. Passages of thread, repetitive marks and color interweave like the strips of a quilt."  -  Kristie Severn

 Jenny Verplanke. See more of Jenny's work here.

 Layered journal pages by Roxanne Evans Stout. Read about The Thread that Weaves Workshop here.

Justin Nostrala. See more here

Justin Nostrala. See more here.

 Charlene Abinante. (Layers of paper clay in wooden box) See website here.

 Brunivo Buttarelli. See Brunivo's website here.

Sculpture by Riusuke Fukahori. See more here

Riusuke Fukahori's work is a combination of painting and sculpture. This piece consists of  layer upon layer of painted fish and cast resin.


  1. All of these are so intriguing. I am always fascinated by layers. That last fish box is really amazing. Wouldn't you love to see it in person??

  2. oh my that Nostrala piece with the fabric stretched on it is just ... so fabulous, like wings spanning the work... all are amazing ... really...

  3. layers in art are particularly meaningful to me, like the layers of life, layers of the self; you gather the most wonderful groups of art here on your blog, this is a great collection illustrating that theme

  4. I love layers! These are amazing works. I am off to go to the links.

  5. I actually like best the "poem" that starts off this post, but I see no one attributed to it, as you usually do. Does that mean this beautiful piece of writing is yours? Love it!

  6. Ooooh I just want to reach out, touch and explore each of these.

  7. Fabulous layers - I'm especially in love with Christian Heinrich's work and after reading her bio, can understand your love for her as well. Her description of discovering South Africa -

    -'Everything here is slightly more graceful and playful. The countryside here is formed by the animals and the people.'

    Lots to look at and contemplate here -- off to follow more links -

  8. thank you Robyn for presenting this door opening & inspiring collection of wonderment!

  9. I enjoy seeing what your good and curious eye finds in your wanders about the world. Exciting and inspiring finds and words, as usual!

  10. reading between the layers of your words

  11. As usual, there is some absolutely wonderful stuff here Robyn.

  12. I do love the layers. Especially the ones in the box. Just makes you want to touch the texture. Makes tiny shadows. All are lovely. thank you for a sweet break.

  13. I can see why you find these particular artists appealing. The subdued palettes and layers of meaning sit well with your own work. Thanks for all the links...fascinating.

  14. How fabulous, I'm off to check out Inga Hunter, I see great possibilities here for my Eco dyed fabrics.

  15. layer upon layer of heart and soul, inspiration and imagination... these are fabulous Robyn!

  16. as ever a most intriguing collection

  17. exquisite discoveries- the shadows on the wall from the layered piece making another layer, wow. One piece reminded me of spiderwebs. So much to savor.

  18. thanks for the link to Charlene Abinante - you had me with the "paper clay". Great choices of artists, as usual.

  19. Wow! all those layers speak to me and ispire me - my own work seems to be moving in this direction. All of them are so inspiring.Thank you Robyn for putting together such a beautiful and inspiring post.

  20. Stunning and beautiful feast of artworks Robyn. Ritusuke Fukahori's piece is very captivating!

  21. These works are captivating, Robyn.
    I love the feeling of wanting to know what's hiding inside or behind a layer.
    The swirls and the scratching and the gritty.
    Thank you so much for including my work here with these other beauties.

  22. I was just taking another look so I could follow your links and I have to tell you that I love your poem too! The idea of the artist and medium and self all having a conversation is beautiful.

  23. Always the most inspiring posts, Robyn! Thank you!

  24. R-what is not to love about the secrets that peek out from between lawyers; mystery, history, stories and texture. Thanks for your offerings. B

  25. this collection has much for me to ponder. thanks.

  26. A fine analysis of artists who are thinking in layers.

  27. une belle trouvaille.. tissus chauve-souris, poissons-boite..toujours un émerveillement!

  28. I'm glad I crawled in Clint Eastwood's skin to make your day.

  29. Gorgeous textural layers. So earthy and primitive feeling... I could live with these in my home!!

  30. Thank you for providing layers upon layers of intriguing and exciting art work to explore by artists that I may not have otherwise discovered. It's encouraging and inspiring to see what real artists are creating in mixed media.

  31. Perfection! Your choices, your writing...heavenly. I keep visiting and enjoying...thank you Robyn!

  32. Ooo . . some words that come to mind as I look at these are "luscious, subtle complexity, nuanced surface" . . especially the 2D pieces. Always a feast for the eyes here, Robyn. Thank you.

  33. Robyn, as usual your blog takes my breath away. Thank you for the link to Jiyoung's blog. Outstanding.

  34. Love the layers. Great choices of artists. Probably lots of layers to choose from there, also. Your blogs are a great example of layers in a themed thesis!

  35. WOW! I so love coming to visit your blog. Every single time I fall in love with artists I hadn't known before.

  36. Lisa at Greenbow, Riusuke's fish boxes are amazing aren't they?! I would enjoy seeing it in person.

    Cat, there are some amazing pieces on the Nostrala link. Go feast your eyes.

    Thanks Linda, wherever I look there are layers.... my workspace is a mess!

    Annie, enjoy the links. There are some great ones.

    Heather, you are too sweet. I just jotted a few thoughts down without thinking of it as a poem.

    Kathryn, I know the feeling :-)

    Judy, I felt a strong connection to Christian's work. Many of the pieces were inspired by some of my most favourite places in South Africa.

    Mo, glad you enjoyed exploring.

    Thanks Leslie, I do far too much wandering!

    Nance, living in the layers :-)

    Weaver, enjoy!

    PJ, ... I couldn't resist the box of layers.

    Jo, too many delicious images... too little time

    Ro, you will love Inga's work!

    Laura, indeed... layers of inspiration and imagination.

    India, glad you enjoyed the collection.

    Shayla, it must take Jiyoung hours and hours to make the joomchi paper. I find the whole process fascinating.

    Don, it's such a simple idea but the image of the layers of paper clay in a box had me hooked immediately.

    Maya, glad you enjoyed the layers.

    Kim, at first I thought they were real fish suspended in resin.

    Thanks Roxanne, the timing was perfect. Your image just popped out at me while I was preparing my post.

    Debrina, my pleasure :-)

    Barry, layer upon layer of inspiration. I just love the internet!

    Velma, happy pondering!

    Wim, exactly!

    Elfi, thank you.

    Gwen, I can't resist the texture!

    Louciao, what really amazes me is how artists just keep on creating such wonderful art.

    Mary Ann, thank YOU for visiting. It makes it all worthwhile when people appreciate my blog.

  37. Jann, glad you enjoyed the feast.

    Thanks Sand Hill Art, yes Jiyoung's work has given me much to ponder about.

    Robin, I had to be ruthless :-) So many amazing images to choose from.

    Jala, thanks so much.

  38. Absolutely adore those Heinrich pieces- oh beautiful negative space!

  39. Jenny Verplanke is a favorite but I have found some artists here too... especially the last one - Fukahori.
    I love the concept of layers.. something I strive for in my work too.