Friday, November 2, 2012


Photo by Petra Cortright. See Petra's Flickr photo stream, here

A new day 
A fresh start 
The world awaits .....

Photo by Ineke Kamps. See website here   and Face Book page here

A poem by Stanley Kunitz fills me with anticipation .....

The Round
Light splashes this morning
on the shell-pink anemones
swaying on their tall stems;
down blue-spiked veronica
light flowed in rivulets
over the humps of the honeybees;
this morning I saw light kiss
the silk of the roses
in their second flowering, 
my late bloomers
flushed with their brandy.
A curious gladness shook me.
So I have shut the doors of my house,
so I have trudged downstairs to my cell,
so I am sitting in semi-dark
hunched over my desk
with nothing for a view
to tempt me
but a bloated compost heap,
steamy old stinkpile,
under my window;
and I pick my notebook up
and I start to read aloud
the still-wet words I scribbled
on the blotted page:
"Light splashed...."

I can scarcely wait till tomorrow
when a new life begins for me,
as it does each day,
as it does each day.

- Stanley Kunitz

Photo by Nicole Franzen. Visit Nicole's lovely blog here.

Rice grain porcelain bowls by Eeva Jokinen. Website here.

Sun-Kissed by Andrea Fettweis. See here

 Maple Sun by Richard Shilling See more here.

Photo by Kim DuPree. See website here.

Photo by nic*nilla on Flickr. See more photos here

Beautiful photographs by Ineke Kamps. See Ineke's website here   and visit her on Facebook here

Photo by Jane Fulton Alt. See more of Jane's photos here  and read about The Burn series here.

".... We must have
the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the
ruthless furnace of this world.... "  - Jack Gilbert


  1. Must be the mood I'm in after a full moon week Robyn ... but that window in the first two photographs ... it arrested my imagination and I simply wanted to stay there... just breathe in that wonderful archetypal image. Enough to make me breathe more deeply !

  2. Robyn,

    Thank you, this was just what I needed. So beautiful. xoxo

  3. Such a beautiful post - love the images and the words!

  4. I always take something away after reading your Blog, something to keep.

  5. "light splashed"
    ahhhhhhhhh Robyn
    this is it
    the light coming through
    warming up
    a fresh new day
    like bread in the oven
    I can smell it...

  6. You seem to always find just the right worded poems and beautiful fellow artist to discover. Wonderful. That window with the vine just creeping in. Stunning!

  7. Beautiful post Robyn. We are in our season of darkness here in Oregon, so the light shining from my screen this morning was most welcome!

  8. So beautiful Robyn.
    I loved visiting and seeing the splashing light.
    The poem too, how moving that even in the dreariest times there is light, if you look.
    The windows are especially magical to me.
    Thank you.

  9. mmmmm wonderful words and such pleasant pics. thank you, once more!!

  10. What a lovely post Robyn - such inspiring words and lovely pictures.

  11. Beautiful photos, I would love to wake up in the first photo, what a start to the day. Beautiful words too.

  12. Ah, the poem says all that I thought when I wrote 'waking up in our own bed'.Thankyou Robyn.

  13. Amazing Kunitz poem. Thank you so much Robyn

  14. I've been having problems with spam so ....sorry the word verification is back. Wish I could do away with it!

  15. Sophie, Petra's photos made me wish I was there too. At the moment I would so benefit from a few days in the mountains.... at the edge of a forest .... breathing in the scent of pine needles.

    Annie, so glad the post was soothing.

    Judy, the poem was just what i wanted to read this week.

    India, indeed :-)

    Sand Hill Art, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you!

    eb, your comments are pure poetry.Thank you!

    Jeane, sighhhhh... they are, aren't they?!

    Thanks SooZeQue, Ineke's images are amazing. Follow the link to see her Abandonment series.

    Thanks Ruth, though it is summer here you wouldn't know it. We had to put an extra blanket on the bed last night brrrr .... and yet we will probably experience three seasons in one day today.

    Roxanne, I'm smiling because I very nearly made this post all about windows.... which wasn't my plan this week.

    Thanks Lyle, I hope you weren't having too much trouble leaving a comment. I've been going back and forth between word verification ... or not ...and comment moderation ... but the word verification is back unfortunately.

    Weaver, you may have noticed I'm hankering for time out in nature :-)

    Ro, my thought exactly! Waking up and looking straight out into the forest... perfect.

    HHnB, when i read your post I did think of that :-)

    Mansuetude, I'm enjoying poetry by Kunitz at the moment.

  16. such soothing imagery and words...lots of beauty.

    Jacky xox

  17. Such an uplifting post. So looking forward to this day now. Have a great weekend.

  18. nice. i've been enjoying photography looking again online and you've picked some wonderful ones

  19. Such gladness, at the gift of the new day, each day we are here to see the light. Such gladness indeed. xo

  20. This is so Zen... live each the moment. and the warm light and shadow is a delight.

  21. Great log Robin!! (As always ;-)
    The land art by Richard Shilling is very specific and unique to him.
    I like it very much. I follow him for a while.

  22. Je comprends mal la langue anglaise .
    Mais la photo est internationale !
    J'adore les trois premières , elles débordent de poésie , de délicatesse .
    I understand badly the English language.
    But the photo is international!
    I adore three first ones(nights), they overflow poetry, delicacy.

  23. stunning imagery Robyn and a beautiful poem to accompany them. You have a keen eye for beauty.

  24. Beautiful pictures and as always inspiring words. LOVE that window with the vine!

    Gaby xo

  25. sigh... wonderful beauty break today at your place, the first pic was so intriguing, a lovely atmospheric post, makes me feel so dreamy, I will keep it in my memory in the studio today, thanks, Robyn...

  26. Jacky, glad you found the post soothing. I did too :-)

    Thank you, Lisa at Greenbow, hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    Paula, I've been enjoying your photos of your work. The setting is always perfect.

    Leslie .... and another weekend has rolled around. Hope your weekend is a gift of studio time.

    Donna, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Wim, yes Richard's work appeals to me too. The 'Maple Sun' makes me want to get out into the countryside. Safety is an issue here so I can't just go walking on my own .... but I really feel the need to be walking in a forest.

    Jean, indeed.. the photos are international. Glad you enjoyed the post!

    Faye, thank you.

    Thanks Kim

    Gaby, Ineke's window image has been a favourite for a while. Her photos tell a story don't they?!

    Cat, indeed the first image makes one anticipate a great day.

  27. This seems like such a hopeful post. Thank you.