Sunday, September 9, 2012


Sanctuary XXVII, Exquisite drawings by Naomi Aho

NEST by Marianne Boruch

I walked out, and the nest
was already there by the step. Woven basket
of a saint
sent back to life as a bird
who proceeded to make
a mess of things. Wind
right through it, and any eggs
long vanished. But in my hand it was
intricate pleasure,
even the thorny reeds
softened in the weave. And the fading
leaf mold, hardly
itself anymore, merely a trick
of light, if light
can be tricked. Deep in a life
is another life. I walked out, the nest
already on the step.

Sanctuary XI by Naomi Aho

What is it about a nest that is so magical...
so mysterious?

Sculpture created from found bird's nest and scavenged driftwood by Christopher H. Paquette

Christopher H. Paquette's art statement strikes a chord ....

"This series is an exploration of my emotional involvement with the natural environment and the search for wilderness and solitude as a remedy to societal pressures."

Lizzie Farey

Intricate pleasure .....

"Nests intrigue me because they utilize existing structures, such as trees or architectural features. Processes of accumulation also intrigue me, such as the creation of a bird's nest or the build-up of driftwood on a riverbank". - Laura Ellen Bacon

See Youtube video abou Laura's work here

Jayson Fann from the Spirit Garden

"I don't mean what other people mean when they speak of a home. because I don't regard a home as a .... well, as a place, a building .... a house .... of wood, bricks, stone. I think of a home as being a thing that two people have between them in which each can .... well, nest". - Tennessee Williams
The Eyrie Chair by Floris Wubben (made from steam-bended ash)


  1. oh, robyn, nests, nests! when i made paper from 24 downed birds' nests, i found a new understanding of nests...

  2. So beautiful.... what a wonderful collection. I wonder so often what it is that is so compelling about nests.

    I had a bird couple build nest so close to the front door that I would have been elbow level looking down at the little ones when they hatched. I decided in a moment when the nest was finished, but no eggs yet, to raise the basket up a few feet. Luckily they didn't seem to mind, and it was a better situation for all of us! It was great fun to watch them raise the little one - I think there was only one - and now I have a basket with a nest inside.... lovely.

  3. You knew I would love each and every one of these.

  4. Beautiful, I have a bird's nest I found in 1999 in a small tin and it still amazes me to think of how much skill and how many trips a bird has to make to build such an intricate home for their eggs and baby birds to be held in all kinds of weather.

  5. I'm always amazed at the range of diversity in your posts and always so informative, opening new doors of visual delight. When I look at these, besides being marvels, I am reminded of the determination, hardwork, and patience of the creatures who make them.

  6. I have been watching the huge wild nest of branches made by a pair of Australian ravens in the big eucalypt in our street & am amazed at the bravery of the young ones first flight from so high up!
    & I remember being amazed when drawing the intricacies of a superp blue wren's tiny nest & discovering that they use spider web for binding!

  7. always a treat to visit here, today a winged delight!

  8. I've never found one, though I spent much of my childhood scrambling through hedgerows and orchards any chance I got. So it's lovely to just take time and browse these links. Thanks.

  9. and really.. who doesn't love the concept or appreciate the architectural magnificence of a nest? There is so much to love and admire.. a delightful post indeed Robyn!

  10. Nest are truly magical. They fill me with wonder and awwww..... :)

  11. Nests are home sweet home that stir up visions of love and warmth. Humble yet magical.

  12. Beautiful renditions of the place from which we begin, where we feel cozy and cared for. I especially am drawn the the image of Lizzie Farey. Thank you Robyn.

  13. Completely love this post Robyn. I love all the images but the first drawing by Naomi Aho takes my particular fancy. The drawing is exquisite but the negative spacing really adds to the image. I don't have the words of Ms but I have those same feelings she expressed!

  14. So much beauty and intrigue in a nest .....and to think a little bird makes....with no hands!!!

    Mother Nature.

    Jacky xox

  15. magnifique.. je suis en vacances et c'est doublement agréable de regarder ton blog!

  16. A beautiful collection, Robyn. Walking by a nest, especially an occupied one, always takes my breath away. So simple and complex at the same time.

  17. intricate pleasure, indeed.
    really love the poem, such craft in her leaps--a weaving

    have had a mrs and mr cardinal here in the hedge outside my open window this morning, and another "voice" of something throaty saying uhnn-uhnnnn unhn-unhhhnn--it won't stop repeating itself and i can't help laughing off and on because of its sound somehow.

    hope you are have a perfect day it is absolutely gorgeous here!

  18. "woven basket of a saint" touches my heart as well as the Jayson Fann image 'Spirit Garden'. True places of 'home'. Thank you Robyn.

  19. It was so wonderful to be taken into a reverie over nests
    Robyn. I like the term"nesting" and think how utterly crucial it is for all beings in some way.
    Architectural forms .. many ways to think of it..and such beautiful examples.
    Years ago a friend discovered a nest fallen from up high in a very industrial area. Into the nest were woven strips of blue plastic.... drink straws... and wire of several kinds. Its was extraordinary and so she took it to the State Museum who were incredibly delighted to be able to keep it for show and tell.
    It was such strong evidence of adaptation from a species that had .learnt to endure tough human intervention in their environment!
    A warm hello... and so hope all is well in your nest at this time!

  20. I found this post so very fascinating Robyn as I have posted a nest on my blog today and when I posted it I began to think of ways I could replicate it. The intricacy of these nests is wonderful isn't it?

  21. I have taken some summer time off from everything it seems so I am sure I have several posts here to peruse.
    I have always loves nests and collect them, I think because of the textures of course but also for the idea of birth and re-birth.. the cycle continues.

  22. see also Shea Hembreys work
    mirror nests

    This work by Hembrey has been, I think, somewhat eclipsed by his TED talk and biennial project

  23. What an amazing collection of nests . . . I didn't think I was a 'nest' person but I find myself drawn to many you have featured here.

  24. Nests keep some magic for me, too! I've always been amazed by the birds' knowing what, when and how to do! They are designers, architects, engineers and builders. But before all - family "keepers".:)
    Dear Robyn, you have chosen again such an interesting theme!
    Thank you!

  25. I wonder what it is about nest that is so enchanting. I love love love them and all of these are just stunning!

  26. Velma, did you show the bird nest paper on your blog? Sounds amazing!

    Valerianna, very lucky that the birds didn't mind you raising the nest. They obviously felt safe even with Pasha around.

    Lisa at Greenbow, yes I knew you would love them :-)

    Linda S, I'm in awe of their weaving skills as well as their perseverence. We watch the male weaver birds making nest after nest after nest until the female is satisfied..... and many times she is not.

    Thanks Jann, it is such a joy to find such beautiful art and photography, and even better to share my discoveries.

    Mo Crow, it is such a thrill to think of tiny nests held together with spider web.

    Ms. Thank you!

    Annie K, you have never found a fallen nest? You really need to find one! The monkeys make it easier for me to find them since they can't resist knocking them to the floor. Of course I would rather they left the nests well alone.

    Hi Lisa! Glad you enjoyed the post.

    PJ, awwww :-)

  27. Carole, some are so cleverly constructed and yet others look like flimsy platforms. Even the flimsy nests seem to serve their purpose!

    Leslie, I spent quite a while looking at Lizzie's work, enjoying the contrast between simplicity and intricacy.

    Susan, yes the negative space in the first of Naomi's drawings caught my attention immediatly. Her work is breathtaking.

    Hi Jacky, I've missed you!

    ELFI, I knew you would enjoy the nests.

    Kim H, yes a nest full of fledglings (or eggs) is the most wonderful sight.

    Mansuetude, I'm so glad you love the poem. It really touched me. A gorgeous day here too and the garden is particularly "noisy" with birds.

    Blue Sky Dreaming, I've been trying to imagine what it would be like sitting high up in that man sized nest.

    Sophie, thank you, all is well.
    Clever birds to use such strong materials in their nests! I put lint from the Tumble Dryer on the garden wall and the birds are always flying off with it.

  28. Love that chair. Something so special about finding a spent bird-nest...I just want to cuddle up in it.

  29. Weaver, the papery layers of the wasps nest you found do make one stop and think. Have you thought of paper making?

    Donna, at our last house we had a swallows nest in the upper corner of the veranda and every year the swallows returned to nest and rear their little family. It always amazed me that they would fly overseas to warmer lands and then find their way all the way back to the same nest the following Spring.

    my croft, thanks for the link M. I wonder if any birds decided to nest in the installation. I will follow the other TED link too.

    Kathryn, I'm drawn to man-made structures which have been inspired by nests.

    Thanks Rossichka, It's a wonder that without being taught to create a nest the bird knows exactly what to do by instinct.

    SooZeQue, no surprise that you are inspired by the nest sculptures :-)

    Don, :-) well there's a man size nest that should accommodate you. I know you are quite capable of making one.

  30. Little by little, the bird builds its nest.
    Interesting log, I like it!

  31. Lovely, lovely nests. I am in mine today, during this chilly morning that will turn to summer later in the day. Beautiful words too. I will have to read them again and soak them in...

  32. So glad I scrolled far enough down to see this one :)