Thursday, September 20, 2012


Friday the 21st September is International Day of Peace. People from all over the world are taking part in the flags for peace project to create awareness....

..... even if it's just to fly flags in one's own garden.

I decided to create my flags out of Shweshwe cloth since Shweshwe has a long history in South Africa. Apparently it dates as far back as early Arab and Phoenician trade along the eastern seaboard.

The name Shweshwe is derived from the sound it makes before the starch is washed out. 

The flags have already caused a gentle stir in my neighbourhood. When I put them up in the tree my neighbour's laundry lady told all the neighbours within shouting distance to look at my flags. I don't think they knew it was International Peace Day so it has given them food for thought.

Mary-Jane Dodd has created a blog especially for the project so go here and find out what other participants are doing. There are some very creative flags "flying" for peace.

"flags for peace is a project aimed at uniting those from all over the world in a mindful, cooperative and interactive way" - Mary-Jane Dodd.

 Thank you Mary-Jane for bringing many of us together for this project. See Maire's blog here

....and see here.
Diggity Dog did his best to help hang the peace flags.


  1. Oh my...peace and peace flags has been so much on my mind here in NYC with all the world leaders convening again at the United Nations, not to mention the whole of our troubled world....but my only garden belongs to a catholic church--I just plant and tend it, and, sorry to say, they would not take to my hanging flags. I have a set of traditional tibetan ones hanging over my hall entrance, and have sent several individual flags to friends. Perhaps I'll do a drawing for the occasion. Did you know about

    Peace to all

  2. thanks for the heads up Robyn! have just posted my prayer flag and written to Mary-Jane Dodd, there's a lovely post over at Terri Windling's drawing board about listening-

  3. Thanks for sharing your flags Robyn - they are beautiful and just looking at them lifts my spirits and makes me smile. We gonged our bell for peace again tonight and flew flags today - each of us, little steps, may get there yet.

  4. R-isn't it great to see the connections and ripples; and great to know that your flags have caused a conversation. Thanks for sharing on this auspicious day. B

  5. i really do love your flags, robyn... steeped in tradition and with intentions so gentle and yet powerful... while i am not so vocal as the laundry lady, i do admire those who can speak out loud and get the attention of others...
    thank you so very much for adding your voice here -

  6. What a great thing to be doing. Peace needs to have so much more attention than war. Maybe if we give more attention to peace we would have less war. A friend and I had a garden party this summer. The theme was "Peace In the Garden". Diggity knows a good idea when he sees it. Have a great weekend.

  7. What a wonderful idea! I adore the patterns on your flags. They are simply beautiful without any further embellishment.

    Your Diggity Dog is so adorable!

    Happy International Peace Day to you.

  8. Beautiful, wonderful idea. Love your flags.
    Kisses to the full grown Digby.

  9. oh the material you have used for your flags is lovely and so earthy, I'll have to check out the other blogs, what a wonderful for folks around the world to express their desire for peace.

  10. Now I know the name of the wonderful fabric you sent me, Robyn! Shweshwe cloth, it looks so good in your garden--neutral from far away and gorgeous pattern up close. Happy Peace Day!

  11. makes me smile to see your flags and sweet doggie... thanks...

  12. Beautiful flags Robyn...if only I thought they'd do some good.

  13. robyn, i didn't know about this, but i will hang some flags today... happily! when i saw your flags in my sidebar i came right over. : )

    happy equinox to you!


  14. Peace and peace and peace. Next year I will fly flags too.

    Digby looks a like a good strong helper!

  15. Peace :-))

  16. Your flags are beautiful Robyn! Wish I had known about the day - we should all fly our peace flags every day!

  17. Love your Shweshwe fabrics and that word, I love that word Shweshwe. Does it mean anything translatable ?

    And Mr Digby, what a hunk of a dog he has grown into! Enjoy the lovely spring, I hate that I had to put on long sleeves this morning... boohhooo :)

  18. Hey Robyn, before I departed NZ, my friend Shells Gardner gifted me with some shweshwe. I love it. I covet more. I am looking forward to creating something with it when I finally am settled into my own home. x

  19. How wonderful to learn that such a day exists! You took part in this initiative in such a sweet way, Robyn! Your flags are lovely, you did the best possible choice of fabric! This beautiful garden seems to be a suitable place for your flags.

    Your posts are ALWAYS so interesting!!!

  20. Beautiful flags!

    Over here at the opposite end of the earth (Seattle WA) all of the school kids made pin wheels and set them outside of their schools in celebration of International Day of Peace.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if kids and artists were listened to more often?!

  21. well these are dropdead gorgeous. finally got mine up today. good thing peace doesn't grow stale . . .

  22. Very nice collection of shweshwe fabric and a wonderful post! Such a great idea too.

  23. You and Diggity did a great job on these. Loved your use of meaningful fabric. A great choice.

  24. beautiful peace flags Robyn! I love the choice of fabric. Your Diggity dog is gorgeous :)

  25. Lovely images Robyn. It was great to read this post and think what could we do here.
    They're holding a peace Festival here in November at the Arts Centre. I shall be back home but I was interested to hear of a group of about 8 Australian Photojournalists who go under a collaborative name and are putting an exhibition together called Peace. It will contains images from the worn-torn places they've been... its apparently been quite a challange for them to find the shots that speak about peace in the midst of the chaos they usually speak to.
    Thanks for rich food for thought!

  26. Its taken me a while to check in here with your peace flags... lovely, simple act of solidarity. And the dog on the chair is precious!!

  27. Ms, a lovely idea to send peace flags to friends. Thanks for the link. I added to the post.

    Mo, great to see your peace post. I've also been enjoying reading Terri's blog over the last week.

    Thanks Fiona, the little steps do add up. My flags are still a constant surprise as i walk around the corner and see them hanging in the tree. I love your tree of peace messages.

    Barry, I've enjoyed seeing all the different peace "flags". Australia certainly contributed an imaginative ripple especially in the Maleny area :-)

    mairedodd, thank YOU!

    Lisa at Greenbow, yes I'm sure if more attention was placed on peace there would be less war. We need to start with the little things. Peace Gardens in the Cape (South Africa) have certainly made people stop and think.

    Angela, shweshwe cloth needs to be seen close up to appreciate the detail. It's been around my whole life and I've always loved it.

    Annie, I thought you might like to see how handsome Digby has grown :-)

    Linda, Mary-Jane Dodd planted the seed about 6 months ago, suggesting we bloggers do something for peace day.

    Deborah, the name adds to it's character don't you think?

    Thanks Cat :-)

    Jo M, I must admit my week has felt a lot more peaceful thanks to the flags in my garden. Seeing them has lifted my spirits.

    Lynne, I'm kicking myself because I thought of you when Mary_Jane emailed me but I just took it for granted that you would know about the flag project.

    Leslie, I will remind you :-)

  28. Laure, thank you.

    Thanks Judy S, next year we will post a notice early in the month.

    Mansuetude, isn't it a beautiful word?! I think the name is associated with the rustling sound the fabric makes before all the starch is washed out. It softens with each wash but starts out as a very stiff fabric. I read somewhere that it could be named after King Moshoeshoe but I don't think so.

    Rachelle, it will definitely add a South African flavour to your home.

    Rossichka, thanks so much! Maybe you will join in next year :-)

    Thanks Beverly, I love the thought of pin wheels for peace day.

    Wholly Jeanne, thank you. The peace project blog which Mary-Jane started will be open for postings all year.... so you're not too late :-)

    Wim, see you posting peace flags next year!

    Seth, Diggety enjoyed the whole process. I think he would have liked a closer look.

    Thanks tatjana.

    Kim S, Isn't he gorgeous?! He has started to mellow out after a very bouncy first year.

    Sophie, the Australian bloggers came up with some amazing ideas. Next year I will post an early notice so that more people can take part. Mary-Jane began talking about it 6 months ago so I'm feeling a bit sheepish that I didn't mention it earlier.

  29. Robyn, thanks for sharing your flags and the story behind them- quite lovely.

  30. Dear Robyn, I love your flags, the way they hang in your garden and their colours of blue. And the story of the neighbors laundry lady shouting out for everyone to see! Thank you as well for the link to Maire's blog. Her jewelry is beautiful!