Tuesday, April 24, 2012


When nature and design embrace,
beauty is created.
Domingo Totora's work is extraordinary
and his website is pure poetry.

From the amazing photographs...

to the beautiful location .....

the designer's philosophy...

....the studio
and of course the work itself.

Just poetry!

Collaborating with designers, artisans and communities,
Domingos Totora designs breathtakingly beautiful objects and sculpture from recycled cardboard pulp.


It is a labor intensive process
whereby cardboard is torn into small pieces
and then turned into pulp.
The pulp is used to mold anything from rocks...

to objet d'art ....

.... vessels

... to furniture.

Domingos Totora's studio and workshops are "nestled between the deep blue of open sky and the emerald green mountains" where "the natural light is tangible, giving form to surfaces of objects and sculpture. Nature and work embrace and interact with each other".

I could quite easily post every photo from the website,
they are THAT inspiring,
but you need to get over there to see for yourself.
You won't be disappointed!


  1. What STUNNING and exciting images - long may Nature and Design embrace!

  2. Fabulous disks, 5 shot down! Kind of mind blowing ;) Lovely black & whites below, too. MUST do some b&w myself!

  3. Wow, what inspiration. What an interesting medium. Don't you wonder how he got started with this????

  4. what beautiful objects can come from what we all discard! I enjoyed seeing his work. thanks

  5. This work is amazing! It's shear ingenuity to use cardboard. When I first looked I thought they were made of clay.
    Beautiful photos and brilliant work.

  6. Stunning! I wonder if his stuff was in Santa Fe, NM in a gallery I was just at. Beautiful Rock chairs. The creativity out there is mind blowing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. be still my HEART.......incredible work, place, process...WANTing.

  8. Wow! Those are fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Great advert for recycling. Fantastic work I must say

  10. LOVE the objects you've shown, especially these gorgeous vessels.

    Gaby xo

  11. Oh, those are so lovely. I especially love the rock/eggs he makes.

  12. I am on my way over there. Beautiful. I love the shapes, as you know I am a big rock and nature lover. So cool that they make these pieces with cardboard!

  13. What a great way to recycle and bring beauty into the world!

  14. Amazing. I have quite a stash of cardboard . . maybe a sphere!

  15. Cardboard pulp, who'd have thought!
    How I'd love to be the mouse in the corner watching these creations.
    As for now, I'm just drooling.

  16. Very very inspiring. Thanks for always being a place to come down to in blogland and go feeling lifted up.

    You open my eyes consistently.

  17. stunningly wonderful
    love the rocks
    (but of course)
    the bowls have the feeling
    of blown sand - desert and beach...

    love it all,

    xox - eb.

  18. Extraordinary! I love these. Thanks for introducing me to this artist Robyn.

  19. Beautiful! Love the recycled materials and the forms are just wonderful.

  20. I fell in love when you said 'cardboard pulp'. His art is so fine, beautiful. WOW!

  21. Wonderful work and wonderful ecological medium...He's done it all!

  22. Penny, I had to look twice before realizing it wasn't ceramic.

    Jennifer T, I would love a tour of the studio, wouldn't you?

    Emma, The discs against the weathered walls make a great shot. Amazing texture!

    Lisa at Greenbow, I do wonder how he got started. So far I havn't found any information and am hoping Domingos will reply to my email, though I'm sure he is extremely busy.

    Lyle, I'm constantly surprised at what can be made from discarded materials.

    Judy S, yes i also thought they were made of clay ...some of them with a wonderful patina similar to our African pots.

    SooZeQue,I wouldn't be surprised . Sante fe sounds like a very inspiring arty area.

    Nancy, :-)

    Lori, Wow indeed!

    Maya, simple shapes and yet the material he uses makes them unusual.

    Gaby Bee, aren't they gorgeous!

    Art, one imagines the "rocks" to be cold to the touch but being made of paper products makes them warm in my mind.

    Annie, very cool!

    Leslie :-)

    Wax Beach Artist, .... and supply work for many people. This sort of project would do well in South Africa.

    Jann, I have great faith in you. Let me know when you have created something with your stash.

    Babs, I would love to be sitting in that corner with you :-)

    Judy M, thank you so much!So glad you are inspired.

    eb, I wondered what you would think of these.

    Gwen, indeed!

    Jo M, glad you enjoyed the post.

    PJ, the difference between his work and other mache artforms is that it is so fine.

    Wild C, exactly!

    Mansuetude, one wonders why make rocks when you can find rocks but there's something magical about these..... and you can heft them up, one in each hand ;-)

    Lucky Dip Lisa, wow indeed :-)


  23. I did go 'there' and it was all so fascinating...stunning design...thank you for the introduction!!

  24. It is amazingly beautiful, incredivle, exciting, inspiring! Great! I wish I took part in the process - at least for a day, at least for some hours!... The art objects look perfect with their pure lines and clear silhouettes!
    Thank you, Robyn, for introducing Domingo Totora to us!:)

  25. Years ago I struggled along in a shopfront studio business in a big city environment. After 4.5 years I decided enough was enough!
    To this day I have the utmost respect for the creative who can take an idea and strong aesthetic and marry that with business savvy ... employ a number of people, thus empowering community... and do it all sustainably!

    Bravo indeed... Love that you showcased someone who is very much an artist and successful.... on all these levels Robyn!

  26. Wonderful on all levels. Thanks for showing us his work

  27. I sat glued to the screen!
    A stunning way to recycle cardboard.

  28. Wonderful design, great work.
    Love your photos that document the pieces, the studio.
    Nice blog.

  29. They are graceful and earthy to start with but once finding out they are made of recycled cardboard, they become even more thrilling. Cool!

  30. Cardboard pulp?!!! All I can say is- WOW!! looking at the photos, that's probably the last thing I would have guessed. Exquisite work.

  31. I agree.. his work is pure poetry...so simple and minimal yet so poetic. i have pinned some of his work..earth bound.