Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Running through my head is a quote by Stephen DeStaebler.
"Artists don't get down to work until the pain of working is exceeded by the pain of not working"

Evidently the pain of not working is not severe enough, otherwise I would be carving right now.

Fortunately I don't have to rely on my art to eat but I do have several commissions pending and it's embarrassing that I have gone over the deadline by months.

I go through this every summer but we are now experiencing the most glorious honey days of autumn. Autumn is my most creative time of the year. It propels me through the rest of the year. I know I'm not alone when it comes to artist block but I still feel disappointed that I'm letting these precious days trickle away. Creating art makes me feel alive..... and yet here I am, in the doldrums .... waiting for who knows what.


  1. when i get stuck
    i take a wordless wander walk
    it often helps

  2. Robyn - these pieces look fabulous and I can't imagine them needing one more thing!
    Sometimes when I'm stuck I take a class or start something in a completely different medium. Somehow those creative juices start to flow again and I'm excited, renewed and ready to work again.
    Downtime is also necessary as well - so don't be too hard on yourself - I think I would just play outside on a beautiful autumn day!

  3. A wordless wander walk sounds wonderful India.

    Judy, I think I've allowed myself too much down time (from work)though a holiday could do the trick. (We are planning a holiday!)

  4. I could win a medal in procrastination. I soooo relate to your post, it's comforting to know we aren't alone out there with the peaks and valleys of art creation!

  5. thanks for the quote . i spent a semester in art school with Stephen Destaebler . he was probably one of the kindest teachers i have ever had.
    sometimes just acknowledging that i have a block help me work out of the block .

  6. I know the feeling. Just finished a book, "Imagine" by Jonah Lehrer. It
    compiles many new studies of creative and uncreative mental states. It was like a quick look sideways at this stuck feeling and
    left me with a few new tools to use
    when stuck. Hard to remember we'll
    cycle back to the sweet spot when we're in that well but things will turn.

    I also loved Poem Crazy.

  7. Hi Robyn Life is like that, but it is also will come back when the time is right, it is hard to force the creative process. The following was posted by a friend of mine recently: Remember
    1.Whoever comes are the right people.
    2.Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
    3.Whenever it starts is the right time.
    4.When its over its over

    Look forward to seeing the new work, whenever it comes:)

  8. I'm with you Robyn....I can't seem to get myself motivated these days. I think we just have to be gentle with time is ever wasted, it just seems that way. Artists must also allow for down time....isn't there something in farming about letting the land rest? It will come and maybe you're in the middle of a shift....thinking of you and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work emerge!

  9. So glad you shared this, Robyn. It truly helps me, as I certainly know all about blocks . . about the yin and yang of it . . expansion and contraction, although I know it's so hard to be in the contraction, especially with what we love so much. Be kind to yourself. A holiday sounds like just the ticket!

  10. I'm going thru the same thing in a way over here (CT, USA). Spring is arriving. It's a time of year that I love, but living in an area so abundantly filled with trees means that the light changes drastically. Well, to me it's drastic.

    I've been beyond grumpy (read down right bitchy) all week. The studio is where I long to be, but can't stand being there due to the light at the moment. Plus, grumpiness does not equal good art.

    Take a bit of time away. When you're sufficiently recharged, the urge to create will return.

  11. Your work is beautiful, I love it. You should encourage you to carve more of because you have very good hands for engraving and a wonderful imagination for the design of the details

  12. I'm in the same boat at the moment... it is distressing even though I know from past experience that it always passes.. I posted Grace Jone's Inspiration song on my blog. it puts me in a lighthearted mood. If you're not making art rightnow, just enjoy what you ARE doing. good luck! - from an equally unmotivated artist in NC!

  13. These are love Robyn. I am sorry you are having such a hard time...hope motivation visits very soon! Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes just sitting down to do something, even if you don't feel like it will help. I always tell myself "just do it". It always helps me when I am dragging.

  14. Are you doing anything creative? an art journal perhaps? Anything you can do creatively might inspire more creativity so you can pick up your chisel. It's worth a try. Your work is amazing!

  15. I've been struggling through my own inactive period as well. The wheels are just starting to turn. I'm not confident they will keep going but I'm going to try and stop judgement and 'just be'. And perhaps that is the key. Deposit disappointment and frustration where it deserves to go ... into the trash. Let your mind rest. Ponder. Wander. In hopes that something will trigger its next move. xo

  16. c'est vrai, qu'en automne nous avons envie de créer... il fait en général trop chaud en été.. mais moi je me réjouis énormément de sentir la chaleur du le printemps.. bon travail!

  17. Ha! you could come sit & type up my pages on this beautiful Spring day! That would cure you very fast. :)

  18. Wow, that piece is stunning. It's funny how we all seem to lose our mojo at the most inopportune times. Just don't try and force it, the creative spark will return I'm sure.

  19. what beautiful pieces!

    over here, finally, the pain of not working is getting excruciating. thank you for sharing from this vulnerable place. i hope you are fully being and allowing yourself to make the most of the season you're in. good work will come at the right time.

  20. As Wax Beach said, doing anything is better than nothing, for you, I mean. Are you drawing ideas, shapes? Can you make a 'sampler' in wood, just for you? (don't tell them!) The wordless wander walk sounds great. Just be, for a bit longer x (can't BELIEVE I missed your giveaway ;(!)

  21. thanks for sharing your feelings and your situation...

    i don't know what will work for you, but when I feel this way, I go to the studio and just draw or collage or paint, for FUN with no motive other than that and soon I am inspired again... x

  22. Robyn, these pieces are so beautiful.
    Yes, artists block is an awful thing. I did read somewhere that getting started is the hardest part - does that make sense?

  23. It seems amazing that you speak of a block when you show your so very beautiful carving - actually you even speak of your block in an talentedly artistic way - you have everything you need there in bundles. Go and give those tender hands some love and pampering.

  24. Anther definition for limbo is the liminal space, the place in-between where anything can happen...
    An old friend once helped with these words when I was deeply disengaged from the world-
    "You're in free fall enjoy it! How many times do you get to a place in this lifetime when you don't have to be anywhere or do anything or have any pressing responsibilites?"
    and he was right, those words have helped a lot whenever I get lost along the way.
    The other bit of sage advice given after 8 hours of helping rebuild a retaining wall that had collapsed with another 3 hours of very hard work to go-
    "Fatigue is just a state of introversion go for a walk & and touch a tree"
    and he was right, we worked 11 hours straight that day and finished the job in time.
    Whenever I get that feeling of ennui I remember those words & they work like magic... but not in my head, I have to get up & go out the door and walk and touch those trees!
    That holiday will give you your mojo back big time!

  25. so sorry you are feeling this way - so tender that even expressing it taps into deep emotion...
    it's there - i know i have had periods where i wonder if i will forget how to create... or if i will ever be able to do something 'new'...
    you don't need coaching on how to get going, it will happen and happen beautifully... in its own sweet (nail biting) time... no beating yourself up allowed...
    'lightly, child, lightly...'

  26. It sure is frustrating when this happens. Perhaps just getting it out in the open will unlock the block. Good luck. Looking forward to your new creations, whenever they appear.

  27. I know exactly the kind of space you're in. I often don't notice that I've tired myself out until it's too late. I think we take a while to settle with the new season as well, but for me, walking often does the trick, reaching some place wildly beautiful and just sitting there (or dozing there!) until I feel like going home again. I'm sure it will feel better soon and look forward to hearing how the new projects that emerge from these times work out.

  28. Oh Robyn, I feel for you. I do not have any magic muti to offer I'm afraid but I do send hug-wrapped-hopes that whatever you need to move you into a new space happens for you soon... For me, I've found I can't force it and just need to patiently wait for the lull to pass (and it always does!) but sitting in those doldrums is SO uncomfortable. Focussing on other, completely unrelated stuff, sometimes helps me too. Yeah, I know, not particularly helpful. I'm sorry! I hope your lovely Autumn days do their special thing for you soon, albeit it a bit later than usual... xox

    PS I am sure your commission clients will be so delighted with what you create when you do that any small delays will be completely forgiven! They obviously already appreciate great art and they will know that behind that there's a creative process that sometimes has a schedule of its own...

  29. We artists are always in good company with our thoughts, focus, inspirations and lack of all the above. You can't push creativity it has to come like any slow burning passion.... then it explodes. Your desire/MoJo will return - just go with it. There's always a seed before the flower. Seems weird you're having Autuum when we are just hitting spring time. Close your eyes, breath, relax.... it will come as it did with the beautiful piece you reposted. One can never grow tired of seeing all it's beauty.

  30. Sitting here at my desk and the thought flitted again through my head, that I must, I must get back to my studio. Then I came here and see that you too feel the same.
    The creativity will come back. I am sure the hot weather doesn't help. It's draining isn't it, wearisome?

    We'll do it, we'll get the spark back.

    I am determined to work finish just one project, just a small one, maybe that will help.

    Hang in there. No tears. Try creating something small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, something for you, something to fit in your pocket.


  31. You are so good at what you do. Just keep doing, and if something better pops out great, and if it's just as good as the last, great, just do and enjoy the doing and don't worry about it so much.
    I visualize you picking up the chisel now. ;-) Have fun.

  32. Such beautiful pieces, so lovely to see some of your own work again.
    I dont think I have any more suggestions, so many have already made good ones.
    I know your weather hadnt helped and perhaps it takes longer to get over the heat and humidity of summer than you thought, then as here when the lovely weather of autumn comes, as it is here, I tend to just enjoy the weather, enjoy my walks, I too havent done any serious painting, but am back to my silly scribbles, can you for a short time carve something different and just for you? Would that help?
    Sometimes getting right back to basics for a short time helps.

  33. Hi Robyn,
    What a lovely lot of support for you in the bloggersphere - touches my heart.
    I can also relate to what you are going through. I don't think I am depressed either - but I'd rather be snuggled in bed dozing than out in the studio.
    I have 2 strategies that help [once I am out of bed :)]
    1. Thanks to Eckhart Tolle - I remember I am a human BEING, not a human DOING, so whatever state of BEING I am in is just fine!!
    2. I do half an hour in the studio, then half an hour in the house, then half an hour in the studio and so on. It usually only lasts a few rotations before I get totally engrossed in something, but it works best when I don't plan what I will do next - I just go with the flow and do whatever I see in front of me needing attention.
    Hugs from me xoxoxox

  34. When EVERYTHING is boring.. you'll know. Good things take time to develop and they will come when they are ready. it is always that way.

    Robyn, Your work above is magnificent.

  35. It is Spring time here with above high temps. This has been driving me in the garden. No time for artsy endeavors. Not much time for reading blogs. Must garden. Keep looking at this work. It has so much inspiration in there even for me. She will come back to you. Many blessings...

  36. i have no advice but to say trust yourself and keep doing something, anything creative (like sharpen your knives...) and it will come.

  37. I've been feeling the same Robyn. But perhaps this is just a moment of quiet time, gestation before a burst of creative energy.

  38. I like what Missouri Bend said. Be gentle with yourself. When I am stuck in my painting I do ceramics. Perhaps working in another medium would spark you?
    This piece is stunning.
    Big hugs,

  39. I hear you Robyn, my creative desire eludes me also.
    I can only suggest that you just ride it out until the urge to create comes knocking again. That's what I'm doing and hoping for.

  40. I woke up this morning to find a rush of caring comments. Wow! Thanks everyone for your amazing support.

    Tracey, it feels good to belong to an art tribe such as ours because we can share stories and comfort each other during the fallow periods.

    kathyd, so interesting to read that you were taught by Stephen DeStaebler. I enjoyed browsing through his website yesterday.

    Patty, I do recognize the cycles which certainly helps but this time around the cycle seems to be dragging its feet. I've just looked at Imagine on Amazon. Thanks for mentioning it.

    Di, thanks so much for sharing the 4 points. Whenever it happens is the right time ....I will take comfort in that!

    Missouri Bend Patti, I really appreciate the reminders, since worrying that I'm wasting time is bothering me.

    Jann, it does help to share doesn't it?! I seem to think of the contraction period as a weakness even while knowing the expansion period will follow.

    Jennifer, it's the light changes in Autumn that act as a catalyst to get me creating again so I can understand that the light changes in Spring make you grumpy. Hoping you get into the studio to create soon :-)

    Thank you so much Mayra!

    Laura Farrow, I suppose we are impatient. We know that this phase will pass but we worry that it won't. Good luck to you too!

    Lisa Graham, the advice I always give people in the same boat is to just get moving. It really is time I did "just do it!". It helps that we can remind each other often.

    Wax beach Artist, the only creative thing I'm doing is blogging and even that's been sluggish. I decided to post about it to shame myself into beginning something but instead I have received a gift of encouragement from everyone. I will take your advise and create a collage today! Thank you!

  41. just jen, .... to stop judgement and "just be" sounds easier than chastising myself. Today I will be doing several things my blog friends have suggested. Keep those wheels turning!

    Elfi, bon travail .... I am learning little snippets of French. Thank you!

    Mansuetude, you think? Lol.... I will be thinking of you typing your pages while I clear my work space.

    Kathryn, thank you .... how can my spark not return with the support I'm getting today?!

    Thanks Anca, .... "good work will come at the right time" ..... my mantra for today.

    Emma, "just be" ...... soothes me. I'll definitely be more patient with myself. No, not drawing as such but I do jot (scribble) ideas down into my sketch book, so there's hope for me yet :-)

  42. Cat, I keep thinking if I did have a studio it would make things easier but I also know that if I really wanted to work I would make do with the space I can find. There is a section in the garage that I can clear to do some of the work (and I am doing that today... or else!) The messy machine work has to be done outside. The cooler weather makes that possible.

    Weaver, that makes perfect sense. It sounds so easy... just get started.... and it is easy once I get my mind right.

    Jennifer Tetlow, thank you! I have these strong hands and that is the most important part .... once I've programmed my brain :-)

    Mo, free fall .... I really like that thought and as soon as I've finished here, I will be outside touching trees. 11 hours building a wall? ..... you deserve a pat on the back, especially since you persevered after it collapsed.

    Mairedodd,.... "lightly, child, lightly" .... I'm so glad you reminded me :-)

    Theresa, we started walking again last night (after a lapse) and it certainly clears the cobwebs away.

    Annie, we will be taking some time out soon in a very wild beautiful part of the country with long beaches, cliffs and wide rivers. I can't wait to walk and walk and walk..... and sit and think and just be.

    Kenda, your hug-wrapped-hopes are so appreciated and knowing you've come through tough times helps me to put things in perspective. xxx

    SooZeQue, waiting for the explosion ... with patience! :-)

    Hhnb, yes we will do it, we'll get the spark back ! Something new to fit in my pocket .... I like that :-)
    I often think of your small mosaiced hearts.

    Lynn, enjoy the doing .... that's what it's all about. Thank you!

    Penny, yes,it's has been a particularly hot summer! Carving something just for me .... play time .... that would certainly help. I was reading backposts (January to March for several years back) and I have advised myself to take time out to play and experiment with my carvings. It always works!

    Noela, the support here is extremely touching.... and it's not for the first either. I feel very lucky. Laughing at the "... once I'm out of bed" and nodding enthusiastically about "a human BEING, not a human DOING". Thanks for the advise and the hugs.

    Thanks Gwen, it's good to be reminded that they will come when they are ready... it is always that way. Yes it is !

    Thanks Lisa at Greenbow, I imagine your garden is great therapy. A good feeling after a day planting and tending!

    Velma, I intend to keep doing today :-)

    Bridgette, a lull before the storm.... I hope so. Wishing the same for you :-)

    Annie C, thank you! I will try a collage this afternoon and see where that takes me. xoxox

    Azirca, it's always a comfort knowing others have been through this and that the phase passes.

  43. It's either feast or famine in art world. A day trip, vacation or even a walk often help me or as Judy suggested working in another medium. I used to sew and lately I've been looking at fabrics thinking I might sew again. What a great carving, hope to see some of your work in person one day.

  44. maybe get into those 10 minute collages again.....they are such fun and inspirational.
    I decided to go through my sark cards and find one for you....this one just popped out "each day is a succulent new still and let the beauty come"

    Sending a warm hug of friendship.

    Jacky xox

  45. You have such a bevy of loyal followers! And such good support and wise advice! I probably don't have anything new to add, but my thoughts are these - what OTHER obligations are you attending to right now?!! Often when I lag in the studio, I sit down, look at my calendar and feel some relief to notice that well, I took four people to six doctors' appts., got my part of the taxes done, cleaned both bathrooms, etc. The other thing I would say is that making commission pieces can be a real drag - as much as it is an honor (blah, blah) and even if the subject on tap is of great interest... so for those readers who suggest doing OTHER things, (collage, drawing etc.) I double chime. I often (almost always?!) make TWO pieces for a single commission - not cost-effective (unless second piece sells), but it gives me room to move.

  46. Thank you Linda. I have just completed a collage and done a little (actually a lot) of work space clearing, so I'm already feeling a lot better than when i wrote this post.

    Jacky, you won't believe it but that is exactly what i did a few hours ago. When i have too much to do the 10 minute collages are the first to go.... which is silly because they definitely help to keep the creative spark alive. Oh and I LOVE the quote! Thank you my friend!

    Dee, you have hit the nail on the head. "What other obligations are you attending to right now" .... I really have had a lot on my plate the last few months, but because it has nothing to do with art I discount it. You also mention the honor of commissions... nail on the head again! I feel very lucky having so much support on my blog. You have no idea how much better I'm feeling since reading all the comments. Thank you!

  47. Robyn,
    I'm certain someone else has suggested this by now, but I just spent a few days cleaning my work area. Could be the shiny clean surface that makes me feel good enough to sit there and dirty it up again, or perhaps it is the inhaling of the cleaning fumes, but it prompted me to sit down and put something on it.

    Oh my....that piece from last year is so beautiful. The beauty of a true work of art never fades.

  48. well...what a treat come along now and read these thoughtful words from each one. I imagine you are starting to feel reborn simply in terms of not worrying about the lack of "productivity" in light of your mention much else has required your attention and so productivity happened elsewhere.

    It reminds me of how one thing leads to another and its so easy to wind up giving ourselves a hard time... something freezes around the doubts and worries. Smart to say what was on your mind to tap into this vast outpouring of wisdom.

    if i can add anything its only going to back up what others have said... i distract myself with small tasks and items ... start in slowly when not able to go full steam... and I have also gotten more used to that strange thing of plans going astray...only to realise much later the gift in that.

    Something good is often born in the midst of the most seemingly inconsequential, unlovely or unexpected moments.
    Your work is indeed wonderful and much admired Robyn... as are you and your warm engagement!

  49. Everybody has said would l would have liked to l will just say...l know just how you feel and am rhinking of yopuxxlove love love your carvingsxx If l was nearer l would commission one from you for surexxlynda

  50. My opinion... don't be so hard on yourself. Your art/job takes more than just getting up in the morning. It requires inspiration, ideas, creativity, and most of all a vision. If we try to find them in a hurry, force them, that's what it ends up looking like. Or it does for me. You need some giggles/fun/relaxation. big hug...

  51. Just popping back to check on you...lovely to see you are feeling much better Robyn and had already done some of the 10 minute collaging!
    You are surrounded by friends here in blogland, thats for sure reading all of these wonderful comments.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful Easter!

    Jacky xox

  52. It's a comfort to know others are in the same boat (without an oar) as I am. Including the commissions part. I know art takes patience, from both the creator and viewer and all will come together in good time. No guilt-it's a gift.

  53. Please don't feel guilty or useless, listen to your body and brain, they are telling you, you NEED a break, a rest.. The more you fight it, the more your mind and spirit will be needing a rest. Take as long as you need to recouperate, to regenerate your mental capacity. Really love your beautiful work. ox

  54. Procrastination is my middle name! Lovely work Robyn and when you're ready you'll make more lovely things, I'm sure! Now ... I must leave blogland and think about that commission ...maybe!!

  55. When I read your post I was going to suggest the 10 minute collage, but I see Jacky's already made that suggestion and you've already taken the plunge. I always find it works a treat as do many of my students. Love your images, everyone of your intricate little carvings would make beautiful jewellery pieces, Have you ever contemplated that as another string to your very talented bow?

  56. buy a new tool....and remember it is all good....even the 'percolating time'.
    missy from the bayou

  57. I like to reframe such times in compassionate terms...perhaps instead of seeing this as some lack on your part, what is happening is happening on the inside, a period of gestation. Like a baby it must have time to develop fully inside before it is ready to be pushed out and born.

  58. A great quote. Good courage looks like over 60 people are wishing you well which includes me!

  59. I dare to say all who faithfully read your blog can relate to your "doldrums", as can I. No telling what lights the creative spark, only know that when the time is right, it will be lit....

  60. When I get stuck I force myself into the studio and tell myself I am JUST going to clean and organize. Once I'm in there, and after cleaning and organizing, then I think that I could doodle. I try that for a day or two and then I JUMP in as if I didn't notice myself doing it. Then I am working, just like that. For me, as long as I can spend time doing something in the studio, eventually I start working. Good luck with finding your way to your work.... I know its not easy.

  61. Oh the dreaded artist block! When I'm in a stage of 'freeze' I seek refuge and inspiration in a couple of quotes from "The Book of Runes" which helps me take the worry away from my mind "Set your house in order, tend to business, be clear and wait on the Will of Heaven" and "We do without doing and everything gets done" I find the very act of surrendering, allows the energy to flow freely once again...I do hope you are feeling better soon <3

  62. RobynDarling,
    I love you.
    You can always fix a mistake.
    There is always more wood.
    There is nothing to fear.
    Make it for YOU.
    Now get up off your butt
    and go pick up a chisel.
    Well? I'm waiting.
    GO. Take a step. Now.

  63. DJ..... LOL..... I think you could be channelling my mother (except she wouldn't say butt). What a hoot! I really needed the pep talk and will definitely let you know if/when it works. Gotta love you!

  64. Thanks Karen! I cleaned my table and it certainly makes me feel lighter. I'm slowly ticking off all the things I thought were standing in my way. Any day now....

    Sophie, it's impossible to feel alone with my creative niggles because we're all in the same boat at some stage and have tips to help get through it. The gentle encouragement as well as the pep talks are a boon! Thank you!

    Thanks Lynda, it's wonderful to receive so much encouragement!

    Pj, very wise words! Thank you! The thing to remember is that my to-do list doesn't always go according to plan.

    Jacky, you will be proud of me. Second 10 minute collage done yesterday and a third about to be done today. Have a glorious Easter! Your weather must be similar to ours at the moment.

    Thanks Robin, ... no guilt... that's the key! Wishing you creative days soon.

    Margaret, thanks so much. You are so right about fighting it and feeling even more drained. I'm taking advantage of this lovely long Easter weekend to just be.

    Caroline, don't even think about that commission until the weekend is over :-)

    Ro, I have made jewellery on and off over the years. I might even contemplate it again since work space has been an issue lately. The 10 minute collages are definitely tweaking my interest too. I should never have stopped doing them .... but no time like the present!

    Missy, buy a new tool ..... now why didn't I think of that?! It's such good idea! Thanks Missy, I will do a little browsing when I go to the Hardware store!

    Laura, you are so wise and your gentle comment soothes me.Thank you.

    Mary Ann, isn't it a great community?! How can I not get moving with so much encouragement.

    Cynthia, it's interesting to ponder over the different things that do light the spark and how often it's something completely different to the previous time, but as you say, when the time is right ....

    Valerianna, the studio issue certainly has a lot to do with it. Having a work space that you can close the door on makes a big difference. Since writing this post I've cleared a work space in the garage and a big table is waiting for me. ... and looking very inviting too, I might add.

    Kim, the very act of surrendering .... yes, I can actually feel my shoulder blades relaxing. The quotes from The Book of Runes are helping too. Thanks Kim, I do feel more open to budging.

  65. Yeesh- tell me about it, seems I'm not the only one in limbo right now! It's a strange nowhereville I can't explain- not blocked, not burnt out, not bored...just waiting. I have so many ideas in my head right now for new projects and yet nothing much has been done. (Actually i stared at my work desk tonight wondering what I'd done all day!) Like you I work best in Autumn and Australia is mellowing into it nicely, but there's not a lot of work going on!

  66. dearest robyn, i haven't read the other comments (so many!), so if i'm saying what someone else already has, do forgive. i read the label "artist block" at the bottom of the post, and thought - well, yes! so appropriate! for you, an artist block can become something else when carved and shaped into the vision that unfolds before your eyes, and through your hands. we all have these blocks - the figurative ones - but you, goodness - you actually have the very strong talent of transformation from the literal block. i envy you, this. such beautiful art... it will all begin to unfold again, when the time is right. deep breaths. xox

  67. This piece has always been a favorite of mine. I know you will be creating again soon, but meanwhile enjoy your "most glorious honey days of autumn..."
    I wish you could have been with us on the panel in NYC too. The city was spectacular and the company loving and fun.

  68. When the muse strikes you will go like a whirlwind. Meanwhile enjoy those honey days.

  69. Thank you for your honest post. I totally hear and share what you are saying. I've had an unfinished painting on the dining room wall for over a year now, in the hope it would some how help me too. Not working so far! I hope you feel that familiar spark inside you again soon.
    My best.

  70. You sound like an ARTIST! Did you get that quote from the book ART & FEAR by David Bayles & Ted Orland? I just saw the quote there today as I was looking through the much lined and worn book.. and I found this quote: "You find reasons to procrastinate, since to not work is to not make mistakes." we artists are all at this place at some time...especially if you have taken some time off. It will pass.

  71. R-I know you will re-emerge - some of us are seasonal - like the bulbs waiting for the spring. Go well - sending much positive energy. B

  72. Robyn, dear Robyn--



  73. I'm just getting back a little bit of my creative force after being on hiatus for several months. Yes, it is frustrating, but worth the wait when it starts to come around again!
    BTW - Awesome piece!

  74. Robyn,
    I have not read any of the other numerous comments on this post, but I SO relate to its theme. Gosh, I procrastinate endlessly. So much so that I just get stuck doing nothing creative. So, recently, I've adopted this mindset: Just do those commissions, the commitments, to free up my time for creative work that I want to pursue. Not at all profound, but my driving mantra.

  75. Little Brown Sparrow, that is just the way I'm feeling. Just waiting. Hope the spark returns soon.

    Thanks so much Nina. Deep breaths ... and learning to be patient :-)

    Roxanne, I can't wait to hear your news. I see you have a new post up!

    Jo Murray, we really are experiencing honey days. i suppose you are too.

    Lucky Dip Lisa, Hoping you finish your painting soon. What a pair we are!

    Donna, not sure where I found the quote since I wrote it into my quote book some time ago. Your other quote about procrastination rings a bell for me too.

    Barry, the positive energy is piling up and something's gotta give soon.

    Dear Melanie, I've thought of you and Just One Cow often during the past month. Thanks for the reminder!

    Thanks Carla, glad you are over the slump and enjoying creating again.

    Mansuetude.... I'm afraid not, but you might hear some very rusty cogs turning... slowly.

    Leslie, it seems the older I get the more I procrastinate. I will have to do something about those commissions!

  76. Indeed artists block is an awful thing. I am inspired again at the moment, but I know what it is like not to be. Go with the flow, read a book, paddle in a river, do something different for as long as you need to and I 'm sure your creativity will come back soon.

    In the meanwhile I'm sending much positive energy.

    Gaby xo

  77. Slow living is also an "art" because it allows for the expression and realization later on ;-)

  78. When I am stuck I remember what a friend said "just one cow!"

    You and art love each other Robyn. It will come back. Start walking down the path and meet it half way. You are Art Propelled.

  79. Well, of course, I'm channeling your mother! She didn't want me to use the word "butt" either, BUT I told her desperate times called for desperate measures, so she said ok as long as my name was on the post. :-)

    Please tell me you're in Your Own World, making Beauty, as Beauty tends to do.
    Hugs 'round the globe,

  80. Robyn,
    you opened the door
    to a dark place
    now gathering the light
    thank you...

    xox - eb.

  81. Gaby, ....paddling in a river is exactly what i feel like doing. Thanks so much for the positive energy. Glad you are in the flow.

    Wim, I love the concept of slow living but of course after years of trying to squeeze so much into a day just to get everything done I now battle to slow down. When those fallow days arrive I feel uncomfortable about it. A learning process!Thank you for the reminder.

    Leslie, exactly! Just One Cow .... now why is it so hard to take one's own advice?Thanks my friend.

    DJ, I'm still laughing about that. ... and no I'm not making beauty ... yet. Enjoying the cyber hugs however :-)

    eb, glad you are gathering the light. I've been doing 10 minute collages every day. (1 to 4 images and a word or two). A few days ago I created, "the gathering". This collage made me feel so good!I'll email it to you.

  82. Robyn, I feel ya, as my students would say. Every summer when school is out I'm so excited to have time to make art, and then I can't. Frustrating! But if you open your heart and your mind, and don't try to force it, something will come. That's what I have to believe. xo