Friday, August 5, 2011


My Secret Thoughts by Patricia Oblack. See Website here.

The definition of Palimpsest according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is:
1. Writing material (as a parchment or tablet) used one or more times after earlier writing has been erased.
2. Something having usually diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface.

In this post I have featured artists who have used this concept in their art.

Handwriting on the Wall by Patricia Oblack. See Tumblr blog here.

The two paintings (above) by Patricia Oblack were done on a piece of plywood which Patricia's daughter had used as a diary of sorts to jot down her thoughts , phone numbers etc, late at night .... which of coarse is the ideal time to jot down secrets on the board that supports one's mattress. The board was eventually sawn in two and Patricia used these late night jottings as inspiration for the paintings and named them appropriately... My Secret Thoughts and Handwriting on the Wall.

Currents #3 by Alice Spencer. Each print in this series of monotypes is made of as many as 6 layers using a combination of plates and stencils.

Ivy Arabesque by Alice Spencer. Precision foam board with acrylic and sand. See more here.

Plaster Relief by Laurie Pearsall. Read her blog post here.

Palimpsest by Raymond Pousette-Dart

Solo Moments by Carol Ann Carter. See more of Carol's work here.

Proof is in the binding by Naomi Sultanik. See Naomi's website here.

Georges Noel

On Land and Sea by Lisa Creed. See website here.

Shadow (encaustic) by Lisa Pressman. See website here.

Ann Baldwin. See more work by Ann, here and a step by step layering process here.

Rug Sampler by David Chalmers Alesworth. Dyed wool yarn upon a Persian carpet fragment. Website here.

Contemporary Palimpsest - Jose Parla. See post here.


  1. oh,robyn, in my dreams! this is what I'd like to be able to do!perhaps in another life! thanks so much for stirring the brain.

  2. interesting post, i like the images you have selected

  3. Thanks for sharing a new word today!!! Very interesting examples.

  4. Loving your choices, especially the first and third. So beautiful.

  5. It's always a hard decision,when visiting your blog, which artist to check out first, they all have fabulous work. I always need a good half hour to visit them, I'd never call it a waste of time though, they're always so inspiring. Thanks for finding them for us.

  6. once more you have shown me so many more places to go and fall in love.

  7. Thanks for introducing me to these artists, Robyn; a great feast for the eyes, as well as lots of food for thought! (I must be hungry!)

  8. Robyn, This is very close to my heart. My paintings have 4-10 layers, so I love this post! These are beautiful and inspiring paintings and now I need to go check out all the links! Thank you for this. xoxo

  9. Another fabulous collection Robyn. Thank you!

  10. i really love the piece by patricia oblack... and i *adore* the word 'palimpsest'. : ) xoxo

  11. have been following a trail of bees lately [into the whirled of encaustic] so finding your post has been a particular delight!

  12. This is a spectacular gathering Robyn - the layering, the hints, the messages, the passages of time all so wonderful and special. I would love to be able to make work like these some day - thank you for sharing, as ever!

  13. just hopped back from Naomi's site -

    I love the layers and fragility, and the book like structures.. plaster, maybe?

  14. R- absolutely gorgeous post - images, artists and the concept of layers of words. work and meaning. Thanks. B

  15. Robyn, what a fantastic collection of artists you have gathered. I'm looking forward to spending my rainy Saturday afternoon exploring each and every artist.

  16. ahh, traveling the many winding paths of internet links, linking to other paths, vistas; if only we got physical exercise for all the wandering online we do, we should be in great shape! ;)

    Have enjoyed Patricia Oblack's layerings on Tumblr so much. Really like that story about the notes on the bed board. Like Lynne i love that word, but better not try to spell it.

    Naomi Sultanik has a few images that hit me emotionally. Carol Ann Carter's medicine box, too. A painting lesson... Great links, thanks for the journey.

  17. What a wonderful and educational post Robyn. You have introduced me to so many new artists. Thank you.

  18. absolutely LOVE this. And - a new word, too. A cool looking new word. Your blog is my online museum world. bless you for finding and sharing!

  19. Lyle, your brain ticks at full speed anyway but glad the post gave it a stir.

    Thanks Notmassproduced, there were so many images to choose from that the post could have been a lot longer.

    Oogleboops, it's a lovely word isn't it?!

    Dyche Designs, they're exciting aren't they?! I love the layering process.

    Thanks Anna.

    Ro, its the detours along the way that also add up the minutes. So many amazing artists and so little time!

    Soewnearth, .... and what a good feeling, to find new art to fall in love with.

    Sharmon, a feast indeed. I find my nose getting closer and closer to the screen as I'm trying to see the under layers showing through.

    Annie, I love your 2 new abstracts. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Leslie, my pleasure!

    Lynne, I loved the story behind Patricia's paintings. Layers of history.

    India, I hope that means you will be dabbling in encaustics?

    Art, it was fun finding the images too.

    Abigail, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Fiona, imagine being able to see them face to face. I think we miss so many details.

    Grrl, Naomi's work is wonderful isn't it? It looks like plaster to me.

    Thanks Barry.

    Kim, it's a rainy Saturday afternoon on this side of the world too.

    Mansuetude, now that's a thought! I would be as thin as a rake if I actually ran these internet miles. Aah you saw the medicine boxes! So intriguing!

    Zappha, glad you enjoyed the post on your birthday! :-)

  20. Renee.... and bless you for visiting my blog!

  21. There seems to be a lot of this type of art being made now. Seeing this carpet remanent layered is a new one for me.

  22. What a great word, Palimpsest, I'd heard it before, but did not know what it meant....not only am I learning about so many new artists, but new words too...great fun!

  23. très belles peintures, un + pour alice spencer!

  24. What a magnificent collection... like your choices, Robyn! Lots of great eye candy! I especially love the piece by Ann Baldwin.

  25. That is a stunning collection of works!

  26. Another wonderful artwork collection - how do you always find these masterpieces? All great and very inspiring!

  27. Such an interesting concept and a great grouping of artworks to highlight it.

  28. Love the word! Ann Baldwin's work is interesting - I enjoyed the step by step process. Thanks for this post!

  29. dear Robyn-oh!!!! I love these images!! I love the whole concept of using what we have, secret thoughts and letting pieces show through. A great meataphor for life and SELF. Am still draeming about your door puts a smile on my face every single time! xxx

  30. Robyn, Thank you! I am glad you like them. I just posted two new ones :-), I seem to be on a roll, this after months of being stuck.
    I have also been enjoying your old posts and your tumblr blog, stunning! xoxo

  31. mmmm mmmm mmmm palimpsest ... and the work is just breathtaking.... sigh...

  32. The concept of palimpsest intrigues me- always has.. layers upon layers revealed draws me in to closer and closer looks.. and more fabulous artists to look at.

  33. Dear Robyn, Thank you for this new beautiful word. Palimpsest. Secrets and layers, what could be better in a painting.
    Patricia Oblack work is so stunning, and I love seeing Ann Baldwins process. Actually I love all of these artists. How wonderful that you share your research with us! Happy carving to you.

  34. Lisa, glad you mentioned the Persian fragment. I included it because it is so unusual.

    Cynthia, palimpsest is a word I am used to since we had bushman paintings in caves on our farm and I became very interested in the layers of paintings one sometimes sees on the rock walls.

    Elfi, yes, Alice's work is wonderful! Look into all those layers!!

    Gaby, thanks for all the comments on the last few posts. I've missed you.

    Sarah, I have to agree :-)

    Sue, I find them and feel inspired too!

    Seth, I thought you would enjoy this concept.

    Caroline, I think Ann Baldwin's work was the first art that peeked my interested in encaustics.

  35. Soraya, thank you! ....your enthusiasm is very contagious. Now I'm smiling!

    Annie, glad you are on a roll since being stuck. It's such a good feeling to get moving again. What would we do without art?! I think I would go quite barmy.

    Cat, mmmm mmmmm mmmmm I do so agree :-)

    Donna, yes layer upon layer .... just yummy!

    Roxanne, I feel like I have my own gallery and I can pop in to view all this wonderful art any time I like...... almost as if I am living in an apartment above the gallery and can tip toe down in the middle of the night. Am I weird?

  36. Thank you so much for posting my paintings. It's a pleasure to show in your virtual gallery!!!

  37. Thank YOU Patty! It was great knowing the story behind the paintings too.

  38. what a wonderful post Robyn, always leave your blog here filled with gratitude for bringing different artwork together in one place. Going to go and explore the artists here that I am not familiar with. Thank you!

  39. As always such inspiration, Robyn, thanks for sharing! xo

  40. Bridgette, enjoy the links!

    LaWendula, glad you enjoyed the post.

  41. Yum. I do love that obliterated and created, erased and awakened look.

  42. hi robyn,
    a fabulous selection. i am especially drawn to naomi's work - gorgeous!!
    i am also stopping by to let you know you won in my long drawn out give away :) please send me your mailing info and i'll get to work on getting it to you! xoxo k

  43. Oh exciting! Nice by Naomi and by much to see and paths to travel...why don't I have more time?

  44. Oblack's piece seems to breathe with life or light