Saturday, July 30, 2011


Today I discovered the amazing art of Michael Zelehoski. At first I couldn't make sense of what I was seeing on the computer screen.

Were they actual boxes and pallets? Photographs ? Paintings?

What Michael has done, in his own words....

"involves the literal collapse of three-dimensional objects and structures into the picture plane. This simple gesture – which is basically just taking things apart and putting them back together flat – is at the heart of what we think of as two-dimensional, representational art."

I was so enthralled when I made this discovery that I called my husband to look. He had a puzzled expression on his face. LOOK! this guy has flattened a box and made a picture from it so it still looks like a box and you aren't even sure whether it is 3 dimensional or two!!! And do you know what he said ?
"I don't get it."
In all fairness, I did drag him away from the rugby ...... and he usually gets it.

Have a look at Michael's process here to see how he collapses the object and puts it all together again.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan


  1. Incredible! I was kind of there with your husband until the last photo and watching the stop gap of the chairs being assembled. Of course, the shots of his studio are amazing. It's simply mind boggling.

  2. I agree that this is great art!

  3. Interesting that someone would do this on purpose. Often when I draw something it looks like this only I don't want it to. I want it to look three dimentional. Ha.

  4. Thanks for he vicarious introduction! -J

  5. WOW! This is very cool - what a mind! And yes - the shots of his studio are amazing.

  6. Amazing and incredibly clever. It's hard to 'get it' from the photos until you watch the animation of the process. This is something to be seen in person for full effect. Thanks for finding this!

  7. This is so fascinating. It really challenges the mind and completely draws you in. Ingenious.

  8. it is like taking our world and putting it between 2 pieces of plexiglass... i love the intellectual challenge... the concept alone is extraordinary, but the dedication to the work involved is honorable... i will carry this around with me for a very long time... thank you!

  9. UNBELIEVABLE cool! Reminds me of Alexa Meade's work ( in that it blurs the line between dimensions and reality. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!

  10. I had to stop thinking three dimensionally, then it popped right into view. Way cool, and thank you. I love coming here to see what you have done, but also for the links you provide to other artists.

  11. This made my head dizzy :-), but I got it when I saw the video! xoxo

  12. I have looked several times Robyn but I am still not absolutely sure that I have got it.

  13. i dont even care if i get it, its just enjoyable to look at :) thanks for sharing!

  14. I like this because it shows that everything HASN'T been done already!

  15. Yes please. Thank you.

    This has sparked layers of the synaptic grids inside where visual pleasure touches tactile memory and then conceptual to theory. What pleasure!

    Try climbing his "ladder" into a tree. :)

    I think visually they are amazing, but then all the punning and alluding to ideas makes my mind like a child on sugarcandy!
    Am going to keep that quote in my life, its like an invocation to Open great doors to new worlds!


  16. Wow... the mind boggles. Love these ambiguos pieces.

  17. Oh YES! SO GOTTEN! Love this art- absolutely brilliant- I am afraid that my husband would not get it either- he would say "so?"...

  18. Incredible, and rather mind boggling as well.

  19. Those chairs! Perspective done extraordinarily!

  20. Fabulous, I do want to touch it tho, just to mke sure;)

    Beautiful birds, below.

  21. Thank you for sharing yet another amazing artist, Robyn. I've never seen anything like this before, and can see why your husband was puzzled; Carl Sagan was absolutely right! Now I'm off to see how he does it...

  22. What an amazing artist! I don't know how you do it Robyn, but I am consistently intrigued and/or delighted to visit your blog and see what fabulous artists you are blogging about....always a great new experience!

  23. That really stretched my brain shape, Robyn ;) In a sense he's using the objects as a medium to make a picture of themselves, yes? Er...I think ;)

  24. dear Robyn-I am still swooning and dreaming about your fanatstic door...that visits me in my dreams. No kidding!
    I love this idea of reconstructing and rebuilding...a wonderful metaphor for life and ...well, ourSELVES??!! And of course I just love that brilliant perspective of putting the objects together just so. hubby would be puzzled too:)
    loving your previous post as well...about synchronocity and symbolism. I absolutely believe that when we open ourselves up to the magic of the starts to happen and...there is a certainty in or hearts is exactly that way for a reason.
    Thanks so much for all your very wonderful comments on my blog Robyn...I have been maening to send you off an e-mail...Tara is keeping me on my toes and between her and blogging/painting...its' busy over here!!! Sending you love and hugs across the miles. xxx

  25. THAT is amazing....i can't imagine even attempting to figure that out....

    .an artist's mind with math hands?

  26. without the link to the PROCESS i could not have conceptualized this... WOW... wow... wow...
    and you are AMAZING to always keep us wowed... xx

  27. Oh, wow! This really gets the brain going! It's good inspiration. And Love the Sagan quote at the end...

  28. it does do the head in,
    and it took a minute before

    I could decide if I like it not..

  29. Your blog is a treasure, Robyn! (have been away for a week and delighted to catch up with your blog posts!)

  30. Jennifer, the studio shots bring it all together don't they?!

    Art, it's certainly different.

    Jo, yay! :-)

    Lisa at G, lol.... I know the feeling.

    Harnett-Hargrove, my pleasure.

    Judy Shreve, I love the sudio shots too. indeed!

    Theresa Martin, I would like to slow the slide show right down to get a better idea.

    Seth, when I realized what he was doing it blew my mind.

    Maire, it must take hours to glue everything in stages.

    Jen, thanks for the link. I see what you mean. I spent a while on Alexa's Flickr photo stream too.

    The Crow, exactly... it does pop into view suddenly.

    Annie, the video makes all the difference.

    Weaver, it too me a while!

    Paula, glad you enjoyed the browse.

  31. Collage Whirl, his work is quite refreshing.

    Mansuetude, ladders just keep popping up since my ladder post!

    Jo M, my mind did boggle :-)

    Linda Sue, glad you got it and love it!

    Penny, it's different. I'm sure I havn't seen anything like it before.

    Leslie, crazy perspective!

    Emma ... touch and inspect the back. Actually there is a photo of the back on Michael's website.

    Sharmon, ....very interesting to see how he does it on his website.

    Cynthia, thank you!

    Wild C, exactly! Brain stretching exercise!

    Thanks so much Soraya, I know you are on your toes :-)
    Hugs to Tara!

    Neva, maths is not one of my strong points so i would definitely get all the measurements and perspective completely wrong.

    Cat, the more I looked at his website the more my mouth hung open. Just amazing!

    Parabolic Muse .... and good for the heart. My heart race increased :-)

    Grrl, the simplest pieces caught my attention first. Boxes are my passion!

    Jann, thanks so much. I noticed you were quiet. Now you have a weeks worth of Tumblr to catch up too.