Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sea by Susan Barnes. See more of Susan's seascapes here.

I was browsing through Douglas Robertson's blog and found a poem by Norman Bissell from his book Slate, Sea and Sky. I love the poem and it fits well with the theme of this post.

Weather I by Susan Barnes. See more here.

Sometimes here
it’s hard to tell
the sound of the wind
from the sound of the waves
or the sound of the waves
from the sound of the rain
or the sound of the wind
and the waves and the rain
from the sound of my breath.
- Norman Bissell
Drawing by Douglas Robertson. See website here.

Douglas Robertson writes, "The poem is a fabulous wealth of ideas for me, the lines evoking strong moods and images of the sea, and stirring many personal memories and experiences of the Atlantic coast of Scotland."
Caain' Whaals by Douglas Robertson. See website here.

Most of Doug's art is inspired by the sea and poetry. I love his drawings of whales and most of all I love his carved wooden whales. Browse through his blog , here and read about Sounds, the triptych he is working on, inspired by Norman's poem.

Douglas Robertson's beautifully carved wooden whales. See blog here.

Moon by Susan Barnes. See Susan's work at Green Hut Galleries, here.

The Space Between the Light by Kathryn Frund. See more here.
A Connected Solace by Kathryn Frund. See more here.

After the Storm by Amadea Bailey. See more of Amadea's work here.

Wind from the Sea by Andrew Wyeth


  1. Thank you for providing with with a morning of exploration.

    Another wonderful collection, Robyn!

  2. Love his carved whales, and the painting by Andrew Wyeth. I am in the midst of a book about Wyeth and his works.

  3. I came here from your tumblog after seeing those carved whales and now I just have to go to my tumblog to put Bissell's poem in there. That's the story of my life today...;-P

  4. I could do with some warm sea air right now. Marvelous post. I want to see more of all of these artists.

  5. oh gosh love how you ended with wyeth and it ties it all in there together! yum on Susan Barnes work, and the carvings remind me of my dad a wood carver too... thanks Robyn..xo

  6. A wonderful voyage to the ocean visiting here Robyn!
    Interesting to see all the different aspects of Doug's work. I haven't even gotten to the other links yet.
    A bit partial to 'After the storm' - that rich surface is pulling me in!
    Thanks for your comment the other night... after much dialogue, bloggers sending the actual Bill to read and other reports, it seems it was not accurate reporting at all.
    However ... there remains moderate concern over some parts of the legislation...as spelt out at blog post comments at length.
    Problem is that its become illegal to save seeds and grow food in particular parts of the world ... due to corporate moves. As that has become known in the US there are many who are tense about seeing such measures played out in their own country... so I think this pressure point is perhaps where the mis-reporting came from.

  7. I just don't know where you find all these wonderful images Robyn- they brighten a very dull day here.

  8. What a wonderful selection of images and links, I shall spend a happy hour or more exploring them all. I love the little whales and the Andrew Wyeth painting particularly. Thank you.

  9. I just came in from walking and looking out at skies like some of these, having wanted to stay out longer and gaze, but being chased indoors by the cold. This is the next best thing! Thanks. Ax

  10. Just been for a fabulous walk on a windswept shore with cristal clear light on the hills. I am a lucky woman & wish I could describe it using words & images like these.

    Your previous post was wonderful too - I've been to Lisa Jurist's before & keep returning. Thank you for putting all these fragments together as one.

  11. Robyn,

    Your post makes me feel that I've taken a short visit to Scotland and the shores of the Atlantic. Your catch of art is marvelous and the poem, a gem!

  12. Sounds I am so familiar with, all threads in my life. Rains, winds, surf. If I am in need of a fresh mind, a walk next to the surf will do it. One can't hang on to negativity with all that washing going on! These works all evolve movement. Thank you Robyn!

  13. Beautiful post. Kathryn's artwork really speaks to me.

  14. like Annie I have been in an atmosphere similiar to these sky wind cloud tossed waters, very slate gray here today. Lovely links and yes, those words are why we go to the sea to merge away from this little self we.

    thanda and thank you.

  15. I agree with all the comments above...these images are visual poems that make all the happier that I live by the sea.
    Yes...ending with Wyeth is such a joyful surprise.

  16. There is something mesmerizing about looking out at the huge expanse of a sea or ocean view-- the horizon line of the sky and the water is so limitless-- like there are no boundaries-- and the ever changing light- exquisite.

  17. As I scrolled down, the images just got better and better. Who can't be obsessed with the moody qualities of those storm paintings, and then how sweet those little whales are. Thank you!

  18. Gorgeous works! I love the shot of the carved whales.

  19. All of it (as usual) blows me away!, However the last image, the curtains blowing in the breeze is so relevant right now.
    It is HOT here, humid too and it was very, very still. Last night, lying in bed with the windows open (hoping for a little colish air), and then a breeze came in and oh, the relief! Lying there watching the cutains moving, just like that last image...

  20. oh Robyn I'm blown away by the pieces of Susan Barnes. In extreme weather, up in the mountains or down by the sea is where I mostly imagine to be able to fly....being part of the elements!

  21. I admire these seascapes - can almost hear the crashing of the waves! Best for me though, is the last - the muted colouring and movement in this painting is wonderful. Thank you for more excellent artists to visit.

  22. Interesting to see how many commenters - me included - were inspired by your inclusion of Andrew Wyeth's painting...I was reading about American Regionalism whilst doing research for my recent post comparing Hopper and O'Keeffe and I noticed that critics were dismissive of Wyeth because he was considered to be more of an illustrator than a fine artist. Why do these distinctions seem to matter so much to critics and so little to us as artists? If we're moved by it, we don't feel the need to label it - as your eclectic collections beautifully illustrate Robyn :)

  23. R-great poem - I could hear and feel the wind and smell the salt as I read it. And some of the images just pick up the slatey, windy, saltiness. Thanks for sharing. B

  24. Really great stuff! and Wyeth of course-
    Thanks for sharing.

  25. I like very much Douglas Robertson's drawings, among other beautiful art you posted in this log.

  26. Very "Turnerish", that Susan Barnes.

  27. A wonderful collection of water, wind, and breath!

  28. I'm really drawn to the first image, I think it's a combination of the subject and the hues.
    I just followed the link that you posted to Susan's other work...wow it's all quite stunning.

  29. Kim, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Pat, the photograph on the whole is wonderful isn't it?! The moleskin, carvings and knives.

    Priya, glad you tumblred the poem so I could reblog :-)

    Lisa at Greenbow, I feel the same way so we are leaving early tomorrow morning to get a little sea air. (an hours journey away)

    Cat, interesting to hear your dad is a woodcarver too.

    Sophie, where there's smoke there's fire.... but I'm glad there is considerably less fire than initially expected.

    Weaver, hope your weekend is brighter!

    Ian, I'm sure my eyes lit up when I found the photo of the carved whales.

    Annie, I too love walking on gray days unless its too cold.

    Emma, you are indeed a lucky woman. One day we will book in to your B&B and go for lovely long walks along windswept shores.

    Hannah, the poem is a gem isn't it?!

    Leslie, I am wondering about your new work ...

    Seth, yes Kathryn's work is often popping up on my blog because it appeals to me so much.

    Mansuetude, we are off to the sea for a few hours tomorrow morning. This post got me all stirred up! Thanda.

  30. Donna Drozda, hope you are having wonderful walking weather to enjoy the sea.

    Donna Watson, exquisite indeed! You mus be so grateful for the beautiful view you have from your house.

    Mary Zeran, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Mary Ann, the whales seem to have caught everyone's attention.

    HHnB, this is the coolest January we have had in decades. We are bracing ourselves for February. Poor you..... I hope you have cooler weather soon.

    Uschi, Susan Barne's work is amazing isn't it?!

    Caroline, there is something so wonderful and mysterious about Wyeth's work.

    Wild C, Wyeth is a fine artist extraordinair! I recognize it immediately and love it. Totally agree with you ....If we are moved by it who cares about labels.

    Barry, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Thanks Izzy.

    Wim, I'm wondering if you see many gray days in your neck of the woods.

    Avus, Turnerish indeed!

    Sharmon, I enjoyed collecting them together.

    Azirca, glad you followed the link. There were many of Susan's images I would have liked to post.

  31. Love that you ended this post with Wyeth's wind from the sea painting. You tell a good story, Robyn.

  32. I enjoyed each image Robyn! (and the poetry too!)

  33. Love the poem, the whales, the scent of rain, and I have always loved that Wyeth painting--such a lonely feel.

  34. Thank you, Robyn, for including me in this post, with such fantastic company. And thanks to to all your readers for their kind comments on the work.

  35. So many different, unique approaches to the theme, beautiful and inspiring as always!

  36. Another intriguing post with fabulous images Robyn. I love the Normal Bissell words. Very emotive. It sounds as if "the space between the light" should be the title of another poem. I really like the Douglas Robertson drawing of the birds. Amazing. How do you manage to keep finding all these wonders for us?

  37. Robyn-as always...what a beautifully written post! I can just feel the icy wind in the Wyeth painting!! And I love A Connected Solace-the scatchy quality, weathered and worn...LOVE!!!
    Thank you so much Robyn for your kind and loving comments on my blog. Your wishes on Tara's birthday has meant the world to me...more than you will ever ever know. I have often wished that she had more people in the world who held her dear in their hearts...now she does:) xxx