Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Temple Codex Cloth, Part II by Mathew Harris. See Mathew's website here.

Mathew Harris was the first artist who came to mind for this post. His beautiful textile pieces have captivated me since I discovered his works-in-progress on Flickr.

Echo 3 by Mathew Harris. See website here.

I enjoyed this article by Michael Brennand-Wood.

"On my last visit to the studio we sat and talked about the latest suite of drawings and cloth works. At certain junctures, allusions would be made to specific references, images pinned to the walls of the studio. I listened as my eyes began to drift around the room, I felt as if I were in the pages of a giant sketchbook. I noticed photographs of crumpled aeroplane wings, chipped wall surfaces, Japanese Temples, old texts, scraps of cloth and paper, tiny experiments in cloth and pigment, skeins of thread, waxed papers bound by reels of linen. The walls and floor were stained, marked with the outline ghosts of previous pieces. Colour was everywhere, puttied whites, ochre reds, sepia, sooty blacks and fugitive slightly blurry marks. The quality of the colour is very specific, everything is ground, stained, dragged, it may look old, worn but all of the cloth and paper surfaces have been treated, worked into time and again until the fabric is a virtual map of the processes that shaped its existence. - Michael Brennand-Wood

Aoyama Notebook 4 by Mathew Harris. See website here.

Thinking about fragments, shards and offcuts of past artworks ....

Remnants and scraps which might have been discarded or pushed to the back of a drawer or to the bottom of the rag-bag or wood pile .....
re-invented as artworks.

A delicious thought!

Authentic Movement 2 by M.J. Cunningham. Leslie introduced me to M.J's work. See more here.

Lisa Jurist's layered work is amazing! See blog here and etsy shop here.

Seth Apter. See Seth's blog here and Etsy shop here.

People Say .... by Cheryl McClure. See more here.

Fragment 2 by Maximova. See more here.

Fragments by Christian Burchard. (Thin slices of warped, bleached and sandblasted madrone timber). See more here.

Takamaya Dai. See more here.

Mosaic by Rosalie Gascoigne. Fragments of decorated china, tins, timber, printed art reproductions on board. See here.

David Neale Jewellery. See website here and blog here.

Photograph by Yehan Wang. See website here.


  1. Something about these materials having "lived" seems to make for wonderful resonances. I could happy gaze at any of these across my room. Lots of new artists for me to browse.

  2. Aoyama notebook 4 especially resonates and I'd love to browse amongst Lisa Jurist and Seth Apter's pages. Delicious!

  3. so much magic to explore, thank you

  4. Thank you for these wonderful images and for all the lovely links to investigate.

  5. les matières différentes me parlent, merci de nous faire partager!

  6. oh, robyn you have sent me to the moon with this post. my mostest favorite kind of thing to stare at by the hour! I wish I could put them all on walls where I can keep going back to look! thank you!

  7. Every tiny piece a story, a history. Oh, Robyn that piece by Rosalie G. I didn't know about it and my heart jumped when I saw it . Thankyou.

  8. Annie, making art with materials with a history always gives me a good feeling. There are some amazing pieces here aren't there?!

    Wild C, delicious indeed!

    Indi@na, I have to agree .... exploring the magic!

    Ian, enjoy!

    Elfi, your work has a similar feel. I love the fact that you use old clothing in your paintings.

    Lyle, I am so happy that you love the post!

    HHnB, I knew you would love it! I posted the Gascoigne mosaic especially for you.

  9. R. Thankyou soooooooooo much! Funnily enough I have been saving sardine tins to house little mosaic fishes. I see now that Rosalie beat me to it in the use of such tins!

  10. Harris's textiles are so you, Robyn. Just gorgeous.

  11. Am really into textiles at the moment so this post is excellent! Looking forward to dipping into all these links especially Matthew Harris's site.

  12. HHnB, that is such a great idea! I love it! Your idea is so different to Rosalie's.

    Tess, yes I do love Mathew Harris's textile art indeed!

  13. love this, insync w/my sketchbook project, SPARE SCRAPS...fragments, parts, ..... thanks...such homage to the formally discarded! the perilous life of pieces!

  14. wonderful post with so much to check out, just love the stitches and especially Lisa's book yummy textures!

  15. All of these get me excited. I can't seem to get enough of seeing them. All of those textures and found things put together, wonderful.

  16. A good way to start my morning feasting my eyes of this collection. just wonderful.
    xoxo Kim

  17. Mostly lurk these days but have been reading your great posts. This one has some truly wonderful artists and links. Thanks Robyn.

  18. A glorious post Robyn. Bits and pieces, rearranged into something beautiful. Much like life.

  19. It's almost eerie, the way this post speaks to me right now as I've started working with textiles--I wasn't familiar with him but Matthew Harris is the bomb! And of course the great Rosalie, had never seen this type of work of hers before either. Love it--and I've been saving sardine tins for awhile too!

    How do you source all this wonderfulness Robyn?!! And create too!

  20. So Much Wealth! Expressed, and found, shared.

    You are a true collector of beauty and gifts.

    Thank you!

  21. Superb work, Robyn, this adds a stunning addition to your work.

  22. The art for the time when you think about it! Robyn...pity you are not here to walk our streets after the floods and see the tremendous line up of thrown out goods. Family friends in their 80's are aghast to see some of the recyclable things being thrown out.
    They've been through many a flood and cant but wonder at what's on the street. Of curse anything made of chipboard and such material goes to ruin...but solid wood and metal items...are on the streets too!
    Bless the artists who show us how to rethink and re value our things!
    You and these artists and anyone who has that eye for re-using would be surely pulling out pieces to take home and make something of.

  23. What a line-up of talent! You always introduce me to so many new artists and styles of work. Thanks o much for the inspiration.

  24. fragments, scraps, and bits of histories, memories - layered and pieced and placed- renewed to become in the moment- to be savored and divined - feeding the soul.

  25. one of my favorite topics...fragments, layers..creating works from discarded collections and pieces that don't match but work together. some amazing new artists here Robyn..MJ's work is one of my favorites along with that unique piece from Seth that I don't recall seeing before....
    Whenever I visit here, i go off on a tangent before i get the opportunity to comment and finally days later resurface to comment! many thanks for the inclusion and links.

  26. Gorgeous post! That piece by Mathew Harris is a true testimony to how even the littlest scrap can have power. Oh, I am addicted to you Tumblr site!

  27. Thanks again for showcasing artists I've never seen before. It just reminds me to look again at the streets around me...this morning I was thinking about how pleasurable it is to touch and look at familiar bushes and trees. As familiar as they are they still look slightly different every day. That is what I find fantastic about these pieces, these art pieces bring together the familiar into new life! Every viewing brings a new journey.

  28. Nice to see Lisa and Seth's work here amongst so many other worthy artists. Great post!

  29. Robyn, thank you for your wonderful posts. I have learned about so many fabulous artists through your blog. I cannot thank you enough for this valuable inspiration!

  30. Caroline, I'm interested to see what direction you take with textiles. You are such a wonderful artist that I can imagine this new direction will be wonderful.

    Neva, I so enjoyed seeing your spare scrap ideas.

    Cat, Lisa's work is fantastic, yes!

    Lisa at Greenbow, so glad you enjoyed the post as much as I did putting it together.

    Kim, enjoy!

    Theresa, lurkers are welcome :-)

    Leslie, yes such is life!

    Collage Whirl, it was quite a surprise finding Rosalie's mosaic piece because I thought I had seen all her work on the internet... so it was thrilling to stumble across a different piece. I couldn't wait to share it!

    Thanks Mansuetude.

    Douglas, one day I will change tack and work with textiles again but in the mean time its great to feast my eyes on the work of these amazing artists.

    Sophie, sad as it is to see so much flood damage I must admit I would enjoy "cleaning up" all the discarded wooden items.

    Azirca, so glad you enjoyed browsing.

    Donna, feeding the soul indeed!

  31. Lisa, your work is wonderful and needs to be seen. I just wish I could feel it!

    Thanks Mary, Tumblr is very easy to become addicted to!

    Lrc, its mind blowing to see how artists transform the discarded or mundane into something beautiful, intricate or intriguing.

    Thanks Lucky Dip Lisa.

    Melinda, happy to hear you are inspired!Thank you!

  32. As always, a beautiful collection. I sooo resonate with the Burchard and Dai work, mmmm.... so much to inspire out there!

    Thanks for popping over to RavenWood.... and just in case you thought that was my NEW studio, its not, its the small one that I can never get warm enough to work in winter, though its well insulated, hence waiting for a new heater. The studio that will be built this spring is a larger space to teach out of! I might be inspired to move myself in there, too.... especially if its WARM!

  33. Lisa Jurist gets my vote,

    with Sethipoo
    hot on her heels..


    clickety click!

  34. Robyn,

    I saved this post to read today when I had time to really drink it in. There is something so exquisite in Matthew's working of his materials, the manner in which he stitches the cloth together; the joins, overlaps and emergence of symbols.

    Thank you so much for doing this research and sharing it with us!

  35. Thanks for including my piece among all these treasures Robyn. And I would love to be in the pages of a giant sketchbook too. Off now to explore these links.

  36. In the pages of a giant sketchbook. I can't imagine anything more lovely. To be surrounded by so much inspiration. The orange and muddy green in the first textile photo is to die for. Lisa Jurist's book is wonderful. There is almost too much to take in with your blog posts Robyn, but I will do my best..haha. Thanks for all the links to blogs and Etsy. Off to browse some more. Have a great week.

  37. R-so many kindred spirits who are interested in picking up the fragments and weaving then anew or weaving them into the new I like the way Donna expressed it :"fragments, scraps, and bits of histories, memories - layered and pieced and placed- renewed". Thanks for reminding us that all we create is made up of fragments really. B

  38. Wow. I love the phrase too, about feeling as if one were on the pages of a giant sketchbook! Beautiful post filled with fragments of patterns and symbols and life! roxanne

  39. love these Robyn...I have a slide show on my side bar of tiny scrap collages I created from the remnants of my students work...the pieces they left on the floor after class..for me they were beautiful treasures...that just needed to be introduced so that relationships could form among the pieces.

  40. Oh, so lovely. I love the suspension. I love the whites. Thanks for sharing.

    I read that you collect much that is African, and we have two headdresses. I forgot about them until I read that. They are male, female and baby antelope. Wondered if you'd want them? I can send photos.

    I've never seen Mathew Harris. So cool! I'm off to read the article link, now.

  41. Hi Robyn,

    I, too, have been spending less time reading blogs. Hopefully, that means more studio time!
    Love M.J. Cunningham's work.

  42. Well, that was weird, I started writing my comment to you and then "poof" it disappeared! ANYWAY...I missed your 2nd to last post here and am really glad I've caught up on it now! What incredible work to behold. It has reminded me that I need to "loosen up" my style this year - I have a tendancy to be tight and controlled. I know there's a moonlit beasty wanting to come out of my hands...I just have to listen to it beating at the door.

  43. Dear always...your posts are so inspiring and informative. I just loooove Jurist' pages...they leap off the screen and speak to me. I relate to the old-nes of the materials, their history, their used beauty. But my fave work..always YOURS!
    P.S. thansk so much for all the kind comments you have left on my blog. Busy unpacking over here...last van of stuff comes here this Sat. xxx

  44. Ohhhh another post with the wow factor, now I have to go and check them all out, so much eye candy.

  45. Thanks Robyn, I love the contrasts,combinations and compositions

  46. Oh, there is so much goodness here, and so many links to follow. I'm lost . . .


    Word Verification: wisess -- yep.

  47. I've been away for weeks and weeks (family)... and I'm so enjoying catching up on your posts!

    Rosalie Gasgoine's mosaic is wonderful...must see more.

    Jacky xox

  48. You have done it again with a marvelous collection of art and magic as India says.

    I have loved Matthew Harris's work as soon as I saw it and am off now to see the links you provided on him and some others.

    Thank you so very much for your passion about art and that you share that with us.

  49. Exquisite. Thankyou Robyn for sharing all these delicious, delectable works and makers.