Saturday, October 3, 2009


Collage by Daily Poetics on Flickr

There are many things that interest me at the moment. I feel a bit like a bee darting from flower to flower, searching and assimilating. Not that I wish to include these ideas in my own art at this stage or even try new mediums ..... I'm just enjoying the mulling over and wallowing in all the amazing art that I'm finding, both in books and on the internet. At the moment I'm drawn to art incorporating handwriting, calligraphy, lettering, text and type.

Collage by Daily Poetics on Flickr

Daily Poetics has created the most wonderful series of "personal collages, compositions or gatherings, driven by inspirations or wonder and expressed in the spirit of meditation or play ..."

There must be over 200 of them to look at here.

Beautifull photographs by Giovanni Sesia, here.

Ophelia by Dolan Geiman, here.

Silence by John McQueen (spruce bark, cord and plastic rivets), at Jane Sauer Gallery

Paper Cut Letters by Annie Vought, here.

My Ethiopia by Wosene Kosrof

In the paintings of Wosene Kosrof, "the calligraphic forms of Amharic are broken apart, abstracted, and reconfigured to create a new visual language that draws upon the artist's Ethiopian heritage while incorporating his experiences as an expatriate living in the United States."

Wood-type, photograph by Susan Lomuto

Susan Lomuto is the creator of the excellent blog, Daily Art Muse.
Detail from Tabula Rasa , a book covered in porcelain clay and wax, by Jessica Drenk.

Ceramics by Connie Norman

If you enjoy art incorporating script, calligraphy etc, you will love tackad a blog overflowing with art and links.


  1. OMG! Robyn, you are driving me crazy-- always so much eye candy when I come here--as a lover of text and collage--you have made my day. I found daily poetics some time ago but the others-- how do you find them--Annie Vought and her text-wonderful. and then I saw Jessica Drenk-- I need to get out of my box! I just tried beeswax on collage but I never thought to do what she does-- and her use of toilet paper-- so creative-very impressive post!

  2. I'm always drawn to art that incorporates text, and once again you've opened my eyes to some amazing art and artists. Thanks!

  3. Seeking out other artists artwork is a natural thing to do. Apart from being educational, it helps you understand your own processes and helps forge a path that you yourself undertake in the creation of new material.

    As to typography, I love working with type, in part because I have previously designed a number of books, but more important, there is a quality to type that does more than just express a thought or an idea, it is the interaction between the letters themselves.

    In the meantime enjoy your journey . . .

    Thank you for sharing

  4. Wonderful pics- great as always.

    And here is my invitation for you:

    It would be nice to have you in there!
    Please check out:

    If you want to be in, please leave a comment on my blog, to make sure you won’t be forgotten. Thanks.

    See you!

  5. You've sent me on new discoveries. I need a nice block of time and a cup of tea to wallow in your links. This is a topic in art that I am very attracted to and I've been exploring it lately using encaustic. Still exploring and not showing though. Thanks,

  6. Robyn - you always manage to post a lot of inspiring art - today is no exception.

  7. This is so my favorite kind of art! Perhaps because I was a journalism major and loved a college letterpress class I took for fun?

  8. Kosrof's work is exciting. Love it! Great show, Robyn. I love script especially in artwork. Sometimes I'll use it in my art journal, but not in my regular artwork. I'm sending 'takad's' link to hubby. He's font crazy. Great site.

  9. Every piece here is wonderful. Thanks for another set of links to follow up. I've been trying my own bits, unsuccessfully, over the last few months, but these seem to be saying something more playful to me.

  10. good heavens I am without words! seriously, I think the ethopian work is the most startling of all! once more, thanks for finding these goodies for us.lyle

  11. The text with the violin just makes me swoon ... .
    so many words, so little time.

  12. I guess I will have to come back to keep viewing these posts because they are so visually chewy and I am so fascinated by text and illustration! thank you!

  13. thanks again for another lovely 'paper trail' to follow...

  14. Don and I are lying in bed going, "ooh" and "ahh" over some of these.. already inspired to get down to the art tables and mess about.

    Thank you for the morning enjoyment.

  15. This post is a feast laid out especially for me, it would seem.. I love text/script and what amazing examples you've found Robyn. Thanks for sharing,you know what's going to keep me busy today.

  16. you do find the most amazing art to share! i love the inclusion of text in lovely are all the letter forms!

  17. Wow! So many great images.There is so much art out there to see.

  18. i love this post. i am so attracted to any art that incorporates type. these are wonderful examples. i'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite. off to check out the links. thanks so much for sharing . . . i love getting my dose of inspiration when i visit here!!

  19. You always excel at this Robyn. Amazing collection of images yet again. WOW.

  20. If I HAD gone into that old house on my holiday, Robyn, I'm sure I might have found a bit of graffitti to add to your art finds here! We were in a bit of a rush to get home, unfortunately, as the weather had turned nasty near the end of our day and Ma wanted to get to her washing drying on the clothesline in time (a crime against art, was that washing!).

    Once again - a fabulous, inspiring post, Robyn! I really can't wait to see where this new turn of inspiration will take you!

  21. Thanks dear Robyn...another beautiful post from you. Jessica Drenk is a favorite of mine...some wonderful work here to gaze at.

  22. terrific!
    this post reminded me of an indian artist by the name of sujata bajaj and her vibrant canvases incorporating text.
    these were the best i found on the net to share with you. i hope the lengthy link works:

  23. Another wonderful theme. I do love art that includes any type of type! Thanks for the intro to some new artists and sites.

  24. This post is so great and I have read the comments with complete agreement. I don't know how you do it but I sure thank you for finding these wonderful sites!I so love type I think you created this just for me! ha

  25. Oh... I want to make something like this today... handwriting, text and type... what beautiful collages you share... happy Sunday Robyn

  26. mmmm, I love so many of these and I also love that you make the distinction that you are enjoying looking at them and not so much interested in incorporating these ideas into your own work - they may influcence your work, but you stay true to your own muse :))

  27. Once again dear Robyn you have found the best of the best. It is fabulous to be seeing all of these contemporary artists. Thank you.

  28. There's whole lots to see here. Thanks for the links. I love handwritten bits together with other elements. Type, type! Oh, I love them all - all the fonts in the world. - Jeanne

  29. Yes, i like using letters in my work very much, we had calligraphy at the university and i use it a lot when i make medals and plaquettes.
    Another great post Robyn!

  30. Wonderful examples of fusion. I particularly liked My Ethiopia.

  31. A wonderful collection of goodness as always, Robyn!

  32. Oh Robin!
    I'm so partial to this post!! I love it! I'll have to go back and take a closer look!

    Hope all is well!

  33. Thanks for the reminder that we can just love the beauty of others talents without feeling the need to go and learn that technique!! beautiful post I used to live right down the road form Jane Sauers Gallery One of my favs!!

  34. There is always so much inspiration when visiting your blog Robyn. I love using text in my artwork and admire the lovely handwriting of days gone by.

  35. Donna, did you see whole love letters in paper cut on Annie Vought's site? Quite amazing!

    Pat, so glad you found some new artists in this post.

    Egmont, you make a good point. Studying other artist's work does make you understand your own more. It's all a learning process.

    Lawendula, thanks for the invite.

    Margaret, yes encaustics is intriguing me too.

    Thanks Weaver.

    Heather, not surprising you like art with type etc. I love Susan Lomuto's photo of the wood-type too.

    Shayla, Kosrof is one of my favourite artists from Africa. In fact there are several Ethiopian artists that I enjoy.

    Annie, keep on playing ....I hope we get to see your experiments.

    Lyle, I noticed your latest piece has faded script....lovely!

    Judith, lol... I know how you feel!

    La Dolce Vita, enjoy!

    India, my pleasure.

    Grrl, Just as well I don't have a laptop!

    Maya, I could have added a lot more too!

    Lisa, I love searching for more and more yummy stuff.

    Don, there's no end to amazing art on the internet.

    Julie, no surprise that this post appealed to you. You will love Dolan Geiman's site.

    Thanks T&S.

    Debrina, such a pity you didn't take a few shots inside the house.

    Jo, Jessica's work is new to me and quite a surprise.

    Priya, thanks so much for the link. I enjoyed seeing Sujata's work.

    Seth, make sure you have plenty of spare time when browsing at Takad's blog. There is just so much to take in.

    Mary Ann, so gald you enjoyed the post.

    Roxanne, I'm expecting to see your new type collages :-)

    Jeane, if I tried to encorporate everything I like on the internet ....phew I would tie myself in knots.

    Leslie, ditto to you with all the wonderful links you email me.

    Jeanne, its quite exciting isn't it?

    Thinker, you work must be time consuming in comparison.

    Anil, have a look at the Kosrof link. There are fantastic paintings to be seen there.

    Thanks Cynjon.

    Manon, so much to see ...too little time :-)

    Julie, you must have visited often.... I love so much that I see on the Jane Sauer Gallery site.

    Ro, I loved your latest post.

  36. Another wonderful post! Thank you, Robyn!

  37. Oh my gosh, Robyn! This is making me wild with glee!!!
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots and sites.

    Take care.
    Candace in Athens x

  38. Amazing work,Robyn,i am of yours..

  39. Did some more simple art in response to your blog post.
    lots of love from susan in australia

  40. This ones after my very own heart :) Calligraphy, typography are so integral to my work and art that I wonder if I will ever move away from it. Thanx for pointing me to some amazing new links- you are the best :)

  41. Hi Robyn
    I discovered your blog a few months ago, and lurked here and there. Tonight because I was bored I googled my name and your blog came up. I was really surprised to see you had posted my artwork. What a nice surprise. Thank you.
    Connie Norman