Saturday, August 29, 2009


Iron Fish by Roger Lee

There is beauty and power in multiple motifs and grouped objects.

Field Form Box Construction by Lorna Fraser. Ceramic.

Whether they are grouped as a collection on display or whether they form an artwork, they create a visual rythm .....a beat energy.

Vintage Industrial Tarn Spools from Lost Found Art. See here for more amazing collections of vintage objects.

Stoneware discs, detail from Dichotomy of Dirt by Margaret Boozer

Large artwork on the wall by Margaret Boozer

I found Margaret Boozer's work at a wondrous blog I discovered only yesterday. If you don't know Another Shade of Grey you need to make yourself a cuppa and browse. There's lots to see.

Stone Stack by Lissa Hunter.

Lissa Hunter creates many of her amazing pieces by grouping multiple objects in niches within her artworks. Sometimes she incorporates rows of pebbles ....or miniature handwoven baskets ...

....or basketware made from waxed linen thread to look like eggs or pebbles.

Flight by Lissa Hunter. Waxed linen thread, paper cord, paper, paint, lime.

Land Art by Streuwerk. See more of his work at Flickr, here.

Eclipse by Crowhand on Flickr.


  1. Beautiful collections of objects. I love the simplicity of repetitive groupings. In many cases I find the repetition calming and somewhat meditative. Thanks you for the introduction to Lissa Hunter's work. Thanks also for the post on my blog.

  2. Yes, there truly is something satisfying about the repetition of a multiple - especially in an object of simplicity and beauty taken from nature as in the examples you have highlighted. Such elegance - visual poetry.

  3. These are wonderful! Thanks for unveiling these artists. I will take a good look at them. - Jeanne

  4. I LOVE this post...
    I have collections all over my home--- fossil ammonites, rocks, baskets... and my studio is filled with animal and bird skulls, those old weaving spools, rusty hinges and on and on.. anything round too.
    so loving seeing these images.

  5. Hi Robyn...what a thrill this post is....I love each and every image.
    Love how Lissa Hunter listed "time" in her list of mediums :)
    And Margaret Boozer's work...oh how wonderful!!!

  6. Hi how are you?

    I was looking through your blog, and I found it interesting, and inspiring to me, so I thought why not leave you a comment.

    I too have a blog that I use out of Southern California here in San Diego.

    Mostly it is a collection of artistic expression, and I have many friends with the same interests, maybe you can become my friend, and follow, and I can also follow you, if that is okay.

    Well I hope to hear from you soon, and or read about you….LOL


  7. Thankyou once again R, for introducing me to some amazing artists.

  8. your blog is THE remedy for any tired person, such treasure here...and you KNOW I love skulls, but it is the beauty of the neutral tones and grids that never ail to uplift.

    I have the cuppa here, and while to hound stares at me with walk eyes, I will raise the lap top a tad higher to block his glare for a few minutes..

  9. I suppose Anthony Gormleys 'Field' is based on the principal of strength in numbers!

  10. I love those stoneware discs! It's interesting to see how when we put things of a like nature in to a group they become a family. I am quite intriqued by this.

    Thanks for sharing:)

  11. I'm always attracted to multiples or clusters of little groupings and loved this post. Of to check out Margarets blogs now!

  12. Margaret, I've featured Lissa Hunters work on my blog before. It's just so amazing! All those tiny handwoven baskets...many of them pasted over with paper showing faint traces of script.

    Karin, visual poetry ....exactly!

    Jeanne, have a closer look at Lissa Hunter's site. Even the blurb below the artwork is intriguing. Lost Found Art is another site I could get lost in too.

    Donna, my home is full of collections too. I would love to browse through your studio.

    Jo, you must know the trouble I had deciding which beautiful images to use!I discovered quite a few others but hate to make my posts too heavy.

    Hi Jess, thanks for visiting. I will pop over to see your blog later.

    HHMN, enjoy!

    Grrl, I posted the skulls especially for the bone girls.

    Jackie, I was going to include Anthony Gormleys Field but since my post was full and I'd already featured it in another post I decided to leave it out.

    Lisa, it is intriguing isn't it ...families of objects are very appealing.

    Jacky, you must see my collections!

  13. What a gallery to browse through. Thanks for posting.

  14. Those skulls seemed to move as I flipped by them,I looked and wondered whose skulls they were. As you know I love collections too, off to look at the sites.

  15. Thanks Annie.

    Penny, they consist of crow and animal skulls that Crowhand found on forest walks.

  16. I wonder what it is that drives us to gather collections and why we are so satisfied by visual groupings like this? There's no denying that there is something so beautiful about these repetitions of simple shapes and textures. Thank you for sharing these lovely examples!

  17. Wonderful images and an insight into using muiltiples, I have learnt alot from this post; and thanks for the links, I am slowly adding to my list of blogs to visit regularly. Annother Shade of Grey is wonderful. Thanks for the comment on my post. Back to the usual carving after a brief trip into a new area, I might consider multiples in the next piece. Regards Dave

  18. Proof positive that there is strength in numbers. I have always found multiples and displayed collections beautiful, which explains why I so love your own work, Robyn...all those niches filled with things collected and things beautifully carved. Your work is also a perfect example of the Power of Multiples!

  19. What absolutely beautiful collections! I love coming to your blog Robin. You always have such amazing work to share... both yours and the work of others.

  20. wow, gorgeous, what my eye sees as multiples, my soul registers as abundance! thank you!

  21. I super exploration of multiples here Robyn! Thanks for all the links to new and exciting artist - I'm checking them all out, one by one..

  22. I'm a huge proponent of multiples and the strength that is derived from many - then just the opposite - finding the strength in a single - wonderful post Robyn :)

  23. Kendalee, this habit of collecting is curious isn't it. Sometimes it's something we don't even mean to start but similar things arrive in our lives and before we know it its a collection.

    Dave, interesting to see how you bring multiples into your art.

    Thanks Curio, Manon, La Dolce Vita, Caroline and Jeane.

  24. I saw the name of the blog, and just wanted to look around. Wow these are some amazing artistic arrangements. I really like the pots and the snail shells. So cool. Lovely blog you have here. Anna :)

  25. I think I'd like all the pieces around me in my house Robyn. Then I can look at them all the time. Fascinating. At V and A in London, i saw works by Sue Lawty which may interest you:

    you'll have to scroll down to the earlier posts to see her work.

  26. We were just discussing this subject at the manor this week. Any collected object is marvelous in numbers.

  27. Inspiring...I have many items in boxes and cabinets that would look wonderful in multiples. I think I need to get to work.
    I do have several areas in my home where I have practiced the art of multiples...I feel a blog post coming one.
    It is always a pleasure to visit your blog :)

  28. Great selection of eye candy. Thanks.

  29. one of these reminds me of a vision i had... thanks for that. makes me want to make things. thanda thanda thanda (is three a multiple) :)

    i think we like multiples because we are one of multiple(s) , if i did my multiplication right... sorry i am in a very silly mood (a multiple of coffee and joy) ha ha!

  30. wow - these are all so beautiful. I guess the repetition draw you in even more!

  31. Be still my heart ...
    there's nothing like visual repetition!
    Really love your perfect collection of collections -

  32. Anna, glad you enjoyed :-)

    Thanks Priya, I loved the link. Sue Lawty's work is fantastic.

    Willow, it certainly catches ones attention doesn't it.

    Thanks Mo'a, Bindu, Judith and Don.

    Mansuetude, I can't fault a multiple of joy....or coffee for that matter.

  33. I'm drawn to the Lisa Hunter niches with the baskets in them. The shapes are so organic...I want to take each one down and hold it a minute.

  34. Great theme, Robyn. Hunter's first image is especially thrilling.

  35. I like how the "collections" and repetitions relate to your art. Another wonderful online exhibition, curated by Robyn!

  36. Great selection I love multiples - we thought that being a twin had something to do with this.

  37. Amazing collections and the last one is truly stunning.

  38. Yes, I forget sometimes! Thank you - you actually just gave me great insight as to what is needed on a piece I'm working on!

  39. i'm so attracted to like-looking groupings like these. it's amazing how something as simple as a stack of rocks can be so powerful.

    thanks for making this such an inspirational place to visit!

  40. Robyn, Thank you for this great tour...I so love the pebbles and shadows and will return to view your
    Margaret Boozer's work.

  41. OK Robyn......I just speed read so many of your posts. I haven't been in blogland much lately, but dear me have I missed amazing things here. Holy moly. Art Propelled is such a great name for you. There is so much energy here. I think I should just keep repeating the sentence, your work is fabulous, your work is fabulous, your work is.....that would be in keeping with your theme in this post. LOVE IT.

  42. Stevie, each little basket is a masterpiece. Imagine holding one in your hand and being able to look at the details ... and the layers. Layers of paper with faded script cover the weave on some of them.

    Shayla, ooo yes memories of beach gatherings.

    Thanks so much Karine.

    Judy, hmmm well I'm not a twin and I love multiples (though I always wanted to be a twin) but maybe you love them more :-)

    T&S, I should imagine you come across quite a few skulls on your trips.

    Beverly, I'm so glad!!

    Thanks Julie, I suppose man has been stacking rocks for centuries.

    Mary Ann, enjoy!

    Karen C, I'm smiling! Thank you.

  43. Oh, I so love the stoneware discs and the wall art of Margaret Boozer... I have bookmarked her, thankyou! Roxanne

  44. There is definitely strength in numbers. I totally agree with you about the power of multiples. And you have selected some amazing examples. Off to see the links now.

  45. Thanks for the introduction to these artists - I love them all, but especially Lissa's multiples!

  46. Fabulous. I will be looking for these artists too. Thank you.

  47. just stunning. it's amazing how beautiful the simplicity of collections can be...a testimonial to less is more.. something I have not been able to achieve in my own art. Thanks for sharing all the links to these fabulous works of art!