Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Dynamism of a Dog on Leash by Giacomo Balla

Since the cat post was so popular I thought I would do a dog post for dog lovers. There are so many amazing artists out there that it was quite a challenge choosing my Top Ten.

Lucy , by Marci Forbes.

Lucy is constructed from discarded milk containers, cardboard tubes and newspaper. Click on Lucy to see more papier mache hounds.

This spectacular dog pulling on the leash is by Patric Farrows.

These humerous tin sculptures are created by Lucy Casson.

And now for something a little more serious.

Dogs of War by South African artist, Willie Bester.

Mosaic sculpture by Deborah Halpern.
Wire knit sculpture by Sarah Jane Brown.

Geoffrey Gorman works with juniper branches and found objects to make his intriguing sculptures.

Acme animal fun metal art "Good Dog Gone Bad" by Don Gidley and Sue Parker.


  1. Wow!!! Dogs of War really blew me away. I loved them all but that piece grabbed me violently and insisted I stop and think about it.

  2. Shayla, Bester made a series of blood chilling sculptures....all life size. His art (paintings included) make one stop and think.

  3. OK, my favorite post so far, but anything with dogs will get me!

  4. Amazingly creative sculptures! The dog world was feeling let down for a bit when the cats got all the praise, but now they are happy. :)

  5. aroooooooooooooh! Howling with pleasure at your top ten. Gorman's stuff i love, and his dog is snapped the moment before he flips his bowl over, jst like my hound...

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how creative people are. How the heck do people think some of this stuff up? Dogs of War - Wow!

  7. love them all!! thanks so much! these artists are so inspiring!

  8. You've made my day Robyn.Love the work of Lucy Casson ,the Dogs of War piece is very powerful.Such fantastic examples.

  9. wow these are fabulous,every piece.
    stunning post robyn.

  10. Gosh Robyn Amazing what you can find ... love them dogs, yes I am a dog person ... OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania

  11. I loved Lucy Cassons dogs - they are just so funny! with their people! then 'dogs of war' - off the chart!

  12. Dynamism of a Dog on Leash by Giacomo Balla is my favorite funny work of art :)
    One more great post!

  13. Just love seeing all the different ways that you can express dog's different moods and personalities.
    Love the leash one. that is so much like my dog Blue when she was a pup.

  14. Heather, thought you might enjoy the dogs.

    Bindu, I had to be fair to both sides :-)

    Grrl, my dog flips his bowl too. Drives me nuts. I've bought him one of those non-flip bowls but he's determined to flip it so there's a lot of clanging and scraping.

    Chris, Very powerful piece, Dogs of War.

    Julie, glad you like them.

    Embellisher, you can't help smiling at Lucy Casson's pieces. There are a lot more on the web.

    Megha, I've enjoyed this post too.

    Bethel of Bethania..OOroo to you too :-)

    Jeane, I love the dog walker's hair too.

    Thinker, the Balla dog is fantastic. My favourite too.

    Leanne, good point! So many different doggie personalities.

  15. all of them are so awesome!!!!
    love the first painting especially and the sculptures, especially lucy casson's.

    thanks robyn :)

  16. The dogs are wonderful! I love the mosaic dog and the dog pulling on its leash the best!

  17. Love them all. Thanks for digging them out.

    ps Bryn wants to play!

  18. Robyn...another magnificent post...
    Love every image.
    My eyes jumped for joy at the huge mosaic piece for three reasons.'s a magnificent piece,
    2...I love it's location in Birrarung-Marr, Melbourne.
    3...Deborah Halpern the artist who created this piece will be opening as guest speaker, at my group exhibition in 09!!! She is a friend of one of the members in my group!!!
    Yes, I'm smiling too :)

  19. WOW...what a collection, awesome

  20. Maryann, They are a joy to behold aren't they!

    Queencrafty, so glad you like them. I love the dog pulling on the leash too.

    HHMN, send him over :-)

    Jo, that is truly amazing! What a thrill to see it close up and an even bigger thrill meeting the artist. How about a post on Debrah Halpern??? Bet my smile is as big as yours!

    t and s, I love them too!

  21. Spectacular!!! every one.. dogs generate such a response from us.. man's best friend to evil incarnate... but only evil because we made him so...

    Wonderful to see these!!

  22. Gwen, it's a joy that everyone is enjoying these amazing pieces.

  23. Top dogging missis! x;0)
    (Dogs of War is incredible...and a wee bit scary!)

  24. Love all the dogs, especially the mosaic piece by Deborah, she's one of our local gals.

  25. Hmn, I recognize the dog pulling on leash from real life! Ajak/x has that *exact* same response when we got to the vet's he *knows!*

  26. Mimi, Dogs of War makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.

    Ro, I thought you would enjoy seeing it since you are a mosaic artist and have probably seen it face to face...

    Machinarex, yes that is what makes it so wonderful. We'v all seen that expression. Quite a giggle!

  27. Those Lucy Casson sculptures are hilarious!