Saturday, October 18, 2008


We were up at the crack of dawn to go to the Shongweni farmers market about 30 minutes drive away.

The first thing we notice every time we go there are the dogs...everywhere! Walking, sniffing, begging, yapping, lifting legs, perching on laps.....

..........sitting on tables,

........pulling, nudging, entwining leashes, tripping up their owners..........

......a veritable doggie festival.

Though it sounds like chaos, it isn't. I've only seen one dog bare it's teeth. The others are pretty amiable.

It is quite the event with over 90 stalls selling fresh breads of every discription, dozens of different types of sausages, cheeses, pastas, stone milled flour, smoked duck breasts and trout, biltong, danish pastries and so much food that the the air is filled with the most tantalizing aromas.

There is much to look at, from Nguni skins to sandals made from car tires....

Christmas decorations made from wire and glass beads....

Some of them made on the premises.....

Paintings, ceramics, jewellery and life sized giraffes made from tin.

At the end of all the meandering, tasting and shopping we sat on hay bales to sip coffee and watch life stroll by.


  1. What a fun time! I want to go to Africa so badly. Our "adopted" son is from Rwanda. He's a student at our local college (Abilene Christian University). I'd love to meet his family and experience the culture and see the art they make. I enjoyed stopping by.

  2. Now YOUR farmers market looks incredibly fun and interesting! Thanks for the vertual tour! :^)

  3. Robyn - thanks so much for this picture tour of your farmer's market! - it's the same as our local farmer's market, but so different - we have mass dogs, food, food, food, art but the flavor of our community as yours is the flavor of your community - loved the visit.

  4. Sounds like a relaxed and entertaining way to spend the day, for dogs as well as their humans! The tin giraffes are neat!

  5. Hi I was looking through profiles on blogger and found your blog interesting.

    I want to become friends and I am welcoming you to come over and visit my art blog.

    take care and hope to see you soon

  6. that looks like one sensational farmers market ... I'd get up early to go!

  7. What a wonderful morning's outing with a good purpose.
    My granddaughters and I went to the farmers' market on Saturday as well but it was nowhere near as flash as yours, and no dogs. Just fresh organic produce.
    Love all the colourful and innovative artistic expressions. I love the beading and those big pots.

  8. What a great day you had, wonderful market!!!
    Loved the tour...
    I used to wear sandals made out of car tyres called "Treads" in the
    70s...did I just say 70s!!!

  9. i loved those glass bead eye candy.
    what a lovely market :)

  10. More dogs!!! You've made me happy yet again!

  11. looks awesome... love all the doggies!!

  12. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I've just gone and deleted a whole page of replies to each comment. Groooooooaaaaan!