Thursday, October 18, 2012


Map ed Veveiis, artist's book by Genevieve Seille  

"Hinges, by definition, are not autonomous -- they can exist by themselves, but for them to perform their function, fulfill their humble nature -- they rely upon other completely different, yet intertwined parts"  -  M. Snowe

Shrine by Donna Flax  (I believe Donna runs workshops but I havn't been able to find a link).See more Altars, Shrines and Holy Thing on Pinterest, here 

Artists use hinges in any variety of ways 
Some hinges are used on doors 
Others to join two or more elements together
Found hinges are adapted to create jewellery or mini sculptures....
and then there is the hinge that  serves no purpose at all except to look rusty.

Artists are known to be resourceful and will create their own hinges
Some are as simple as a few loops or  ties connecting several pieces together
Others are more complicated.

Sue Brown creates the most beautiful enamelled concertina books and note books. See here and here and here. 

Field Notes by Sue Brown

Found object jewellery by Monique Weston. See here.

Experimental book by Odine Lang. See website here.

Altered book triptych by Glen Skein. Found here.      See Glen's website here.

Log Book by Ronald King. See more here

Waxed Diptych and stylus. Diptychs were known among the Greeks from the sixth century before Christ. They served as copy-books for the exercise of penmanship,  for correspondence and various other uses. Read an interesting article here.

Wax tablets have been found in various forms, ranging from a single slab of wood with waxen surface to a ten or more paged book.

A book of wax tablets shown at the National Museum for Art and Cultural History in Bremen, Germany

Very old bird cage, found here


  1. Once again I am blown away and inspired by your post......Thank You Robyn

  2. Robyn, I find your blog posts fascinating! Thanks for the regular inspiration!!!

  3. So interesting Robyn. Whenever I read one of your fantastic posts I send my friend an e mail and tell her to read it. She is an Africa buff and adores the work you showcase - as I do.

  4. You find the most interesting fabulous stuff! Your blog posts always inspire!

    Thanks you!

  5. Very cool theme, Robyn... I enjoyed this.

  6. wonderful post Robyn - Sue Brown's work is stunning! xox

  7. "Hermes is the god of the hinge ... the mottled figure in the half light... who amazes and unmazes..." Lewis Hyde "Trickster makes this World: Mischief, Myth & Art"

  8. Gorgeous compilation, always inspiring.

  9. oh my goodness, this post makes my brain spin with ideas... xoxo

  10. I am coming unhinged! what inspiration! I have 2 printer trays I want to hinge and make into a cabinet of curiosities. there are so many possibilities in your post . thanks!

  11. We just don't realize the importance of the hinge and take them for granted. Thanks for bringing them to life in so many great examples. Another great post.

  12. Lovely to see Glen Skeins work. Had a very interesting class with him a while ago.Love hinges.

  13. completely
    by this
    once again
    fabulous post
    the Greek waxed diptych
    the wheels are spinning...

  14. This post brought back fond memories - while in a beginning jewelry/metalsmithing class, I had to make a piece incorporating a hinge. I ended up making a butterfly broach for my then-mother-in-law who loved butterflies - the hinge was what allowed the wings to "flutter." Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  15. you have a gift for gathering treasure

  16. robyn, following on india's thought, i wonder if you are a crow or a magpie, one of those curious birds that collect treasures. mush here to enjoy. have yu seen pam spitzmeuller's work-much on folds and hinges.

  17. hinges allow us
    to open and
    to close as
    we will.

    I remain always open to your posts.

    thank you Robyn
    for always findings the beautiful connections between pieces of unique art.

  18. Fabulous post, Robyn - so many possibilities and challenges to inspire and stimulate - especially love the birdcage XX

  19. R-thanks for the great images. Whilst your title for the post is hinges my mind went to the fact that so many of us as artists tend to be a bit un-hinged - we see such beauty in some of the strangest things - still I'm glad I'm a bit un-hinged. B

  20. One of the best posts ever Robyn! I loved looking at each and every one and following the links away and down the path, around the corner, into the cupboard... Hinges offer so much potential don't they? Simple, mechanical, yet ...

  21. It is fascinating how hinges are incorporated into art. The fancy hinge made into jewelry is great. I have seen such fancy hinges in the past and wondered what one could do with them. Now I know. This post also reminds me that I need to fix the hinge on the barn before it gets too cold. Have a great weekend.

  22. fabulous as always, I love knowing that i can always come by your place for inspiration...

  23. Lovely work here - great to know I'm not alone in love of rusty hinge ;)

  24. I see you havn't lost your touch Robyn. Great posts.

  25. As always, what a lovely post. As a lover of hinges and hardware, I can really appreciate this post...thank you.


  26. I'm a big fan of Sue Browns wonderful art...thank you for featuring her here!

  27. Among the diverse artists' mediums and styles you always seem to find the connection in the most creative way.

  28. As usual in your posts, you bring us a cultural story, with respect to all cultures.
    Thank you

  29. Another wonderful theme for a post. Being such a lover of books, I really appreciate the diversity of the images you have shown well as the power of the mighty hinge!

  30. Robyn, this has to be my very very favorite post. The all time favorite ! Gotta do more oh & ah 's. thanks for this treat! Later.....

  31. Oh I do love a good hinge! Some of the ones we found on the old doors and windows when we moved into our house were hand-made. Unfortunately there was often more of the hinge left than the wood! How I would have loved to live in a time when these daily objects were crafted instead of mass-produced - sigh.
    Thanks for the post, I'm off to check out the shrines :)

  32. The creativity out there is mind blowing! Thanks for turning me unto yet more and more wonderful artists.

  33. A book?
    i see this and other posts I've missed and see them filling a book. One day someone has to scoop you and all your posts up and put it all in a book!
    I see this... very clearly Robyn!

  34. These are all stunning. Inventive and wonderful.xoxo

  35. I always know I will have a feast for my eyes here, Robyn. This is indeed! Thank you!

  36. Hinged on art sounds almost as good as hooked on art ;-)
    I like your posts Robin, they always give me inspiration :-)

  37. over the rainbow.... who ever would have thought there would be so much hinge-love :-)

    Erna, glad you feel inspired!

    Weaver, thanks so much. I love your enthusiasm!

    Thanks Judy, it's easy when I'm interested in what i post.

    Gwen, glad you enjoyed the theme.

    Jeane, yes, Sue Brown's work is amazing isn't it?! I fell in love with the notebooks some time back and when I realized they were actually enameled it made them even more special.

    Mo, .... the god of the hinge .... that is such an interesting snippet!

    Kathryn, thank you!

    Sociedad de Diletantes, S.L. y Casilda García Archilla, thank you!

    Lynne, happy spinning :-)

    Lyle, I hope you post photos when you make your hinged cabinet.Such a great idea.

    Ro, when you start looking one realizes just how important they are.

    Penny, how lucky you are! i would enjoy a workshop with Glen Skein!

    eb, the waxed tablets have been making my wheels spin too. Wonderful aren't they?!

    Heather, hinged wings .... love that idea.

    India, thanks my dear :-)

    Velma, ooo yes! Thanks for mentioning Pam. I found her waxed tablet books.Indeed I am a magpie, collecting both things and information. Aren't we all?

  38. Thanks Leslie, blogging has fulfilled my love of research so it's all fun.

    Noela, the bird cage is a beauty isn't it?!

    Barry, lol.... I also thought of that aspect .... artists... or many artists seem unhinged, but perhaps we are the normal ones :-)

    Fiona, so much potential indeed! I have loved doing this post.

    Lisa at Greenbow, hope that barn is fixed by now !

    Cat, the blog world is just one big gift of inspiration!Christmas every day!

    Emma, your comment reminded me of a stupid thing I did. I decided to rust a handful of beautiful hinges I found at a market and then realized I had rusted them closed so they wouldn't work on the door I had hoped to put them on.

    Thanks Lucky Dip Lisa!

    Georgina, when you start looking there are wonderful artworks and ideas to feed our hinge-love.

    Mansuetude, oh yes... but I saw it first!

    Mary Ann, it was about time! I've been drooling over Sue's art for a long time.

    Donna, as you know it is such a thrill looking for and finding the connections.

    Thank YOU, Mirjam

    Seth, I could have included so many more amazing images. There are a lot of hinges out there!

    PJ, so glad you loved this post. I expect to see more hinges in your work :-)

    Wild C, I hope you kept the old hinges! Yes indeed.... thinking of earlier times when more things were hand crafted.....sigh...

    SooZeQue, I imagine your workshop is full of delicious hinges!

    Sophie, your enthusiasm for "my book" is wonderful :-) Thank you for being so supportive. One day... one day...

    Annie, glad you enjoyed the post!

    HHnB, it made me smile too. So glad you noticed. And really happy you are back! If I were a dog my tail would be wagging.

    Jann, I'm addicted to arty feasts :-)

    Thanks Wim, I bet your workshop is full of rusty hinges too!

  39. So many wonderful, inspiring things here. Oh, the books!

  40. Thank you for inspiration on hinges; on those things that can be put together, connected. I've been thinking a lot about the notion of repair and I've been saving hinged boxes I like; an old watercolor set, a box that held a set of game pieces. The works you've shared here have set my mind alight.

  41. I love these objects, and am inspired by your blog posts as always:)